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Monday, July 25, 2011


  Well I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. This episode is an improvement over last week’s episode. Lots of storylines take a big step forward, and set up nicely for what should be an excellent episode 6. So here are my thoughts on episode 5, “I Hate You, I Love You”
  How about that, Tommy’s storyline gets to lead off an episode! Just when I was wondering why they kept him around. His storyline didn’t seem to be going anywhere important. Who cares if he rips off Hoyt’s mom, but killing his parents is a whole other issue. Tommy shouldn’t feel bad because they got what they deserved. Maybe this is the event that will finally bring the brothers Merlotte together… or not. And who knew gators like marshmallows?
  After a not so funny episode 4, this episode has some pretty interesting scenes. Let me start with Arlene, Terry, and The Baby. Terry calls in some reinforcements and gets Tara’s mom and now husband Reverend Daniels. He may need to call in the reinforcements for the reinforcements. Singing and dancing like fools, and spreading some smoke around isn’t going to cut it. They have no clue what they are doing.
  An exorcism might be needed after all because this baby is still up to no good, and I think it is obvious now that it is not Arlene’s ex. That would be too easy. Now that I think about it, Holly told Sookie that she has kids of her own. Have we seen those kids? Maybe I just forgot, or maybe she did something to the baby making it her baby. If that isn’t the plan, and I’m wrong, it better be something better because I like my idea.
  The return of Godric, the moment many people have been looking forward to. I can see the big smile on everyone’s face as he appeared next to Eric, but he isn’t the Godric we last saw. He wants Eric to suck Sookie dry. I guess when Eric is bad, Godric is good, and now it is vice-versa. He tells Eric to be true to what he is, and that he is incapable of love. That is the case for the old Eric, but this Eric seems to have it in him somewhere. It just might be a disappointment when he eventually becomes the old Eric again. Yes, I don’t expect this to last.
  It has been fun though continuing to watch Eric act like a child. He came in the room telling her he had a bad dream like a 6 year old would. Hell, he even cried in bed next to Sookie. I didn’t think I would ever see that. I almost feel bad for him. Almost! He got to kiss Sookie, but my vote is still for Alcide to end up with her.
  Speaking of Alcide, what took so long for him to appear in this episode? It seems they are taking their sweet time getting him involved in the show. One episode he gets one scene, the next he gets a little more, and then back to one scene. At this rate, he will never get Sookie. Should I change my vote? No, he is way too cool telling the not so happy camper of a pack master to hit the road. It looks like trouble is coming, and hopefully that means more than one scene an episode.
  What is with Jason and beds? He goes from the ghost daddy panther making bed back to his own bed. Good thing that didn’t last long as we got to see a moment reminiscent of the old Jason we love to laugh at. He blames all his problems on sex, which happens more times than not in the Bed. His impersonation of God telling him that he is being punished for having too much sex is great.
  It is good to see someone realized Jason was missing. Sookie says she called him twice, but that is about it. She is too busy to be concerned that her brother might be missing. It isn’t like there are vampires, wolves, and panthers running around town. Then we get to see Jason where, in BED, this time with Jessica! Oh this is not going to end well. It can’t with Jessica. However, it is another great Jason moment watching her on top of him with Hoyt watching.
  Lafayette and Jesus going to Mexico. This should be interesting especially after that great story of a young Jesus having to kill a goat. Yea, lick that knife with goat blood on it, tasty! Now that he is older, what does he have to kill now? His grandfather sure looks scary. I have a feeling that this trip might turn out to have more importance for Lafayette than Jesus. This might mark the beginning of a good vs. bad witch battle.
  So going to Mexico might be a bad thing, but it is a good idea to leave that nut Marnie. The spirit apparently needs a weak clueless individual to control, and it found a winner. On the other hand, maybe not because she appeared to have enough power to talk to Sookie’s grandmother. Grandmother knows best Sookie, falling in love with Eric isn’t a good idea. Grandma votes for Alcide too, and yes run!
  Bill’s spy and security team then catches Marnie. You know Bill changed her from being hot for great great great grandpa to being a scared little girl, but when did she get the notice to go capture Marnie? I guess that was already in the works. Anyways, that is an awesome dream Marnie has seeing the spirit locked up. It fooled me because I didn’t think the priest were vampires. I just thought they were going to kill the witch, but they drank her right there.
  Good thing Bill locks Marnie up by herself, and talks to her from a distance. She could be dangerous after another dream. What…no Bill don’t go in there. No, I wasn’t worried because Bill has everything under control. He got into her mind before she could do any damage. It looks like she is telling the truth, she is as clueless as I thought, and it is the spirit that they should fear. Now what Bill and his band of vampire sheriffs decide to do next should be interesting, but maybe not as interesting as what Bill will do now that he knows where Eric is.
  Things aren’t looking to good for Pam. She might not have a face after a few more episodes. She spills the beans on Eric, and she is the brunt of the joke that happens to be my favorite line of the week. My favorite line of the week is when Pam walks into Bill’s office and he says, “Oh good, the world needs more bee keepers.” Sookie came close to winning for the third time in a row when she mentions to Marnie that her favorite shows when she was little were Sabrina and Charmed. Too bad Marnie has no idea what she is talking about. Jason was also close with all the sex talk, but Bill will carry the title into next week.
  I’m really excited about the next episode. This episode went as planned, meaning next week should be great. Some parts might even remind us of good times like Eric and Bill fighting over Sookie, and more of funny Jason (hopefully not in Bed). As you can see, I have high expectations for next week, so they better not disappoint me. And hopefully Pam still has a face by the end of the episode!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011


