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Monday, August 13, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 10

  Depressing! That is how I would describe this episode. Not because it was bad, but cause of all the depressing things that happened. They did make up for it by sprinkling in some bloody moments. So lets get depressed all over again, as I begin my thoughts on episode 10, “Gone, Gone, Gone.”
  Who would have thought this episode would turn out so depressing after the bloody start? Come on Sook, why would the coroner visit you at night? Death by chopstick… nice! It might have been easier to rescind his invitation, but that wouldn’t be as much fun. Every episode should start with an explosion of blood.
  And then follow that up with another explosion of blood. So much for the IT girl. I’m with the Rev that was a great death. It was good to finally see the iStake in action. Now if I could only strap a few of those to some female vampires I know, then we would be in business!
  Let me get my favorite line of the night out of the way before I dive into the depression. After several episodes where it was hard to pick just one line, this episode made it hard to find one. You could almost call it a disappointing amount of good lines. The winner this week has barely been on the show this season, Ms. Fortenberry. She wins when she described Jessica as “Cheeto headed tramp.” She probably has eaten enough Cheetos to know.
  Now let the sadness seep in. When Sam and Lafayette pulled guns on the local trash, I thought we were in for some more fun. In walked Hoyt, and that came to halt. I know there have been struggles with his storyline, but I didn’t think they would make him disappear. I really didn’t think I even cared, but Jess had to make it seem like the world was ending. I guess I felt bad for Jason. I mean if this scene wasn’t heartbreaking enough, they had to rub it in after he pulled over Hoyt. It was weird watching Jason be sad one minute, and then helping Sookie the next. Life moves on I guess.
 Then came a moment of mixed emotions. First, let me get the usual disclaimer that I’m still mad at Bill out of the way. I can’t believe they force feed Eric Lilith’s blood. Damn the both of them. Enter Godric to save the day! They got me cause I was hoping this would turn things. Enter Lilith and that was the end of Godric… again! I’m sure that was hard to watch for a lot of people because Godric is a fan favorite. I’m just a sucker for blood so I enjoyed that moment! I did wonder why Bill felt the need to watch what was going on.
  What the hell Pam? You were just going to roll over for this new Sheriff. The longer she is without Eric, the less she seems to care. A weak Pam is definitely depressing in my book. Where did they even find this Sheriff guy? Wait, who cares causes he’s dead… again! Nothing depressing about Tara. I have to say, they got me cause I wasn’t paying close enough attention and actually thought that was Pam on the table. Fooled me too!
  Holy War! Paging the Holy War! No… no Holy War here. I guess we have to wait another week. The news said it was only day 3 of the vampire crisis anyway. Too bad humans are acting more like there is a crisis. What… you have to page someone else? Who? Now paging Alcide… Alcide where are you? Are you still drinking with your dad? Wow, from one scene to zero! I guess they really don’t know what to do with him.
  Moving on to the pair that is about to be in a whole in world of trouble if they are caught… Sam and Luna. I can’t believe they ended up right in the home of the Authority. They better stay mice; maybe even turn back to flies. Besides rescuing Emma, hopefully they will learn about what the vampires are up to. I’m just not sure what they will be able to do about it.
  I am sure that if you turn out to be the baby that was promised to a demon or vampire, it might not end well for you. Look how Paranormal Activity turned out! I was surprised Jason and Sook took the scroll to humans first. They should know better at this point. If Warlow really is coming for her, maybe she should stay with the fairies for a while.
  I’m seriously depressed that Eric is now a nutty vampire. He was the real last hope at stopping the vamps. I really hope he was faking. If he was faking it, then that must have been really hard for him to forgive the King. I never thought I would see the day when he would kiss the King’s hand.
  I know I would kiss the King’s hand, especially after he finally reverted back to the King I know, and have been waiting for. I knew he wasn’t going to last as a member of the Authority. The King has to be in charge. The awesome scene with him, and the Rev surrounded by frat boys tipped me off the change was coming. I loved his crazy speech, and loved it even more when he knocked Salome across the room. Looks like he’s coming for Sookie again. Wait isn’t someone else coming for Sookie too? Speaking of Sook, looks like she still holds a spot in Bill and Eric’s hearts, as they knew she was in danger the second the King mentioned walking in the sun. So is it Sookie or Lilith boys?
  So next week will be vampire crisis day 5, 10, 13? Can we forget the crisis and get to the war. There are only 2 episodes left. I’m starting to feel the same way I did when I was waiting for that epic vampire-wolf battle that we never got. True Blood, such a tease. Please don’t make me wait until season 6! It’s hard enough waiting for next week. Until then…


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