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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 4

  Wow, what a great episode! The first half was very fast paced, as it jumped from one storyline to the next. Then it kind of slowed down and came to a normal pace. Still, there was no shortage of interesting things to talk about. So here we go, my thoughts on episode 4, "We'll Meet Again."
  Let me start with my choice for maker of the year, Pam. Like I said last week, no shock that she saved Tara. I really like how she doesn't hesitate to command Tara. I think Tara mentioned it and I agree, they should do more commanding. If I were a vampire, I would probably abuse that power.
  On a more depressing note, seeing grandpa Eric release Pam was sad, especially after seeing how they came together. I kind of figured he would just be mad at her, and get over it. I understand his concerns, but I somehow feel they have faced hard times before and got through it. Oh well, it has been fun seeing them together. Now the question is who gets to keep Fangtasia?
  Eric speaking with Pam means that the authority has finally let Bill and Eric go. About time, they probably dragged that on a little long. Kind of like how the pair dragged their feet along trying to figure out who released the King. Man, is the show just making us wait for the King’s return. Can the madness begin already?
  Madness like Roman circling the table knowing that he would have to stake someone. Who did you want him to stake? Really, he could have done it to any of them cause there is something I don’t like about each of them. If I had to pick one, it would have been the red headed woman. I just don’t like her attitude. He might have been little, but that boy produced a good enough blood splattering moment.
  There is so much distrust among the Authority that you kind of wonder how they made it this far. Roman is just straight up paranoid. He definitely trusts the wrong person in Salome. She is up to something. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is working with Nora. And Nora is nuts. Not what I would have expected from Eric’s sister. I was kind of thinking maybe Eric was involved too, but releasing Pam kind of changed my mind. So, any guess as to who saved the King?
  All right, enough Authority talk. Let me talk about someone who I’ve let ride under the radar, Lafayette. He had a rough go at it last season, and it looks like he has some built up anger in him. That anger is going to hurt someone like it almost did Sookie. I’m not going to lie I like evil masked Lafayette. The mask is so crazy. He is becoming a great witch without even knowing it, or sort of knowing it. I wonder if Jesus makes a ghostly appearance to set him straight before it is too late.
  Please tell me we are finally over Deb! I wasn’t sure how Alcide would handle knowing the truth, especially since he seems to always do the right thing. So he came up with a little lie. Hopefully her parents are really gone, and don’t come back looking for answers. We have a bad history of parents overstaying their welcome, aka Tommy’s parents.
  Finally Sookie and Alcide got to share a moment. Just before they kissed, I was thinking Bill was going to knock on the door. Glad to see he stayed outside. He may get her in the end, but it is Alcide’s time to be with her. That is until Bill and Eric force Sookie back into the game. So what is the plan for her? Is she going to be like bait for the King? Surely she doesn’t know where he is.
  Terry and Patrick, do I really have to mention them? I guess it was good to see a full flashback of what happened. Still, I can’t say I’m interested in this storyline for now. What did grab my interest, and came out of nowhere were Sam’s friends, Barack and Hilary, visiting him. Guess the nickname thing isn’t over after all. Obviously the visit wasn’t the interesting part, their deaths were. I was thinking that it was the wolves, but it looked like they were shot. Would the wolves just shoot them?
  Let me pause for my favorite line of the night, before ending this with the craziest thing that happened during the episode. Any guess to who had the line? Well, Pam tried hard early on with her bygones and bi’s line, but I thought that came out as a forced line. The line she said that ended up as my favorite was when she said Tara was “three days old and she has an eating disorder. Why me?” That line just came out so much more natural and definitely a Pam thing to say. Once Tara gets the vampire thing down, they are going to raise some hell!
  Saved the best for last! So Jessica did find the fairies last week. Actually, she was right at the doorstep of the fairy safe house. Talk about something I didn’t expect in more ways than one. Didn’t expect a fairy safe house, the Judge to be fooling around with fairies, Andy and Jason to be taken there, and Hadley to be there. I did figure Andy would see his fairy friend again, but not in that way.
  And what a fairy blast Hadley had for Jason. I couldn’t even keep up with all of it. Sookie is in danger of the vampires turning on her. No real shock there. That has been a possibility for a long time. But vampires turning on their parents? So if their parents were fairies, how come Jason isn’t one? Or did she just mean vampires betrayed their parents? And what was with calling Jason a refugee? He called it a safe house, but why bring people like the Judge there for fun if it is a safe house. Did Jason let the werepanther out of the bag when he mentioned Sookie was still alive? That blond fairy looked very interested in that. Coincidence she was the one who spotted Jason?
  And I thought episode 6 was going to be the big one. Ok, maybe this episode wasn’t huge, but still had more going on than I thought. I was happy they didn’t introduce any new supernatural beings this year to focus on the characters we have, but I have to say I wasn’t sure they could pull it off. Well, so far so good. There are so many great things to look forward to. The countdown to the King’s return continues!


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