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Pics and Previews

Here are some posters, dates, and trailers of some upcoming horror movie releases...

Sept 21  Trailer

Oct 5  Trailer

Oct 12  Trailer

Oct 19  Trailer

Nov 2  Trailer

Nov 9  Trailer

Jan 18  Trailer

May 31  Teaser

More movies coming soon! 

Other future releases:

Hell Feast 
Hell Boy
Jacob's Ladder
The Prodigy
Pet Sematary
The Maze
Annabelle 3 
Happy Death Day 2
The New Mutants
3 From Hell
The Curse of La Llorona 
The Crooked Man 
World War Z 2
48 Meters Down
The Conjuring 3 
The Darkest Minds
Captive State
The Little Stranger 
A Quiet Place 2
Zombieland 2
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