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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Episode 3.05 -  “Trouble” Alcide and Sookie turn to an alpha-wolf “packmaster” for advice on how to deal with Russell’s minions. Tara considers a proposal from Franklin, who’s completed his mission for Russell; Joe Lee breaks his promise to Sam and Tommy; Lafayette learns the meaning of patience from Jesus, his mother’s orderly; Jason meets his match in a mysterious girl named Crystal. An heirloom reminds Eric of his past and his ongoing thirst for vengeance.

My thoughts on episode 5:

  As I watched this episode and made my notes, I noticed a common theme was occurring. I was writing how certain things that happened were “interesting.” So the theme of my thoughts on episode 5 is going to be about the “interesting” things that happened. Hmm, where to start?
  I guess I will start with poor old Tara. The episode started with her still tied up, and unsure of what Franklin’s plans were for her. She had a moment of hope when Bill walked in along side the King, and Lorena. It was a nice touch leaving the blood all over their faces. Bill was surprised to see her, but as I thought, had no plans to save her. Now to the “interesting” part of this whole Franklin-Tara thing. Franklin had a conversation with the King, where we found out that Franklin has done this to other woman. Apparently he becomes obsessed with them, or maybe you could say it is like a “fatal attraction.” At one point, the light went on, and Tara realized how obsessed he was with her, and she started to use that against him. It was going well until he proposed to her, and asked her to become his “vampire bride.” That may be one wedding I would actually want to attend.
  Lafayette has been a very outspoken character throughout the few seasons of True Blood. He has never been afraid to put people in their place (key word was people, vampires not included), and give his opinion. I may be wrong, but for the first time we saw him almost at a loss for words. This was an “interesting” twist for someone with such a strong personality. This was all made possible by a surprise appearance by his mom’s caretaker, Jesus. Jesus had the day off, and made it a point to come and ask Lafayette out on a date. Unfortunately for Jesus, Lafayette had to work all day, but that didn’t stop Jesus from sticking around to keep his eye on Lafayette. I wonder where the show is going with this newfound relationship.
  In my thoughts on episode 4, I questioned where the rest of Alcide’s pack was. Well, we didn’t get to see a pack, but we did get a quick introduction to the “packmaster”. This was “interesting” because it gave us a little more detail on how the werewolves functioned, but more importantly it gave us more background on what has been going on between the werewolves and the King. First, the packmaster made it clear that Alcide should not be hanging around Sookie because she was a human. Then he told them that the King had a history of owning werewolves, and there was nothing they could do about it. He basically said to just let the King do what he wanted to do, and then he would eventually leave. Sookie listened to the voice in his head, which said that he was afraid, there was no one that could help him, and he may leave town. Alcide tried to get him to help, but Sookie told him to let him go. The packmaster even told Alcide to “obey.” It was funny seeing him try to be leader when overall, he was probably the least impressive “packmaster” you will find. If there are any remaining members of the pack around, I suggest you vote Alcide as your new packmaster, and quickly.
  Then there was a “wow moment” for me when Eric showed up at the King’s house. I didn’t see that coming. Since he didn’t want to go to Jackson with Sookie, I didn’t think we would see him there unless Sookie was in absolute danger. So much for that idea. This was the beginning of several “interesting” things to happen with respect to Eric, Bill, and Sookie. Eric was there to ask for permission from the King to hunt the area for Bill. Eric was telling the King how he thought Bill was the one selling V. Just when you thought the King might hide the fact that Bill was there, Bill walked into the room. You could tell there was still no love lost between the two of them. Eric actually told the King the truth about what was going on. Also, it was “interesting” how quickly Eric realized that with Bill under the King’s control now, Bill no longer had any say over Sookie.
  Not long after that, the King and Bill sat down to have their own conversation. Franklin had brought back some papers from Bill’s house, and the King questioned Bill about them. The papers were about Sookie’s family tree, and had certain names circled. The King proposed an “interesting” theory to him about how Sookie was a telepath, and Bill was with her to gain from something to do with her power. Of course, Bill denied all of this. Just when we thought the King and Bill were going to be a team, this set the stage for a break up of this short-lived alliance. Bill was able to hold back when he felt Sookie was in trouble at the bar, but I knew that wouldn’t last. Now the “interesting” question is does Bill really love her, or does he have some other plan for her in the long run?
  I like how the show uses flashbacks to provide you with information. It gives the show, and the characters some depth and history. Also, whenever there is a flashback, you always have to pay extra close attention to what is going on. As Eric was given a tour around the King’s home, he got a look at a crown that sparked an “interesting” flashback. It took us back to the time of the Vikings, where we briefly meet Eric’s father and mother. It wasn’t long until we got to see his parents be attacked, and killed by werewolves. It was cool how Eric pulled out his sword, with warning from his father, just in time to turn around and stab a werewolf. They did a good job of showing how quickly the wolf turned back into a human as soon as Eric killed it. At the end of the flashback, we saw a wolf take his father’s crown to a man in a black robe. As Eric was about to approach him, he told Eric not to be a hero. I wasn’t sure if Eric was a vampire when the flashback started, and I guess he wasn’t. If that was the case, then I think it was “interesting” that we got to finally see Eric before he was a vampire. Also, for some reason, I am not surprised that he was a Viking. What can I say he looks the part!
  Finally, the episode ended on another “interesting” note. Alcide called Sookie into the living room, and when she came around the corner, Bill was standing there. See, I knew Bill couldn’t stay away when he knew she was in danger. Again, was he really worried about her or her power? What a power it turned out to be. Not only can she read minds, but also she can zap people with some kind of light, or electricity that comes out of her hands. We saw this, as the King and his followers tracked Bill to the apartment in hopes of finding Sookie. The King was greatly amused by Sookie’s talents. Smooth move Bill, you lead them right to her. It will be “interesting” to see what the King has planned for her.
  Before concluding this, I have to quickly move from the “interesting” things that happened to the funny things. I didn’t really have a favorite line of the night, but a favorite moment instead. Building on all the crazy things Franklin has done, he had to show Tara how fast he could text. It was hilarious to watch him hold up the phone, and speed text. It amused him as much as it amused me, as he had to show her he could do it several times. I wonder if he can tweet, and Facebook that fast too! I did like the funny moment between Jessica and Arlene. Jessica asked her why she never looked her in the eyes when they talked. Arlene replied that she did not what to be hypnotized by her. Jessica took offense to this. If she couldn’t hypnotize Arlene, she was going to do it to her customers. She told the next couple that came in not to tip their waitress. Way to go Jessica! By the way, did anyone catch Sam and Tommy watching a nature show?
  So with all the “interesting” things that happened, I should expect some big things to come in the next episode. Will Tara really become a vampire bride? Is there anything more to this newfound romance between Lafayette and Jesus? Can we find a real “packmaster?” Are Bill and Eric really in love with Sookie, or is she more of a piece of a collection as the King views her to be? And last but not least, are we going to see an epic vampire-werewolf battle? (laughing)

