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Monday, March 30, 2015


  90 minutes is too much to talk about on Facebook so I'm posting my reaction to the season finale here. First I'll say that my predictions were wrong, and I'm glad! Michonne didn't die (bad guess). As we got closer to the show I had a late feeling it would be nice if no one died from the group after such a brutal season, and it turned out that way. Also just before the finale some people made some good guesses to what was going to happen, and I'm thinking those people knew from the comic. I'm glad I don't read it just so that the show is totally new to me. So let's get into the episode.
  We usually see Morgan at the end of episodes so it was nice to see him at the beginning for a change. Who knew he was as skilled with a stick as Donatello, and the actor is British? We finally got an explanation for the W's, but again I'm guessing comic readers knew that already. Those guys and the W thing are crazy!
  What a shot with Sasha sleeping in the zombie pit! Speaking of sleep, Rick needed some good rest after the brawl. I guess he needed to take some punches to calm down, and take a different approach. It was good to see Michonne prove her loyalty. Even better was seeing Carol give us another priceless moment, or two!
  With this being a finale, I was obsessed with who was going to die, and they did a great job playing off of that for people who were in the same boat as me. Several of our favorite characters were put in tough life or death situations. I was in a panic for Daryl! That was a ton of zombies! Then he wanted to play hero for Aaron! I thought he might just do it! When he goes, I could see him going out a hero. Thank you Morgan for the save! Good thing for Morgan that Daryl knew who he was.
  I honestly thought Glenn was dead! I've been waiting for that Glenn and Maggie moment to happen so one could die, and even though it wasn't a huge moment, that quick chat between the two left me fearing for one of their lives. I was cursing Nicholas, and just couldn't believe this loser would be the death of Glenn! Glenn needs more Rick and Carol in him. Nicholas should be dead!
  And so should the Father! What a nut job! Why does he keep wandering off? Why couldn't those zombies just kill him? In a way he did a good thing by leaving the gate open, but he's still annoying. I thought he was trying to get bit, and come back to Alexandria to become a zombie there. Then Sasha had to go and get in a fight with him. With that gun around, I was nervous even when Maggie was talking to him. Glad nothing happened, but I still don't trust him.
  Good to see them squeeze in a moment for Abraham and Eugene. So much has happened, and we never got to see what became of their relationship. It's good to see them clear the air. They are part of the group, and are only stronger together. Plus that scene was almost like the comic relief for the episode.
  It’s a good thing Rick was paying attention. If not, who knows who those zombies would have killed! Once again Rick’s face was covered in blood. I guess that’s why they wanted him to ditch the beard. That was a nice bloody kill. So do you think Deanna was really going to vote Rick out? It seemed close. Instead of dropping the mic Rick dropped the zombie. Did he really need to say anything else? “Here’s the danger, and I took care of it like I said I would.”
  It still seemed like that might not be enough until good old Pete had to make a scene. Once again, it was like we are so close to the end of the episode please don’t kill someone we love. No offense Reg, but thanks for taking one for the group. How quickly Deanna changes her mind. I like how Rick had no hesitation. Then top it off with Morgan returning right at that moment. You know he couldn’t have liked what he just saw. Rick has some explaining to do!
  I like how they left off with the Wolves. I was wondering how they got all of those zombies in the trucks. Interesting how music was used so much in the last few episodes. So the wolves are going to be the next threat. Bring it! I’m assuming there are more of them, or they are going to have to come up with an even better trap.
  One thing that happens time after time is someone letting a bad person live. Then that bad person comes back and does something to get someone else killed, or injured. It happened with the Terminus people. Glenn let Nicholas live after Noah died, and it almost cost him his life. Deanna didn’t let Rick kill Pete, and it cost Reg’s life. Morgan didn’t kill the Wolf guys, and who knows what they will come back, and do next season. If you’re bad you need to die…period!
  So looking ahead we have the danger of the Wolves. I still don’t trust the Father. Hopefully the group members that heard what Deanna said about him will keep an eye on him. It will be interesting to see what they do with Nicholas when Glenn brings him back. Hopefully some more of the Alexandria people step up so they have someone to kill off later. Yes, a terrible thing to say, but we are running out of group members that I would be ok with dying! I hope they pick up where they left off just to see what Rick and Morgan have to say. Unfortunately they always seem to skip ahead in time. And time is all we have until the October return! Hopefully the spin off will keep us entertained, and be better than the unoriginal title it has!



  1. I'd like to see what excuse Nicholas gives Deanna this time. I agree it looked like she was close to exiling Rick, but switched sides quickly... Go Team-Rick!! Gabriel (so-NOT-a-Father/Devil disguised as an Angel of Light, yes)leaving the gate open, though he did inadvertently save Rick, might just have sealed his own fate.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yea Nicholas is toast, but you know they will try to reform him just cause Glenn decided not to kill him. The Father got lucky this time, but his time will come!


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