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Monday, May 30, 2011


  Do you remember the good old days when there was Tales from the Crypt? You can’t forget that creepy looking skeleton that loved to tell us his favorite twisted tales. He loved to laugh at the pitfalls of others. Well, DJ Raven has picked up where the Crypt Keeper left off introducing us to The Dead Hour, a weekly radio show devoted to striking fear into the audience. She has some of her own gruesome tales to tell in this indie horror web series.
  Donor: “In a time where banks are failing, homes are shuttered, and one-and-a-half out of ten people are unemployed, Seth discovers a way to maintain the lifestyle he and his wife have become accustomed to…but at a crippling cost.” After reading that, you can kind of guess the direction this tale goes. You have to check out this story to see just how far Seth goes, as he puts everything on the line for his family. One of the best things about this story is how his wife reacts when finding out what he is doing, and I just loved the ending.
  Alcoholic Vampire: “Vic Henderson considers himself a cursed man. He yearns to be free of addiction, but defeat drives him further into a world of deadly indulgence. When the twelve steps continue to fail, can anything bring peace to an addict?” Vic definitely finds his peace. I wasn’t sure where this story was going, as I thought there was going to be some kind of weird message about drinking. That wasn’t the case, and I enjoyed the unexpected ending to this story as well.
  Cougar: “Miss Juniper has just moved into the neighborhood, and she hasn't gone unnoticed by anyone — especially the local, hormone-strung high school boys. As she makes herself at home, the neighbors get a little closer than they expected.” Awe, a story of young boys getting in over their heads. They should have kept their eyes on girls their own age. While it is a little more obvious where this tale is going, it is good to see Miss Juniper teach the teens that playing with cats can be a dangerous thing.
  The Hole: “After 40 years of working, Arthur Paxton is ready to retire. Or is he? While his wife, Betty, encourages him to relax, his mind refuses to listen. An unexplainable discovery breathes new ambition into Arthur's life, but leads him into a deep hole of unanswered questions.” Unanswered questions indeed, as this tale will have you wondering what the real reason is behind Arthur’s newfound obsession. For those of you that are married, you might be able to relate with the position that Arthur is in almost all the way to the end. Betty means well, but her inadvertent nagging helps push Arthur over the edge.
  Cannibal Girls: “In the barren fields of middle America, two young girls fight to stay alive following a near apocalyptic disaster. With much of the world's food supply eliminated, they have no choice but to feed on the flesh of other humans. What happens to the mind when living becomes the only thing to live for.” It is always interesting to see how people react when put in apocalyptic situations, and this story puts two women in that position. One of them has adapted well, while the other is still struggling to survive. This story is full of tension, and suspense, as the search for food becomes harder and harder.
  Overall, The Dead Hour presents a good mix of tales. There is something for everyone: action, suspense, blood, and mystery. The stories are to the point, and short enough, at about 15-17 minutes apiece, to keep your attention. The acting isn’t bad, and the scenes are shot well. My only suggestion would be to have DJ Raven sum up the story at the end like the Crypt Keeper did, but I can see the need for The Dead Hour to want to separate themselves a bit from Tales From the Crypt. If you are looking for a web series to watch, then I encourage you all to visit today!


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