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  The weather around here has been hot with few clouds to be found. Unfortunately for those in other parts of the country, clouds have brought nothing but snow. A better forecast would call for it to be cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Right now it looks like nothing but "Dark Skies."   Lacy (Keri Russell), and Daniel (Josh Hamilton) are feeling the effects of the economic downturn. Lacy is a struggling realtor, and Daniel is desperately looking for a job as the bills begin to pile up. The stress of the situation seems to be affecting their two young boys, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) and his little brother Sam (Kadan Rockett). However, it isn't the stress that is bothering the boys, it's the unexpected visitors.   So there are a few dark clouds hanging over this movie. The biggest cloud is the slow pace. It takes too long getting to the point, and there are a few repetitive scenes. Yes, some of those scenes are setting things up, but it never picks up the pace

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and you and your significant other are looking for something to do. Well, why not rent a good horror flick involving couples in love? Here are a few choices for you that might make you think about the state of your relationship! Some have the happy ending you might be looking for on Valentine's Day, and others don't end so well. They all show that it might be safer for you to be watching a horror movie on your couch tonight then venturing out with your sweetheart.  What a way to celebrate V-day… a romantic trip to Hawaii! Just remember not all couples out there are looking for love... How about something a little more adventurous like scuba diving? I know it’s hard to do under water, but just remember to keep an eye on the time... How about road trip for you college students in love? I know it is college, but remember sometimes three’s a crowd... Looking for a hot night in a motel? Remember just because they give


Summary:   Life, with Zombies is a sitcom about 7 people living in a house during a zombie apocalypse. It’s sort of like Gilligan’s Island, only with zombies.   Those familiar with Gilligan’s Island can’t forget the opening song, and this series tries to create the same catchy beat. The song is a lot of fun to listen to, and kind of makes me want to chant “Sponge Bob Square Pants!” Getting past the song, each episode runs maybe 5-6 minutes give or take. They certainly try to stick to the sitcom theme, as each episode tries to hit on one or two major comedic punch lines before ending. Most of the episodes accomplish this, however it would be nice if they were a little longer, and able to cover more ground in the overall story.   Digging deeper let me briefly touch on each of the first 5 episodes. While it might be entertaining watching Gilligan run from zombies, this story begins as Barry (Gary Rolin), and his daughter Sara (Jennifer Losi) try to make it to