  Florida SuperCon 6 took place on the 4th of July weekend this year. Unfortunately for me that meant I wouldn’t be able to attend all four days of the convention. Yes, this year they expanded it to four days of fun. I could barely handle three days last year, so I give a lot of credit out to anyone who survived four days worth of SuperCon. I attended the convention on Saturday, and as I did last year, I want to take you through my adventure.

  Just like last year, I attended mostly events that were horror related. The first event that I went to was “Meet the Florida Ghost Team.” I met them last year, but it was good to hear from different members of the team this time. They talked about several interesting topics, one of which was the personalities of their team. Some are spiritual minded, while others are more scientific minded. They said having a balance of both personalities was important in their investigations. It helps them rule out reasons for possible spiritual events happening, and finding out the truth.
  Whenever I attend one of these ghost-hunting events, I always find the audience interesting to listen to as well. They are eager to share their ghostly experiences. Someone always gives details of an event that happened, and then they wait for the ghost team to validate the events that happened to them. The ghost teams answer them respecting the situation they went through, but also explaining that there could be causes for the events happening besides the presence of ghosts. Of course, it is hard for the ghost teams to say for sure without an investigation.

  Moving on from the ghost world, the next event was “Writers: Finding Your Audience.” This event featured writers James Hudnall, Terry Cronin, Thom Zahler, and Aya Knight, as they talked about how they found their audience. To no surprise, they mentioned using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but gave some good tips at making the most out of these social mediums. Some of those tips included making a Facebook page, and coming up with a teaser video for YouTube. They said not to wait until your work was finished. It is all right to start doing these things to prepare your audience for the final product. Also, they said creating a blog, and posting certain chapters, or portions of your book would be a good idea. No matter which route you choose, make sure that you are always updating the information to keep readers involved.
  Besides social media, they talked about how to get an ISBN number and barcode for your work. Some of the audience had concerns about copyrighting, so they shared different ways to go about copywriting. However, they made sure to tell everyone not to stress over copywriting, and focus more on your work. Other people asked about how to create merchandise such as, t-shirts to promote their work. They gave out some websites like Cafepress, and that do t-shirts. I found it funny how they said to be careful with that because it sounds like a good idea, but most of your shirts will end up in your basement.

  Now to the event I was looking forward to the most, “Walking Dead TV Q and A.” This Q and A featured Sonya Thompson and Charles Casey. When you see them you might not recognize them from the show because they played zombies. On the other hand, you might recognize Sonya because she was the zombie on most of the promotional posters for The Walking Dead. To my surprise, she has a lot of experience playing zombies not only on this show, but also in Zombieland, Night of the Jackals, and more. Even more interesting is that she is a zombie consultant. I didn’t know there was such a job out there. Where can I interview for that job position?

