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Friday, September 10, 2010


Episode 3.07- “Hitting the Ground”  Sam intervenes when Melinda, and Joe Lee rope Tommy into a dogfighting ring; Eric hatches a plan to get information from Sophie-Anne; Sookie makes a last-ditch attempt to rescue Bill; Jason searches for clues about Crystal.

My thoughts on episode 7:

  One great episode followed by another. With Bill and later Sookie having near death experiences, I thought maybe this episode would be a little more dramatic. I was wrong several times last week, and I was wrong again this week. There were some dramatics, but there was still plenty of blood spilled, and some very interesting developments. 
  The show started off right where it left off, as we saw Lorena enjoy a taste of Sookie's blood. Too bad for her, the best tasting blood she ever had turned out to be the last blood she will ever have. Last week we lost Franklin, I'm still holding out hope for his return, and this week we lost Lorena. Bill had just enough strength in him to hold Lorena down so that Sookie could stake her. Poof, Mount St. Lorena erupted all over Bill. She may be dead, but she still got the last laugh on Bill. 
  Alcide and Tara came to get Sookie, but she refused to go without Bill. They wrapped him up, and were ready to go when Debbie came into the room with a gun. Again, she showed she was not the smartest of wolves because she was unsure of what to do, especially with Alcide. Tara still had on her Superwoman cape on, as she knocked the gun away from Debbie allowing Alcide to take control. We possibly lost Franklin, lost Lorena, and now Cooter. He came into the room, and was about to attack when Alcide put two bullets in him. I'm glad the show hasn't been afraid to kill off characters. It is a vampire show after all, so there needs to be death. There was one more death as Alcide ran over a wolf during their getaway. That was one vampire and two wolves in a matter of a few minutes. I can't complain with that. 
  Back in Louisiana, the Queen was locked up in an oversized birdcage. How quickly the mighty have fallen. Eric brought Hadley, the queen's human pet, into the room to get her to spill the beans about Sookie. Surprisingly the Queen wouldn't talk, but that was ok because we got to see Eric sink his teeth into Hadley. Now someone really needs to get Eric a clean shirt. Instead of the Queen, Hadley actually gave up the goods on Sookie, but we didn't get to hear what she whispered to him. That wasn't fair! What a tease! 
  Before I get back to the good stuff, I have to touch on the on going saga between Sam and his parents. Last week, we finally found out what his parents were up to. This week, it was Sam to the rescue as usual. The problem was that it turned out to be a pretty weak rescue. As expected, he transformed into a dog in order to walk right into the dog fighting camp. Then he transformed back to free the other dogs, and save his brother. All he did was command the other dog to go away, and then yell at his parents. That wasn’t very exciting at all. How about some resistance from the dog handlers? Maybe a good swing at Joe Lee for putting Tommy in that ring? Later they showed Tommy and Sam as they were driving back home. Why they showed this, I don't know. They didn't say anything, so it was basically pointless. 
  Now back to the good stuff. Sookie insisted on being in the back of the van with Bill. What a mistake that turned out to be. Seeing that Bill was about to die, she cut her arm, and feed him her blood. Well, if you thought Lorena liked her blood, that was nothing compared to Bill. It was Bill's private feeding frenzy. When they finally pulled the car over, Tara found Sookie about dead, and a confused Bill lying next to her. Angry that her friend was attacked and still high on Franklin’s blood, Tara kicked Bill out of the van. What, Bill didn't disintegrate in the sunlight? What is in that blood, and where can I get some? Oh, that's right, I'm not a blood-sucking vampire. Sorry! 
