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Monday, June 18, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 2

  Before I begin with my thoughts on last night’s episode, let me answer the “who would I want as my maker” question from last week. At first I was thinking Eric or Bill because they seem willing to go the extra mile to protect their own, but screw that. I have to go with Pam. Yea, she might let me eventually get staked, but she is hilarious. It would definitely be a fun ride. So now onto my thoughts on episode 2, “Authority Always Wins.”
  So where to begin…all right Arlene and Terry. Terry is still being Mr. Grumpy Pants, and even smacked her. Not good! Nice try at the Paranormal Activity moment, but he’s not that scary. His flashbacks go too fast for me to see anything important happening besides the usual war stuff. I was hoping we wouldn’t see Patrick again, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. They might go looking for this other guy, but I’m sure it is Patrick, or a sleep walking Terry who is setting these fires.
  Speaking of fires, what happen to the days of just burning dead bodies? Everyone has to take a bite out of Marcus. Good for Alcide. Refuse that meat, and pack. He has better things to do. What that is, I don’t know considering he changed back to being Mr. One Segment. But that wasn’t the biggest change of the night. That would be little Emma changing into a cute little wolf. Who didn’t want to take her home? I wouldn’t close the door completely on her being a shifter, but not much is fitting through that doorway.
  There was nothing cute about Tara. She was on a rampage, and that opening scene was fantastic. It definitely sealed the deal on me wanting Pam as my maker. Looks like we are going to see how Eric and Pam came together. Hopefully this is an interesting story, as it appears to be love at first sight for Pam. Any surprise to see where Pam worked? Shows she didn’t change too much when she became a vampire.
  Going back to Tara, how about that exorcist type pose on the sink? This is only the beginning of the madness she is about to cause. Now that she is loose on the town, let the fun begin. That was a pretty useless scene with Lafayette standing over her with stake in hand. No way they went through all of that just to kill her. I know, he is in all kinds of pain, but it wasn’t happening. And Sookie, I’m kind of surprised the focus hasn’t been on her much through two episodes now.
  Let me turn my focus to Jessica, and her surprise visitor, the proud gay American Reverend. Did he really offer $10,000 to her for Jason? Money isn’t that important to vampires, non-the less Jessica. I say they fight to the true death for him. The scene did create my favorite line of the night, which was when she said he had a “Fang boner.” Maybe not as funny as some of Pam’s lines, but definitely not something you hear, maybe ever! Another interesting thing said was when the Reverend mentioned Bill not being King anymore. How did he know that? Makes me think he knows someone important.
  Now onto the important business of the Authority. We finally got an up close look at where they have been hiding, and how they operate. They are very much into some interesting torture techniques. I liked the UV light myself. Something for the Stake House to consider selling. Good to see a mix among the Authority, including a young boy, who is probably old as hell. Being a fan of Law and Order, it didn’t take long for me to love what Christopher Meloni, as Roman, brings to the table. I can’t wait to see more of him.
  We almost saw the end of Marcellus and Ike. Ok, like Lafayette wasn’t going to kill Tara, Roman wasn’t going to kill Fuck Up 1 or 2. That is two weeks, and two sets of nicknames for Bill and Eric. It would be awesome if they gave them a nickname in each episode this season. Again, I’m surprised at the continued loyalty between the two. I guess that is what happens with Sookie out of the picture. It will be interesting to see what the plan is going forward. They have a big task at hand considering they have to save Nora, kill the King, and escape the Authority. Maybe they let the King kill the Authority, and then they kill the King. And the King is definitely the opposite of little Emma as a wolf. He is truly disgusting looking, and I loved ever second of it. Way to end the episode!
  Four nicknames, and two episodes in, things are just setting up. Fuck Up 1 and 2 are in a tough situation. The wolves need a new packmaster. Sam needs a new girlfriend. Alcide needs more screen time. Jason is running out of women to sleep with, which bodes well for the Reverend. Pam and Terry are suffering from flashback syndrome. Tara is angry, and hungry. Best of all, the King is on the come back trail. Can’t wait until next week. Now enjoy the trailer for next week’s episode while I think of some more nicknames!


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