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New to this page: Summaries and promos for Supernatural, and Legacies. The Walking Dead will be updated closer to its return. 

Check out the HorrO's Gory Reviews Facebook Page for my comments on some of these episodes. Feel free to comment on these shows as well!

Horror News: The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres April 12. 

TWD- Episode 9: "Squeeze" Feb. 23 at 9 on AMC
Summary: Our group must figure out how to get out of a precarious situation.

Supernatural- Episode 12: "The Rising Sun" Mar. 2 at 8 on CW
Summary: Coming soon

Legacies- Episode 14: "" Mar 2 at 9 on CW
Summary: Coming soon

You can also find more horror on Shudder, Screambox, Comet TV, American Horrors Channel, and Myx TV.

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