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New to this page: Summaries and promos for A Discovery of Witches, What We Do in the Shadows, and iZombie.

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Horror News: Fear TWD returns June 2!

A Discovery of Witches- Episode 5: "Break-In at Matthew's Lab" May 5 at 9 on AMC
Summary: Gillian pays a price for her disloyalty to Diana. The vampires study witch DNA. The fall-out threatens the fragile equilibrium between creatures and the focus is on ending Matthew and Diana's relationship.

What We Do in the Shadows- Episode 7: "The Trial" May 8 at 10 on FX
Summary: The vampires must defend themselves as an international vampire  tribunal gathers to judge them for their transgressions. 

iZombie- Episode 3: "Five, Six, Seven, Ate!" May 9 at 8 on CW
Summary: Liv and Ravi go undercover as dance partners while investigating the deaths of Gulliver and Nancy, the dynamic duo of Seattle's winning dance team.

You can also find more horror on Shudder, Screambox, Comet TV, American Horrors Channel, and Myx TV.

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