Episode 3.06 – “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” Spurned by Eric, Sookie fears the worst for Bill, whose fate now lies in Lorena’s hands. Fueled by a night of bloody passion, Tara executes a desperate plan to stave off Franklin’s advances. In Bon Temps, Tommy finds it difficult to leave the family nest; Jessica gets her fix from a Merlotte’s customer; and Jason’s romance with Crystal hits a snag, as does Lafayette’s with Jesus. After revealing his master plan to Eric, Russell pays a visit to Louisiana in order to start executing it. 

My thoughts on episode 6:

  Now that was an episode of True Blood for us horror fans. There were brains getting bashed in, vampires biting people, and people biting vampires. Blood was all over the place. I knew the show was getting ready for a big episode, and we got it. 
  This episode got off to a great start with Bill staking one of the King's vampires, and turning him into a pile of blood and guts. However, his feelings for Sookie clouded his judgment because he somehow thought he could get her out of the King’s house. It only got him escorted out the door, and subjected to the King’s orders to have Lorena kill him. He was so desperate to save her that he practically begged Eric to get her out of there, but that didn’t happen. As usual, it looked like Eric was only looking out for Eric. Now that he knew it was the King that killed his parents, it seemed like his plan for “vengeance” was more important than Sookie, as he used her to gain the King’s trust.
  Just as Bill was looking out for Sookie, she wanted to do the same for him, but was in no position to do so. As the King’s vampires dragged Bill away, Sookie warned Lorena that she would kill her if she killed Bill. You got to give it to humans like Sookie. How they think they can just threaten vampires with no consequences is beyond me. It took only a second for Lorena to get in Sookie’s face, and tell he her that she would “love to rip out your rib cage and wear it as a hat.” Now stop reading this for a second, and imagine Lorena walking around with Sookie’s rib cage on top of her head. Ridiculous right? I would still pay to see it though!
  When this season started, Jason and Andy were the star comedic team on the show. Over the last couple of episodes, they just haven’t been as funny together, or even apart. Last week we saw a new comedic team form, which continued this week. Arlene and Jessica were not at the level that Jason and Andy were, but they are on the way. It worked so well how Arlene was scared to death that at any moment Jessica could eat her, or possibly one of the customers. Arlene had all these vampire prejudices, and isn’t afraid to blurt them out. It was funny how Arlene thought Jessica would want to eat her even more because she was pregnant. Also, did anyone notice that Jessica has been getting a little better at being a vampire? She was pretty smooth getting that lady into the bathroom to feed on her, and then get her out without a big mess.
  Not that this storyline really interests me yet, but I didn’t mention it last week so I feel I should get it out of the way now. Jason was still in the woods making out with his mystery woman. It was odd how one moment they were about to get it on, then weren’t, and next they were on again. It was back and forth until finally she took off after smelling something in the air. It almost seemed like she had Jason under a spell. I haven’t read the books so I have no idea what she is. She is not a vampire, or werewolf, so my guess is either a fairy or good witch. Now back to something that did interest me. Who knew that not only could Sookie hear people’s thoughts, and blast people with light, but she also does impersonations. A few episodes ago she did Bill, and now she did Eric. It is so funny to see one character do impersonations of another character. Her impersonation of Bill was better, but it was still a funny moment especially in the middle of a serious situation.
