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(Possible spoilers in this review!) The Messengers 2 is a prequel to the Messengers done in 2007. Really, I don't see why it is a prequel, it could have been a sequel all the same. In other words, it really had nothing to do with part one. Basically, both movies took place on a farm, and involved a family getting scared by something. That's about it! So if you were looking to get some more information on why the things happened in part one, forget about it. Let's talk about the story in this movie. We have a family, consisting of a father, mother, young boy, and older sister. The father has fallen on hard times, and was having a hard time paying the bills. His crop of corn was constantly being eaten by crows, and he had no money for more seeds and to fix his irrigation system. His solution was to put up a scarecrow in his field of corn. Of course, this was not a normal scarecrow, so things quickly go wrong after this. Crows die, people die, and the father's luck chan


(Apparently contains a spoiler!)   Let me start off this review by saying I usually don't like horror/comedy movies. To me, they end up being as dumb, if not dumber, then just a plain bad horror movie. This movie is neither dumb, or just a plain bad horror movie. It is a hilarious, free spirited comedy with blood drooling zombies ripe for the killing.  The laughs start coming right from the start as we get introduced to several rules for surviving in Zombieland by Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg). Without giving them all away and spoiling the laughs, let's just say rule #1 is CARDIO and leave it at that. The rules pop up in the background through out the movie so keep an eye open for them. The movie keeps the opening credits entertaining as we see slow motion shoots of zombies at events like a wedding, and while firefighters are putting out a fire. There is plenty of slow motion blood pouring from their mouths.  I will admit, I thought there would be more zombie killing through out