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Monday, June 27, 2011


  Now that is a great season premiere of True Blood, and the previews for the upcoming episodes look awesome, but let me not get ahead of myself. Speaking of getting ahead, the tone for this episode and the season is set when we find out that this episode takes places just over a year from where season 3 leaves off. This episode gives us a few hints at what has happened over the last year, but also leaves plenty of unanswered questions. So here are my thoughts on what happened on True Blood season 4 episode 1.
  Season 3 ends with Sookie being taken away by Claudine, and season 4 begins with Sookie and Claudine arriving in fairyland. I know the fairy thing turns off some people so I can’t imagine they would be excited seeing the season open with fairies. Then there is mention of Claudine being Sookie’s “godmother,” and I was thinking that is weak. Just when I was getting worried about this opening, fairy world turned upside down. Along with those that hate the fairy thing, I was happy to see the fairies turn into these zombie/troll looking creatures. That is more like it. Now I just want to know where I can get one of those electric exploding balls.
  When Jason comes in the house dressed as a cop I was surprised. I didn’t think he would last as a cop, and was even more surprised that he lasted a year doing it. With what we got to see of Jason in this episode, it looks like he is a little more responsible. I was really hoping for one of his great stupid lines, but never got one. What we did get is an almost immediate reaction from Bill and Eric that Sookie is home. It is good to see that they will continue their fight for her. Too bad my money is still on Alcide, who we didn’t get to see in this episode.  
  While watching Bill talk to Sookie, I kept wondering what happened to that fight between Bill and the Queen. I was really intrigue by that at the end of last season, and was looking forward to seeing it. Just like that epic werewolf vs. vampire fight that I never got, we never got to see what transpired between Bill and the Queen. We are only left to see that Bill obviously won that fight because he is standing in front of Sookie, and seems to have power over Eric. Unlike the unseen epic battle, I think we will see this fight at some point, or you will be hearing about this from me again.
  True Blood fans know that this season is going to be heavy on witches, and we got our first taste of it when Jesus takes Lafayette to this witch cult. One crazy old woman named Marnie is leading it. She is definitely going to be up to no good after seeing her use the group to bring that bird back to life. When we got to see Holly there, I instantly remembered why I didn’t like her. It actually isn’t too surprising to see her there because I always thought she was bad. She gets my early vote for person I want to see killed this season. Poor Lafayette, I think he is about to get in over his head. I still think it would be interesting to see him have a good witch, bad witch battle with Jesus at some point.
  If you read my thoughts from last years episodes, you will not only remember how I went on and on about wanting an epic werewolf vs. vampire fight, but I also had a favorite line of the night. Well, I am going to continue with my favorite line of the night, and the first winner of season 4 goes to Terry. My favorite line is when he says; “When I was a kid I used to put squirrel heads on lizard bodies.” Maybe it isn’t as funny when you first hear it, but imagine that for a second. A squirrel head on a lizard body is freaky, but might be pretty funny to see in person. Ok, a better image is seeing that Arlene has her baby. She is still concerned about it being evil, but I am happy that witch Holly didn’t get rid of her baby. Now that I think about, Holly could have done something to make the baby evil. Again, I can’t wait to see her gone!
  Tara, Tara, Tara, what can I say. She had a rough go at it last season. When it ended, we saw her sleeping with yet another bad choice for a boyfriend, Sam, before taking off. I really hoped she could find a good man, but it looks like she has been so scared that she has changed teams. It would be nice to see that work out for her, but she is not off to a good start lying to her new girlfriend. It was cool seeing her in a UFC type fight. She has plenty of frustration to work through. I’m sure I will be saying, “Tara, Tara, Tara” again while shaking my head, as I was when she was rolling around in bed with her new girlfriend.
  So I wonder what the over/under is on Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship lasting? That is quite an argument, almost like they are already married. If Hoyt is so worried about eating, he should have stayed with Summer, who made him biscuits. Yes, I remember those biscuits, hmmm! And what is Hoyt doing taking her to Fangtasia. I’m not surprised by her reaction. She is still a young vampire, and it is just a matter of time before she screws up again (key word being “again”).
  That is pretty smooth how Sookie points out that Sam is still an ass. I don’t know how you feel about Sam, but I kind of enjoy Sam acting like an ass. He was close to shifting into one. A slight change from horse to donkey is all it would take. How ridiculous is it that they all turned into horses, and went for a run? Speaking of Sam, what in the hell is his brother doing with Hoyt’s mother? We already have werewolves, and panthers, do we really need cougars too?
  I really like how they show both Bill and Eric giving speeches at the same time. It kind of shows where they are a year later, and how they have basically switched lives. Bill is now the man in charge, while Eric seems to be a little more focused on Sookie. The end of the episode is awesome with Eric showing up in “his house.” I guess they decided not to make us wait long to find out who bought her house. I’m curious to see what both Eric’s and Bill’s plans for Sookie are now.
  Like I said, this is a great season premiere for True Blood. Fast-forwarding a year opens up a lot of directions for them to go in. New doors have opened for many of the characters. It is almost like a fresh start. On the other hand, hopefully they will fill in some of the blanks from the year that past as well. They barely mentioned anything about Crystal, will we see the King return, what did the humans do after the King killed the news reporter, and where is Alcide? Waiting sucked, but now we are off and rolling!


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