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Saturday, November 24, 2018


There’s a new Ghostface in town…and Aaron doesn’t care.

Starring: Matt Powell, Aaron Brown, and Abby Willing

Directed and written by: Andrew Berger

  Throwing back some Budweisers, and watching a fight, Aaron has no idea he has an unexpected visitor. Ghostface is hiding in the house, and wants to know if Aaron likes scary movies. Aaron could care less, and his texts back to Ghostface just frustrate him. He’s waited long enough and it’s time to take down victim #17, but all doesn’t go as planned.
  As expected, “Victim 17: A Scream Fan Film” is taken from the perspective of the victim, but also enjoyably taken from Ghostface’s perspective as well. It’s a fun look at him preparing for the kill, and a good reminder that he’s just an average person under the mask. What happens after Aaron and Ghostface clash is a pleasant surprise, and makes this film unique. The only thing I was waiting for was Ghostface’s usual partner to show up, but the audience gets a funny surprise from someone Aaron knows instead. Check it out for yourself, and feel free to comment.


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