  One of the more important conversations of the night occurred between the King, and who other than Sookie. Again, she had to throw some silliness into a serious conversation. The King was obviously not used to this, and showed a lot of patience with her. The best was when he asked her what she was, and she said she was a “waitress.” Oh Sookie, are you kidding me? Sometimes I wonder if she is just playing dumb, or she is that dumb. Whatever, she is a great character because of moments like that (and her impersonations of course). Give her credit; she did get the King to agree to answer her questions as well. She couldn’t have led off with a better question, which was about if the King was the King of all vampires. She had an even better follow up question. I can’t believe she really asked the King if he had a crown. What does that have to do with anything Sookie? She is too funny I tell you. If being a waitress doesn’t work out, maybe she can be a reporter, or comedian. Let me not even get started on the possibility of her being an “alien.”
  As much of a screw up as Tara usually is, she actually came through for once. She proved that most people would do just about anything not to become a vampire. That is unless your name is Bella, but let me not get started on that either. I thought Tara realized, at the end of last week’s episode, that she wouldn’t get out of this mess, but I was wrong. She continued to make Franklin think she was really into him. She convinced him to untie her so that she could make the most of her last night with him as a human. Tara must have had the theme song in her head, “Oh Franklin, I’m gonna do bad things to you!” He wanted her to bite him, and suck the blood right from him. For a moment there, she didn’t seem as if she could do it, and I didn’t think she had it in her. Well, I was wrong again. She made a nice hole in his neck. It was a great shot of her doing it as well because you could see all the blood oozing out of him, and the expression on her face. Just when you thought that was the best of Tara, she went crazy on Franklin. She got one of the many medieval weapons off the wall, and bashed his head in. She was covered in blood now, but I’m sure that was nothing compared to biting him. He better be dead because if you thought he was mad and crazy before, oh he is going to be pissed. Super Tara was not done yet. She was able to trick the guard outside Sookie’s room to open the door, and then they were able to knock him out. On the way out of the room, Sookie asked Tara what she was doing there. Tara said that she was “killing vampires and saving her ass.” Boy did she get that right.
  Poor Bill was strapped down to the floor, and at the mercy of Lorena. Really he just wanted her to go ahead and kill him. She insisted on having a conversation with him, as she began to slowly torture him. They didn’t know it, but their boring conversation was torturing me too. I don’t want to see Bill die, but I agreed with him. If it was going to happen, then get it over with already. With all that talking, it was surprising to see that she really was serious about torturing him. He was all sliced up lying on that floor. Adding insult to injury, the werewolf couple had to come in to get a piece of the action. After watching the couple run off high on vampire blood, Sookie went to Bill’s side to see if he was still alive. Just as it looked as if Bill was coming to, Lorena grabbed Sookie, and threw her against the wall. To my surprise, she actually bit right into Sookie’s neck. I didn’t see that coming. If Lorena could slice up Bill, there is no telling how much blood she could suck from Sookie. What if she decides that she would look good wearing a rib cage hat?
  This episode was full of so much great stuff that I didn’t even get a chance to mention the strange turn of events involving Sam’s family, or how Jesus doesn’t date drug dealers. Nor did I mention how the Queen won $100 from a scratch off lotto ticket, but then lost her freedom to the King. By far, this was my favorite episode of the season. All the blood and guts was so great that it almost got me to forget about wanting an epic vampire-werewolf fight. There are so many questions for the weeks to come. Is Franklin really dead, and if he isn’t, what will he do to Tara? Why doesn’t Jesus date drug dealers? Will Jason ever become a cop? Ok, I know there are more important questions such as, just how will Eric get his “vengeance” on the King? What does the King have in store now that he has the Queen? How will Bill and Sookie survive the damage done to them by Lorena? And if they do survive, what will their relationship be like now that Sookie knows Bill was looking into her family tree?

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