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  Looking back at 2011, it seemed like it was a slow year for horror. Without looking at the official box office numbers, I’m guessing most horror movies didn’t do too well, especially if the movie wasn’t named “Paranormal Activity 3.” I know, there were several remakes, which some people just refused to see. Too bad for the Occupy Remake Movement because there were some descent remakes this year like “Fright Night,” and “The Thing.” Ok, “Fright Night” turned out not being exactly the same, and “The Thing” was a prequel, but still. ( The Thing Review )   Besides some of the major releases, there were some pleasant surprises such as, “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil,” and “Attack the Block” Both of those movies were very fun to watch. There probably was no bigger surprise than “Insidious.” I remember it scaring the hell out the teens in the theater, which was an added bonus to an already great movie. It also proved that maybe there should be some more original horror in 2012 (wink wink). A


  Scott (Brian Hallisay) is only a week away from getting married to Amy (Kelly Thiebaud). Carter (Kip Pardue), as any best man is suppose to do, sets up a bachelor party, which is a trip to Las Vegas. When they arrive in Vegas, they meet up with two other friends, Justin (John Hensley) and Mike (Skyler Stone). Then the parting, and drinking leads to the craziest day of their lives, in what becomes one of the best comedies of the last few years. Wait a second, something is wrong here. Am I reviewing “The Hangover” or “Hostel 3?”     Apparently the writers of “Hostel 3” are fans of “The Hangover” because the storyline is very similar. I’m a fan of “The Hangover” too, but it makes a better comedy than horror movie. I’m also a fan of the Hostel franchise, so I was disappointed to find out part 3 would be a straight to DVD release. I figured it wouldn’t measure up to the previous movies, but was I right?   The first complaint about this movie, besides my obvious dislike for the similar

Win A "Hoyt for Sheriff T-Shirt" From!

  With 2012 knocking on the door, election season is about to kick into full gear. There are plenty of politicians who are not going to be re-elected. Well, how about we support someone who should be re-elected… Sheriff Hoyt! The first step in showing your support is by entering this contest, and winning a great "Hoyt for Sheriff T-Shirt"  from our friends at .   There are 2 ways to enter. 1) In the comment section below, post your best campaign slogan for Sheriff Hoyt. Be sure to include your name, and email address in the message. 2) Email me at  with the subject line “HOYT T-SHIRT CONTEST” and include your best campaign slogan for Sheriff Hoyt along with your name. If you can’t think of a good slogan, it is all right just to include just your name, and email address. Please only enter once per person! The contest will end on January 4th, where I will randomly pick the winners who will be notified via email. Good luck to you, and go


  “Survive the Holidays!” Not a bad tagline, but the movie has nothing to do with the holidays except the release date. Oh well, onto the point. I had two concerns while watching the preview. One, hopefully the previews didn’t show all of the disintegrating human tricks. Two, hopefully it wouldn’t be as bad as Skyline (what a nightmare). So did The Darkest Hour send 2011 off with a bang?   Sean (Emile Hirsch), and Ben (Max Minghella) land in Moscow in order to pitch a big business idea. To their surprise, they are beaten to the punch by a colleague, Skyler (Joel Kinnaman). Losing out on the deal, the two head off to do the next best thing… drink and look for women! That is where they find a pair of American girls, Natalie (Olivia Thirlby), and Anne (Rachael Taylor). Just as the flirting begins the power goes out. Everyone exits the club to witness these beautiful glowing lights coming down from the sky. Ah, so pretty, yet so dangerous!   Once the crowd gets a demonstration of what th


  “Slash-In-The-Box” is the second film in this short film series. This film is only about 5 minutes, and I think you will like it. Remember, watch the film, and post your review in the comment section. You will find my review below as well. Watch the film first, as my review will have spoilers. Enjoy! Slash-In-The-Box from Nick Everhart on Vimeo . (Click here if it doesn’t play above)   The opening scene reminds the audience there is nothing like a boy and his toy. The husband thinks the jack-in-the-box is so cool, but the wife says it is creepy. Don’t you guys hate when women prove they are always right? There is some decent humor to start off after the jack pops out of the box. It sets a good mood, and keeps the attention of the audience.   Of course the husband hears a sound, and has to go check it out. Who knew the jack-in-the-box likes baseball? Again the husband couldn’t resist playing with his toy. He really should have been more concerned with why the baseball is rol


  Thanks to , I have had the privilege to promote several short films. While I hope most of you had an opportunity to see them, I’m sure some of you missed them. So I thought I would try something a little different, and give you a chance to review some movies along with me. Posted below is the first film in this short film series, "ANNA", which is followed by a short review. What I would like you to do is watch the film first, as the review will include spoilers, and then post your review in the comment section. Enjoy!   As you noticed, the short film is only of the video chats. It is actually very interesting that the entire film is shot via Skype. I certainly would like to see if there are any other movie ideas out there that could be shot this way. It would be almost like an added challenge to filmmaking.   Obviously this is a “Paranormal Activity” type film. It isn’

Holiday Horror Wish List

  So I thought we would have a little fun to kick off the holiday season. Basically I want all of you to come up with a Holiday Horror Wish List. It could be something that you could really get like a DVD of your favorite horror movie of 2011, or a collection of Stephen King books. Your list could also be something you would like to see happen in the world of horror for 2012 such as, a sequel to your favorite horror movie, or no more remakes! To give a few more examples, here is my Holiday Horror Wish List: -More episodes for season 2 of American Horror Story! -For another network to do a zombie show! Hell more zombie movies and less vampire movies! -The release of Jeepers Creepers 3 already! -For horror movies not named Paranormal Activity 4 to make over $10 million on opening weekend! -Supernatural to be renewed! -The strength to see 1 more Twilight movie! -The Insidious DVD please! -Continued support for HorrO's Gory Reviews , The Dog Days in Zombieville , and PromoteH

Unmasking the Horror Tour (Behind the Scenes of HHN's)

     I hope my post on Halloween Horror Nights 21  gave you a good look into what this event is all about. Now I want to give you a look behind the scenes of HHN’s, and what goes into making these haunted houses so great. Before I get into the houses, let me tell you a little about the Unmasking the Horror Tour, which gave me the opportunity to bring you all this great information. Prior to going in the houses, everyone got to watch a video giving a brief history of HHN’s. It was a good reminder of some of the past events, and what made them so awesome.   After the video, they separated us into two groups of 12. Then our guide gave us an explanation of this year’s event, and how Lady Luck was tied into the story behind each house. Yes, the houses aren’t just there simply to scare us. Each houses has a story, which is connected to the horror icon. When she finished with her explanation, it was finally time to see the houses.   Like last year, we got to go into three houses. I already