  Sookie, now covered in blood, was taken to the hospital, where doctors did their best to keep her alive. That was where things really started to get weird, but very interesting. First, the doctor said she didn’t have a blood type. Ok, if you say so! Then, with her friends and brother by her side, she slipped into some kind of dream world. It wasn’t a flashback that we have become used to. There were people dancing, and running all around. At first, I thought maybe this was a little piece of heaven, but then I realized they were in a cemetery. I’m sure that is not heaven for most people, but these people are not most people. Sookie met a woman named Claudine, who did her best to convince Sookie to stay there. Ok, this is where I got really confused. So she wanted Sookie to stay there, but where was there? If she stayed, did that mean Sookie had to die? Second, what was that whole mind reading conversation they were having about water, and not being able to swim? That went right over my head. I guess that was a reference to something in the previous seasons that I don’t remember. Thank goodness for Bill because he put all my confusion to rest when he came to Sookie’s rescue for probably the last time. It was interesting how when he came into the hospital room that all the people in Sookie’s dream world jumped into the water as the sky became dark. Claudine warned Sookie not to let Bill steal her light? In the short time that we saw Claudine, she sure as hell did a good job of making my head spin.
  Awe, speaking of heads spinning, who else was happy that someone finally put an end to the Magister? I was getting tired of that little rodent vampire. It would drive me crazy that Eric was bigger and stronger, but couldn’t go over, and kick his ass. Well, in another interesting scene, the Magister was about to pierce Pam’s eyelids with Tiffany earrings. Ugh, that was true horror for us guys when we heard Pam say she was a “Tiffany girl!” It gave me chills. We didn’t even get to see the piercing because Eric came in the room just in time. Damn you Eric! Then the Queen made her entrance, and then the King. Why did they all have to make their own entrance? I mean, come on vampires, get over yourselves. The King is starting to grow on me. He is very relaxed, and smooth, but when he gets mad, he shows very little patience. The Magister stood for everything that the King hated about the current world vampires lived in, and he made the Magister pay for it. With a quickness (that is understated), the King replaced Pam with the Magister. After getting the Magister to marry them, the King sliced off his head. Now that is a great ending to an episode. I loved the slow motion spinning of the Magister’s head, as it flew through the air, and splatter all over the floor. We just needed Pam to yell out “off with his head” just before it happened. Yea, so much for dramatics!
  Last week I did not give out a favorite line of the week because there was so much blood shed, who had time for that? This week was full of blood too, but there were still several good lines. Here are a few of my favorites. Sookie kicked off things when she told Lorena that she “wouldn’t know love if it kicked her in the fangs!” Not long after that, Debbie topped that by asking if they made Bill into a “vampire burrito” for her. Now that was pretty funny right there. Jason had to get in the on the fun when he said, “I never thought I was smart enough to get depressed.” Oh Jason, how does that even make sense? Also, I was amused when Tara and Jason were both cursing while standing at Sookie’s bedside, and Lafayette had to tell them to stop cussing. I am not sure which of these lines was my favorite. How about you choose from these this week?
  So it looks like we are getting closer, and closer to finding out what Sookie really is. I know, some of you already know, but lets pretend that we don’t. It is more fun that way. It is a little sad that this looks like the end of Bill and Sookie. It looks like Bill has turned to the dark side, but I am not sure he was ever really playing for the good guys. Now that Sookie doesn’t have Bill, nor Eric, looks like my prediction of Alcide getting a piece of the action is improving. Unfortunately for him, he is about to get hunted down by his ex. Nothing like a crazy ex to ruin things for you! Now that Eric has saved Pam, how much longer until he turns against the King? I am curious about how he plans to take down the King, especially with the King looking more powerful each week. I will leave you with a quick comment about this week’s postmortem. It was a great tribute to Bill and Lorena’s loving, and tender relationship. I will miss Bill smacking her across the room, or lighting her on fire. Their sex scene will go down as one of the strangest scenes in True Blood history! Now where can I get some of those biscuits?

