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   People have different kinds of Sunday rituals like going to church, or watching football. There are also those who like to drive around the neighborhood looking for garage sales. They might be searching for something specific, such as clothing, or books. Maybe they get lucky and find hidden treasure. And then there are those who unfortunately find boxes that end up containing something purely evil.   Recently divorced, Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and Stephanie (Kyra Sedgewick) are sharing custody of their two young daughters, Em (Natasha Calis) and Hannah (Madison Davenport). It’s Clyde’s turn to have the girls, and he surprises the girls by taking them to a new home he has just purchased. The girls realize this about ends any hope of their parents getting back together. The next day they head out, and Em tells her dad to stop at a garage sale to pick up some stuff for the new home. Em stubbles upon an unusual box with no clue what lies in store for her. Soon enough Em


   It's not often that audiences get a kids horror movie. Of course I use the term "horror" loosely. There are ghosts, zombies, a witch, and a curse, but there isn't any blood and guts, or masked killers. There is death, but more from age than someone being chopped up. So what exactly does ParaNorman offer?   Norman is a young boy unlike any other in his town, as he has the ability to talk to ghosts. His family isn’t too fond of this, particularly his father. Neither are the kids in school with the exception of a boy named Neil. Just as the pair become friends, Norman gets a surprise visit from his uncle. He lets Norman in on a family secret, a secret that puts Norman in position to save the town.   As previously mentioned, there is horror, but obviously nothing hardcore. The elements of horror drive the story, and provide some comic relief. First come the ghosts, which Norman sees including his grandmother. In an early scene, the audience sees Norman s

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 12

   OMG! I can't believe they killed the King... Again! True Blood has killed off two of my favorite characters. I don't think any show has ever done that to me. I don't know if I can go on writing. Oh who am I kidding, you can clearly see I've written more. Still I'm not happy about this turn of events. So here are the rest of my thoughts on the season finale, "Save Yourself."   Let me describe this episode with two words: Absolute insanity!  No way did I think they would start off by killing the King. He was having such a good time getting blasted by fairies. At least he got to go out eating a fairy. I guess I can be happy that Eric finally got his revenge. Is it too early for a moment of silence for the King?   Speaking of insanity, Jason woke up a little on the other side of the tracks. Very interesting how he could see his parents. Boy are they upset a vampire killed them. They probably didn’t know Sookie was promised to Warlow either. He

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 11

  Oh pick me! Pick me! Over here... Pick me! I want to be the chosen one! Yes, I know I'm not a vampire, but maybe Lilith can over look that. Praise Lilith! So while we wait to see who Lilith picks, here are my thoughts on episode 11, "Sunset."   This was definitely my kind of episode, as it had plenty of action, blood, and lots of important moments for many of the characters. Starting off with Bill, I thought he was going to jump at the chance to be the chosen one. I couldn't believe it when he walked away. It was probably the only thing he did that I liked. No, I also liked when he killed the other chancellor, but that was it.   Nora, Nora, Nora, you were almost the last one I would have expected to change sides. The change, and sex scene did seem a little too random and sudden to me. I think that switch needed a little more explaining than they showed. I'm glad Superman, I mean Eric, was faking it like I hoped, but Nora switched too fast. The powe

HorrO's Gory Reviews 3-Year Anniversary!

   How many years has it been? I can't believe it has been 3 years already. Well, since I've done this twice already, I'll try to act like I've been here before.    Let me start by thanking all of you for the support. I know there are many of you that have been with me from the beginning, and that means a lot. I'm thankful to have formed so many great relationships with people from the blog, to Twitter , and to Facebook . It has truly been a fun ride.    Last year, I had a big surprise when I did my 2-year anniversary post, and unveiled . Sorry, no surprises this year. I will say I'm trying to accomplish something I wanted to do long ago, but was never sure it would work. However, because of I think it might work, and I'm slowly putting it together. Yes, 3 years, how much slower can I be? Anyway, it will remain a secret for now so hopefully you will have something to look forward to.    Back to PromoteHorror

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 10

  Depressing! That is how I would describe this episode. Not because it was bad, but cause of all the depressing things that happened. They did make up for it by sprinkling in some bloody moments. So lets get depressed all over again, as I begin my thoughts on episode 10, “Gone, Gone, Gone.”   Who would have thought this episode would turn out so depressing after the bloody start? Come on Sook, why would the coroner visit you at night? Death by chopstick… nice! It might have been easier to rescind his invitation, but that wouldn’t be as much fun. Every episode should start with an explosion of blood.   And then follow that up with another explosion of blood. So much for the IT girl. I’m with the Rev that was a great death. It was good to finally see the iStake in action. Now if I could only strap a few of those to some female vampires I know, then we would be in business!   Let me get my favorite line of the night out of the way before I dive into the depression. After


  About a year ago writer and director James Cullen Bressack gave me the pleasure of reviewing his film “My Pure Joy.” It was such a joy to watch and review that it left me anxious for his next film. Well, it is finally here: “Hate Crime.” Again, James has given me a chance to review his film, as he looks to have it shown at upcoming film festivals.   Since only a select few have seen the film, I have been asked to keep the details to a minimum in order to preserve the film’s shock value. Of course that had me eager to see what is so shocking about this film. After watching it, I completely agree with why he wants to save the shock value for audiences.   From a horror perspective, there are several shocking moments that horror fans will appreciate. Even more than the horror, there are moments that might shock audiences personally. It might make them think things like “did they really say that,” or “did they really just do that.” There are really no boundaries for this film

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 9

  War!!!! Oh wait, not quite yet! So close it could happen at any moment. However, without the war, this was a good episode. Plenty of great lines, action, and drama. So here are my thoughts on episode 9, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."   C ue the special effects! I said cue the special effects. I guess that’s not in the budget so lets just pretend to hear the explosions from the True Blood factory. Way to start off the episode with a little bang, and pre-episode meal. I wonder if that scene was ackward to film for anybody!   Oh Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi ... still charging for your services! Lafayette might not be an expert yet, but at least the spirits like talking to him. That was funny how he tried to get others to be quite so he could hear Sookie's grandma. It might have been easier to listen to her mother. I'm with him though, why can't they just spit it out? Always with the damn clues.   One thing this episode had was two women who displayed s


  So this is my first review of a [REC] movie.   While I enjoyed the original movie, my experience was somewhat ruined because I saw Quarantine first. It was a good thing Quarantine 2 and [REC] 2 are totally different movies so my experience wasn’t ruined a second time. With no Quarantine 3 in sight, I was excited to watch [REC] 3: Genesis.   Family and friends gather at a church to take part in the wedding of Koldo (Diego Martin) and Clara (Leticia Dolera). The audience gets up close and personal with many of them, as one of the family members films the big day. Also, the audience gets to meet Koldo and Clara, and sees the connection to the previous films. Soon enough, the couple successfully gets married, and the party begins. However, this wedding is about to be crashed!   One of the effective things they do in this movie is stir the audience’s emotions, and then squash them. The first 15 minutes or so is used to meet people at the wedding, go through parts of the weddi