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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 6

  So who saw the Comic Con Comic Con trailer for the rest of this season? Amazing right? I mean, no, no! I said I wouldn't say anything because there might be some people who are stronger than me, and resisted watching it. I don't want to spoil anything for those people, even though like an evil vampire I tempted you by including the link, so I'll just go ahead and start my thoughts on episode 6, “Hopeless.”
  Wolves attack them, and all we get to are two wolves after they have already been killed hit the ground. Come on, I’m having flashbacks to a whole season where vamps and wolves would just stare each other down, and I would beg for an epic vamp vs. wolf battle. At least we get to see another good Sookie blast, but I have to admit, it is starting to get old. She needs to do something new with the blasting thing.
  So when Bill stopped Eric from killing the King my immediate thought was “big mistake.” Was I right or was I right, but more on that later. Now you know me, I wasn’t rooting for them to kill the King, nor would anyone believe they would kill him off after going through so much trouble to bring him back. And why do I want the King to stay around… because he can create more chances for my favorite line of the night. He wins it this time when he said, “you might as well be praying to leprechauns, or UFOs.”  Eric came in a strong second when he said, “Lilith can blow me.” I also really enjoyed when Eric glamoured Alcide. For the first time in awhile, I started to feel like the real Eric is back.
  Not again, you are going to kill a whole bus full of people, and we don’t get to see it. Moving on, it was good to see little wolf Emma make it to safety, even though it was with evil wolf grandma.  Hopefully she doesn’t ruin the little girl. Looks like Sam and Luna will get over their last fight now. Not sure how I feel about that, but Sam needs to be with someone I guess. Good to see him motivated to catch the guys that shot him. Also, good for Andy that he let Sam tag along. Nice save Sam! Oh, and did anyone notice the t-shirt with the King on it behind the guy before Sam killed him. I couldn’t tell what it said.
  Hey, watch it! Man, you can’t enjoy Fangtasia for one second without a fight breaking out. Surprised to see Tara get the better of Jess. I thought the older vamp usually had the advantage. Tara is a good fighter, and Jess seems to just be pretending she’s tough. Speaking of fake tough guys, give it up Hoyt. Jess doesn’t care about you, and neither do I at this point. They really need to do something more with his character. Heads up! Nice blood splatter! That is what I’m talking about. Maybe these guys who took Hoyt captive can make him into a more interesting character. 
  Anyone smell smoke? Must be my imagination. For a second, Eric really got me when he told Alcide that Sookie disgusts him. I thought damn; again they will never be together. Totally forgot Sookie could change that. Loved her reaction when she realized what Eric did. Boy was Alcide mad. So mad he is going to be pack master now. Not sure those wolves are his kind of wolves. And that girl who stood up for him, she better not get in the way of Sook and Al being together.
  Lafayette is kind of taking a backseat now. They always seem to find at least one character to have in one scene just so you remember they still have a storyline in progress. Looks like they are stirring the pot for something big to happen soon.  I thought mamma would have something a little more interesting to tell him. I guess she was just reaffirming to Lafayette that Jesus needs him. I wonder if in some weird mysterious way they could bring him back to life. Nah!!! (stirring the pot…witches, I know, I know)
   Poor Jason, still dreaming about his parents. It took him long enough to tell Sookie. All right, she was busy starring in a horror movie. It was hilarious when Sookie went into the fairy nightclub, and he didn’t. He pitched a fit like a little kid wearing He-Man pjs on Christmas morning! Now once they both were inside, let the games begin. We finally got to see more or less what happen to their parents. Sorry Sook, looks like the vampire might have been after you. Anyone taking bets on whom the vamp was? My money is on the King, but how interesting would it be if it were Bill! To finish that scene off, I wonder how Sook feels getting a taste of her own blast!
  Seriously, I thought there was no smoking in here. What? Oh, never mind. The Ifrit can do whatever it wants. Not problem for me, but a big problem for Terry. Since the show has started, he has been such a good guy. Not perfect, but good. And now he has to leave his family. It is not fair. Arlene is going to be a mess. This is all Patrick’s fault. Can someone tell the Ifrit to leave Terry alone, and just fry Patrick instead? No I’m not going to do it, you do it!
  Trying not to confuse Ifrit with iPhone, why didn’t that app work? Maybe the battery killed the phone like the King killed Roman. Just when I was getting to like Roman. I miss him already, but not as much as Franklin. And why was everyone just standing around? So all the other members of the Authority were involved in releasing the King? What the hell is going on? I said it at the beginning Bill; you are going to regret not killing the King for a SECOND time! And Eric, your sister is nuts!
  It will take a whole week for me to wonder just how, and why the Authority turned on Roman. Was it just some of them, or all of them? And what does this mean for vamps going forward? In the promo for next week we hear someone mention a war between vamps and humans. Count me in! I mean, not as far as fighting, more like watching a PPV fight. Hopefully it is better than that not so epic vampire vs. wolf fight a while back. And yes, I will never get over it, and never stop saying that I will never get over it! Now, I have to go because the smoke is just killing me!


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