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Friday, February 13, 2015


While monitoring Internet traffic for the Department of Homeland Security, Agent Martin Takagi comes across the intimate video chats of a couple, temporarily living in different parts of the world, who begin to discover their new home is haunted.

Starring: Brady Smith, Sarena Khan, Tohoru Masamune, Laura Niles, and Sadie Ella Solomon

Written and directed by: Matthew Solomon

  Horror fans often complain that they can't find anything original to watch. Some fans even complain about the parade of found footage films over the past few years. Well what if I told you that there is a film that is shot almost entirely through Skype. Yes, that's right... Skype. Something original, and certainly different! You might have some concerns about that, but I'm here to tell you not to worry about it.
  "Chatter" follows David (Brady Smith) and Laura (Sarena Khan), who are a couple trying to stay in touch while being miles apart. David is trying to settle into their new house, while Laura is away on business. They start off doing the typical things couples might do on Skype like filling each other in on their daily activities, work, and even squeeze in some personal romantic time.
 Then the fun begins when David starts hearing what he thinks is a child while trying to sleep. This starts a chain of strange events that occur over the course of days. The drama builds as he shares his concerns with Laura, and his best friend. The audience might think that Skype would limit this story, but it doesn’t. There is plenty of back-story that is revealed in conversions, and it brings more attention to why they are being haunted.
  Then there’s the added dimension of Agent Martin Takagi (Tohoru Masamune) watching everything unfold. He plays almost like another audience member except that he’s really in the film. While he watches the couple and sees everything that is happening, the audience watches anxiously to see if he will help the couple as things go from bad to worse.
  As for scares, it’s a little hard to produce some jump scares because of the limits of the Skype screens. However, they do an excellent job of creating some creepy scenes. There's always a chance for a figure to appear in the background, or an object to start moving. The tension definitely builds to an unexpected, and exciting ending. And just when the audience thinks it’s all over, stay tuned for a bonus scene after the ending credits!
  A few years ago I had the privilege of reviewing an excellent short film shot through Skype titled "Anna" by Matthew Solomon. As good as that was, Matthew topped it with this full feature version “Chatter.” The audience should have no worries that the movie is shot primarily through Skype, as that makes the movie watching experience new, and original. There’s a good story filled with many creepy moments. The built up tension will have the audience worried about the fate of the couple, and if the agent will ever come to their aid.


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