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Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Episode 204:


A drain clog turns out to be more than just a little matted hair and soap scum, and a down-on-his luck plumber is tasked with getting the problem under control. Trouble is, the problem has a mind of its own.

Written by: Daniel Kraus

Directed by: Joe Lynch

Cast: Eric Edelstein, Barbara Crampton, Selena Anduze

  A plumber’s job can get dirty and nasty. Who knows what they will find while cleaning out the pipes? This plumber is tasked with finding out what’s clogging the pipes in an old building. His search leads him to an apartment of a nice lady who leaves him to his job while she picks up her daughter. She left at the right time because he’s about to find something very unusual in her pipes!

  Creepshow continues put on some great episodes because of fun storylines, and terrific casting. Eric Edelstein is fantastic as the plumber here. He plays it so well when things go wrong here, and works great with Selena. Barbara is excellent as usual. The story offers a good mix of humor and horror with enough room for some good old fashion justice.



A top-secret government compound is evacuated as the last few scientists in the building fight to contain the creature they’ve been studying- but is the true threat one of them?

Written by: John Esposito

Story by: Greg Nicotero and John Esposito

Directed by: John Harrison

Cast: Drew Matthews, Denise Crosby, Nicholas Logan, Brooke Butler, Brittany Smith, Leonard Butler

  A man is locked up, and just found new representation. His new lawyer questions him about what happened at the government compound he worked at. He explains how things went wrong during their research, and how he eventually ended up in his cell. Now it’s time to defend him, or watch him face his punishment.

  This short story has a few twists and turns to it as the audience sees what the man goes through. Was it really his fault, the fault of the head researcher, or the thing they found out there? Speaking of a thing, this story should spark reminders of “The Thing.” There’s some good bloody moments at the compound, but the fun part comes with how the walls close in at the end of this story!


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