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  After the long wait, all the debate about remakes, and complaints about why Robert Englund didn’t play Freddy, “ A Nightmare on Elm Street” is here. All month long I have been saying, “Are you ready for some Freddy?” Some people were, while others were not because of the many issues that were brought up with doing a remake of this classic horror movie. Now you better be ready for a Freddy review.   Since this was a remake, I am going to keep the summary of the movie brief. A young girl, Nancy, and her friends are plagued with nightmares of a man in a red and green sweater, burnt face, and a razor sharp glove. They were unsure why he was after them, but needed to figure it out before they would fall asleep, and get an unwelcome taste of metal. Why was Freddy after them? You will just have to watch and see.   So now comes the million-dollar question: was it a bad idea to make a remake of our sacred “A Nightmare on Elm Street” movie? While others said yes before even seeing the movi


    To get ready for the remake, I had to sit down and watch the original again. Freddy was one of the first horror icons I got to watch, so he will always be one of my favorites. Freddy has changed somewhat throughout the years, but I wanted to see him from the beginning again. I wanted to see what makes Freddy, Freddy?   The important thing about “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was the story of Freddy, and how they developed his story. At the beginning, we really don’t know a great deal about Freddy. They show him making a glove with blades, and then it jumps into Tina’s nightmare. While Tina wonders around, you hear him laughing, and scratching his gloves against metal pipes before Tina eventually woke up. It wasn’t too much longer before Tina has her final nightmare. More laughing and scratching of the gloves, but Freddy had more to show this time. For the hell of it, he showed Tina how he could cut off two of his fingers, and just laugh about it. His face even slid off in a tussle


  Synopsis: MASKHEAD tells the depraved tale of Syl and Maddie, a lesbian couple who produce extreme fetish and dark specialty movies. With the help of their sociopathic associate, The Cowboy, the ladies audition numerous up-and-coming talent to star in their top selling, stomach-turning fetish series: “MASKHEAD,” which features a large man in a bizarre mask who tortures and kills his “co-stars” on camera. Everyone has a fetish. What's yours? What turns you on?   When I turned this movie on, I was worried that the fetish scenes would overshadow the torture and death. They had different kinds of fetishes, such as a woman pretending to be a clown, and a woman with a guy pretending to be her dog. The scenes were shot with the couple’s own cameras, which gave you an up-close look into not only the fetish, but the deaths as well. Well, my worries didn’t last long because each fetish scene ended in a torture, and death that made you instantly forget about the fetish scenes.      Those