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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sometimes following a formula works, and this series does just that. The usual opening scene where one of the characters sees a terrible event about to happen, and proceeds to get their friends out of there in time. Soon after, everyone who was suppose to die, does just that. The survivors try to break the killing streak, and every time they think they have, death catches up with them again. One great change this time, killing in 3D!
The star of this movie by far was the 3D deaths. When I first read that they were going to do this movie in 3D I said, "what a great idea if done right!" They certainly did the 3D right. If you like the traditional 3D action where stuff seems to being flying out at you and you like blood and guts, then you should like the 3D in this movie. I wish they could go back and do the roller coaster scene in part 3 in 3D.
As with the other Final Destination movies, the opening scene must set up multiple deaths and a chance for the main characters to survive. This time it is at a NASCAR racing event. Without going into the great detail, let's just say it is worth seeing in 3D. All kinds of car parts flying around, people getting smashed and sliced apart, and a stadium falls apart. The scene sets the bar high for the deaths to come later in the movie, which most don't disappoint. I like how with each death, there was a certain level of suspense. First you see pieces of the puzzle from the visions of the lead character. Then the character who is going to die is set up in the location where they are going to die. Slowly things start unfolding piece by piece until the death finally comes (usually). 
Without giving away all the deaths in the movie, let me just mention a few things I liked and didn't like. Obviously, loved the deaths being in 3D, and wonder if I would have liked them as much if they weren't in 3D. I liked the death of the mechanic. Seeing part of his body squeeze through the fence was the kind of gory I look for. I was hoping for more from the car wash scene. I didn't really buy what happened to the guy at the bottom of the pool. I thought that was the weakest death. I know some people may not like it, but I like how sometimes you see people die in the visions or dreams, but they eventually don't die in that way. It just adds to the deaths in the movie without really having to kill someone. 
I haven't mentioned much about the movie itself until this point because there is not much to mention. The acting is terrible. For sure they saved their money for the 3D effects and spent little on finding actors. None of the characters are that interesting. The entire movie was dedicated to them eventually dying. There wasn't much back story, so when they died you couldn't feel bad for them. You were happy you didn't have to deal with their awful acting anymore. Like I said, the formula is the same as with the other movies, so there was not any great surprises. The only creative thing about the movie again were the deaths.
If you liked the other Final Destination movies, I don't see why you wouldn't like this one. Pretty much the same formula, but this time in 3D. Most of the deaths are worth seeing in 3D, and again are the stars of the show. The acting, and the characters were bad enough to root for their death. If you don't really like 3D, and can't deal with bad acting, don't see this movie. I, on the other hand, loved the 3D deaths enough to give this movie (the deaths) 3 pools of blood.


PS: I can't believe I gave this a higher rating than H2. So disappointed!!!

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