PS- did anyone else notice that this episode was shorter?

Episode 3.08- “Night on the Sun”  Alcide’s family emergency leaves Sookie unprotected; Lafayette is surprised by a visit from his mom; Sam has his hands full with Tommy; Jessica and Bill patch up their differences; Sophie-Anne moves into a new home.

My thoughts on episode 8:

  If you noticed last week, for the first time in a while, I did not mention the epic vampire-werewolf battle that I have been waiting for. Well, finally don't ask, and you shall receive. Not sure if it was epic for say, but that is probably as good as it is going to get for now. That was one hell of an ending, but let's talk about how we got there first. 
  The beginning of the show was a lot sadder than the ending. Sookie finally got enough of Bill's blood to wake up from her comma. After being silent to the point Jason thought she suffered brain damage, Sookie finally asked everyone to leave the room so that Bill and her could talk. Their conversation ended with their break up, and Bill leaving the room crying blood. I really thought that was the end of them for a while. Oh well, that was a short while! 
  The next scene of the episode was hilarious. I really enjoyed this series of spectacles. Favorite line of the week goes to this entire scene. First the queen was having a fit about her new living quarters, and then Talbot was complaining about all the crazy things that have happened at the house. Then Talbot said, "you can't buy your way out of everything," and the King responded, "of course I can, this is America!" Eric then interrupted with the first of two great lines by him. He told the King that there was a "were-bitch in his study." Besides being a “were-bitch,” Debbie kind of reminds of Britney Spears gone nuts. With that, the conversation moved to the study, where Debbie begged to go after Sookie and Alcide. She said that she will "rip their fucking heads off!" The King asked Eric for his opinion on the matter, and he started by saying, "I enjoy a good head ripping as much as the next vampire." There was just too much fun going on at the King's house as usual. 
  Unfortunately, we now know that Franklin really is dead. That sucks because I was finally starting to like him. There is nothing wrong with a cuckoo vampire. Too bad no one bothered to tell him fatal attractions are called "fatal" attractions for a reason. He really did mess up Tara. She had a dream that she was in the shower, and who other than Franklin popped up. He may be dead, but I wouldn't mind seeing him do some crazy stuff in her dreams for an episode or two. Franklin could be even more psycho in the dream world! 
  After the break up, it was a sad homecoming for both Bill and Sookie. Sookie was depressed, and things weren't about to get any better. After it seemed Alcide might be staying for a while, he informed her that he had to go back home. This was the last of a few intense moments between the two of them. Yea, we all saw you checking Sookie out on the blanket Alcide! Even Tara saw that too. With both of them almost kissing, and the big break up, I was really liking my prediction of them hooking up. Again, oh well! 
  Bill came home to Jessica, who was excited to see him. The happy reunion didn't last long because Bill told her to leave. He insisted that he couldn't protect her, and was not good for her. Jessica refused to go, which was good because they need each other. Who better to share stories about how they screwed up with their human partners? Plus, it led to a cool scene where Bill was teaching Jessica how to fight. Their fast forward acrobatics all over the living room was awesome.
 Now that Tara ended her weird relationship, it was time for Jason to put his into high gear. Crystal showed up at Jason's house all wet, and crying. I thought Jason was being dumb again when he asked her if she swam there, but that was actually what she did. She did it so that she couldn't be tracked. Jason, being Jason, had to throw in there that he thought that was drug dealer code for something. Later, we saw Jason go to where she was living, and he found someone sitting next to a deer eating it. Hmm, are these more werewolves? I guess I was wrong about Crystal, but I still find it weird how Jason falls into almost a spell when he is around her. Oh, I cannot forget to mention when Crystal’s father, and boyfriend showed up at Sam’s bar. Sam and Tommy both smelled trouble (literally). It was shocking how the father mentioned that Sam was a “shifter.” That really peaked my interest. Tommy seems like a troublemaker, but he may come in handy if whatever these people are come back to the bar.
  I can’t put off the really good stuff any longer. Two things set up the end of the episode. First, Eric gave a message to Hadley to relay to Sookie. Hadley showed up at Sookie’s house, and told her that Eric said the King would be coming for her, and not to trust Bill. Well, the King coming for her was right, but so much for her not trusting Bill. She took the warning of the King’s visit seriously, as she, along with Bill, and Jessica, waited for his arrival. Before the King could make his way there, he needed to smooth things over with Talbot. This was the second thing that set up the ending. As Talbot threw another fit in front of the King, Eric volunteered to stay behind, and entertain him. This was a suitable solution for Talbot, and the King went on his way.
  With Sookie waiting in her room with a shotgun, Debbie barged in the house with two werewolves. Bill and Jessica faced off with the wolves, as Debbie made her way to Sookie’s room. Ding, ding, ding! The bell went off, and there was a great little fight between the two of them. For a minute, I thought Alcide might have actually faked leaving, or followed Debbie back to the house, but that didn’t happen. It was just Debbie versus Sookie. As expected, Bill killed yet another werewolf, and was about to check on Sookie when he saw Jessica make a mistake. What a surprise right? Jessica makes a mistake, no way! As Bill said earlier on, “way!” She ran out of the house, and right into the King’s arms. Bill had to taunt the King into letting her go, and face him vampire to vampire. I really did not like the idea of Bill fighting the King. It would really take some luck for him to win that battle.
  Hey, what do you know, luck showed up. Back at the King’s house, Eric was seducing Talbot. After kissing, and rolling around on the ground, Eric told him to turn over. Talbot was waiting for something, but that wasn’t what Eric gave him. Instead, he staked him, killing the one person the King really loved. Finally, Eric’s plan for vengeance came to a perfect ending. I didn’t see that coming, but I was happy about it. Although he was funny, I was getting tired of hearing Talbot whine. Also, I lost some respect for Eric when he kneeled down to the King telling him how great he was, and then of course when he kissed Talbot. Oh well for the third time. He quickly made up for that. I just wonder what he would think if he found out that he actually saved Bill in the process?
  As soon as Eric staked Talbot, the King, who had Bill pinned down, flew away. That was pretty cool right? Bill recovered, and ran up to Sookie’s room. No need to worry because she won her battle royal with Debbie. If nothing had shocked you up to that point, you had to be shocked when Bill, and Sookie quickly got back together. It didn’t take long before they were on the floor going at it. Thankfully, Bill didn’t feel the need to twist her neck around. Oh and Jessica, you drain that werewolf! Way to make up for that mistake. Wow, that was some ending!
  Of course, a great ending like that only leads to new questions for next week. Are Sookie and Bill really back together, or was that just a heat of the moment kind of thing? Does that mean that Alcide no longer has a chance with Sookie? Will the King hunt down Eric when he finds out that Eric killed Talbot? And what will be more important to the King now, getting Sookie, or getting revenge on Eric? Then there are other questions such as, what is the story with Crystal and her family? Did Jason put the police force in danger by threatening Crystal’s father? Will Franklin be the next Freddy Krueger? And the most important question, was that the epic vampire-werewolf fight I have been waiting for, or is there going to be an even bigger, and better one?

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