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  The trailer for this movie starts off by stating, “What if you woke up one morning and the world as you know it vanished?” Wow, that alone peeks my curiosity. After watching the rest of the trailer, I really wanted to know why everyone vanished. It kind of reminded me of wanting to know why everyone was dying in the trailer for The Happening. That trailer definitely fooled me into thinking that would be a good movie, so would I be fooled once again?   Paul (John Leguizamo) is working the projectors at an AMC theater when all of the sudden the power goes out. Upon investigating the theater lobby, all he finds remaining is a mess of people’s clothes before getting knocked out. Luke (Hayden Christensen), apparently asleep through this power outage, wakes up alone after a romantic night with a co-worker. With no power, he gets ready to leave for work. Oblivious to what is going on, he walks outside to a deserted city.   The movie opens showing glimpses of what is happening to three c


   Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights. Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. Cam Gigandet from The Twilight Saga. Alyson Michalka from Hellcats. Nina Dobrev and Katerina Graham from The Vampire Diaries. Matt Lanter from 90210. Put them all together and what do you get? An estimated $15 million on opening weekend at the box office, but does that mean you made a good movie?   Sara has just moved into a dorm for her freshman year in college. With her new roommate yet to arrive, she goes out for a night of fun with some of the other girls from the dorm. It turns out to be a pretty good night for her, as she has some drunken fun with new friends, and meets her soon to be boyfriend. Upon arriving back at her dorm room, she briefly meets her new roommate, Rebecca, before turning in for the night. Sara wakes up the next day to the nightmare that is her new roommate.   As soon as I saw Sara walk into a dorm room, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t think the movie could get too scary in a


  Option one: the Ripper disappears and comes back 16 years later to kill the 7 children born on the day of his supposed death. Option two: the Ripper really dies and comes back in one of the 7 children born on the day of his death to collect the souls of the other 6. That is what one of the characters points out, and is basically what the audience is waiting to find out. Throw in some crazy talk about souls and condors (yes condors), and that is what makes up My Soul To Take.   The movie starts off with the events of the night where the serial killer called the Riverton Ripper is caught, but soon enough mysteriously disappears. 16 years later, a bunch of high school students are celebrating the day of the Ripper’s death, and the birth of 7 students. Brandon, the bully of the group, introduces the 7, and talks about the annual ritual where one of the 7 has to face the Ripper. Before it can finish, cops put an end to their fun, and the story begins to follow Bug until the mystery o


  It is interesting to hear some people say they are tired of exorcism movies. Are there that many more exorcism movies that have recently come out that I don’t know about? I guess people feel they are seeing the same thing in exorcism movies. Well, I am not sure what else you can expect with titles such as, The Last Exorcism, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, or The Exorcist. The titles reference an exorcism, so the movie should be about that. Maybe they want more imagination to come from the exorcism itself. So with a movie titled The Rite, did it become just another movie centered on an exorcism, or is there something else to it?   Michael has struggled with the death of his mother for a long time. He is not all that happy working with his father in a funeral home, so he decides to go school to become a priest. Michael continues his life struggles, as he is not sure if he really believes in God or not. Just when he decides to drop out of school, Father Matthew convinces Michael to go to