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Saturday, September 11, 2010


  So we are almost at the True Blood season 3 finale. It sucks that the season is over so fast. It has been a good season, which has made it very easy to write about. I decided to give it a try and make a few predictions for the finale. Some of these predictions may be a little more serious than others. And I didn’t cheat by reading any spoilers.

Summer: gets a hold of herself, and continues on with Mrs. Fortenberry’s plan. Maybe she will give Hoyt some new biscuits with a new ingredient that is better than V.

Mrs. Fortenberry: will continue to be up to no good. She will go nuts, and try to kill Jessica if she finds out that Jessica gave Hoyt V.

Hoyt: will find himself getting addicted to V. He will also save money by feeding Jessica his blood.

Jessica: has screwed up less lately, but she may have screwed up giving Hoyt V. She will hide this secret from Bill especially if Hoyt starts acting weird.

Holly: will try another one of her magic tricks on Arlene that still won’t work. Someone will tell her she should spend less time in the woods.

Arlene: continues to try to hide the fact that she wants to get rid of the baby. She will slip up, and Terry will find out. Her tears over the baby will become tears from Terry leaving her.

Terry: a light bulb will come on, and he will realize what Arlene is up to. He is a good man, and hopefully will leave her. Also, he won’t put up with any more remarks from Sam.

Jesus: will put some more moves on Lafayette to try to get him to go on the V Voodoo Ride. We may find out a little more about his past, but not the complete story.

Lafayette: starts to realize something new about himself, but not yet what that is. Still hesitant from what happens, he welcomes Jesus back into his home. He gives his crazy dolls to Summer.

Crystal: continues to refuse to sleep with her family members (good move), and drags Jason back to her home to stop the raid. What she should be doing is some more explaining on what a werepanther really is.

Jason: still remains a step or two, slow. He will have to explain to Andy why he is stopping the raid. Probably not going to become a cop now. Also, he is my choice to win favorite line of the week.

Andy: will realize being sheriff is not that great of a job. With Jason stopping the raid, and Tara knowing the secret, it will be easy to fire Jason.

Tommy: needs to learn some manners, but that is not happening. He will rob Sam blind, and have to face Sam before the episode is over. The question is: will it be human vs. human, or dog vs. dog.

Sam: starts a new chapter in his life with Tara. If you thought he was mad before, he will be furious when he finds out he has been robbed. Merlotte’s bar for sale?

Tara: will wake up surprisingly happy with her decision to sleep with Sam. She found another loser. She should have been with Sam while he was a little nicer. Their relationship will continue into next season, but end because that is what happens to Tara.

The Queen: will rebound now that the King has officially gone nuts. What a sucker, he paid all her taxes! Whatever she is planning with Bill may come to light.

The King: roasts with Eric for a while before somehow escaping. No way they kill off such a crazy character especially after killing Franklin. There is a chance that they may make it seem like he is dead until next season.

Talbot: will get a new jar to rest in peace.

Eric: has no shot of dying. Not sure how he escapes though. He is still not out of the woods because the King will survive, and Sookie and Pam are pissed at him. Don’t think he reveals why Bill can’t be trusted. A buyer of Merlotte’s?

Pam: will just be happy if Eric survives. She probably will release Bill in time to save Sookie.

Bill: may save Sookie yet again, but get dumped afterwards. He shows his true loyalty to the Queen. While he should be watching after Jessica, he loses Sookie to a new man.

Alcide: is the new man. With a strong following, he will return to be by Sookie’s side. This will set up a new relationship with her next season, and an expanded role for him.

Sookie: has had enough of vampires. She will dump Bill, and leave Eric to burn. She will seek out more information on what she really is. Confused, but not as much as Jason, she won’t be able to resist locking lips with Alcide. 

HorrO: won’t be on the show, but will be watching hoping for an epic werepanther-werewolf, werewolf-vampire, or werepanther-vampire battle. 

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