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Pics and Previews

Here are some posters, dates, and trailers of some upcoming horror movie releases (note due to the delay of some movies I left the trailers up for now but the dates for some movies have changed)...

May 14   Trailer

May 28   Trailer

Jul 23    Trailer

Aug 27   Trailer

Oct 29   Trailer

Nov 11   Trailer

More movies coming soon! 

Other future releases:

The Crooked Man 
Addams Family 2 (Oct 8)
The Forever Purge (July 9)
Don't Breathe 2
Great White
Hotel Transylvania 4 (Aug 6)
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Jun 4)
The Collection 3
Halloween Kills and Halloween 3
Paranormal Activity 7
The Night House
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