  Both of them talked about their experiences on the set of The Walking Dead. They mentioned how it was a long process putting on the make up, but a much shorter one taking it off. It was hard keeping the make up on in the Atlanta heat. Also, that the directors were very detailed with the zombies. In scenes where there were a lot of zombies, even the actors playing zombies in the background would have a certain amount of make up on. They just weren’t people standing in the background.

  They told a funny story about the zombie that was just a torso crawling through the forest. That actor actually had their make up put on at an offset location, and had to be driven to the set. The driver and actor had plenty of great stories about people’s reaction to them driving through the city. Sonya and Casey also mentioned the funny looks people gave them that didn’t know there was a zombie show being filmed in the area.

  From there it was onto the exhibition room to check out the merchandisers, celebrities, and comic book guests. The merchandisers always have a bunch of cool stuff for sale. There were plenty of comic books, along with movie posters, action figures, shirts, and more. Some of the celebrities that attended the event were Cary Elwes (Saw and The Princess Bride), Bruce Boxleitner (Tron and Babylon 5), and Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Darkness Falls). Comic book guests included, Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Sheldon Moldoff (Batman ghost artist in the 50’s-60’s and Hawkgirl), and Allen Bellmen (Captain America and The Patriot). Of course that is only a short list of all the great people that were part of SuperCon.

  After taking several laps around the room, the bell had just rung and it was time for “SuperCon Championship Wrestling!” This is a fan favorite every year. Some of the wrestlers include, The Geico Caveman, Cobra Commander, The Mario Bros., Joker, Chun Li, Storm Shadow, and Robin. No, I didn’t get wrestlers mixed up with cartoon characters. This is how wrestling is done SuperCon style.

  This year it was all about Cobra Commander, and his quest for the World Heavyweight Championship. Once he captured the title, it was up to Team Cobra to prevent the Geico Caveman from regaining the title. So who did Cobra befriend to ensure his title reign lived on? Raven… yes Raven from ECW working side by side with Cobra. It was certainly cool seeing, and hearing Raven up close. Of course, you couldn’t expect him to take orders from Cobra Commander for long.

  Back to the world of the supernatural, as it was time for “Scott Tepperman Q and A.” He is one of the stars of Ghost Hunters International. I have seen him speak before, but it is always interesting to hear about new things happening on the show. He talked a little about the upcoming season, and how they go about picking sites to investigate. There was also a big discussion about the house from The Amityville Horror. It seems like someone always has to bring that house up.

  Continuing in the ghost world, next it was “How To Start A Paranormal Investigation Team.” Members of the Florida Ghost Team took the audience through certain steps to putting together a good team, or least they were trying to. It was funny because this one member of the audience kept interrupting them with question after question. The questions really weren’t even about forming a team. They were more about what locations they had investigated, and what their experiences were at those places. On top of that, he would ask a question, and then try to answer it. Then he left the room, and said goodbye to the Ghost Team like he was the only one in the room listening to them. I give a lot of credit to the team for having patience with him.

  That wasn’t the only funny thing that happened during this event. One of the team members was talking about owning your space, and not being afraid of ghosts. He said to respect them, but make sure they know whose house it is and how it is time for them to move on. So while he is talking about this, some guy on the outside of the room walks right into the room’s sliding glass door scaring half the people in the room. As expected, that changed the guy’s mind about coming in the room, and he continued on his way.

  I ended the night with a quick stop by “Zombies: A-Z.” I thought this event would be very interesting because there is plenty to talk about when it comes to zombies after all. However, because guys that were putting on some kind of Resident Evil game held the event, the focus of the conversation was… Resident Evil. I mean they tried to talk about zombies at first, but then it became a discussion and trivia on Resident Evil and video games. Since my video game days are pretty much over, I decided to call it a night.

  Even though I only got to attend one day at Florida SuperCon, I still had a lot of fun. I listened to a lot of great stories, and saw some very interesting sights like these kids:

 I’m a little out of touch with the younger generation so my best guess is that this is some kind of “flash mob” thing. Oh well, it just supports my belief that this is a great event for everyone, but especially for kids.

(Additional videos and pics below!)



Monday, July 18, 2011


  I know True Blood fans want to be excited about each and every episode, but let’s be real here. Episode 4 is not all that memorable when compared to the previous three episodes. I thought last week’s episode was down a notch after the first two, but I got ahead of myself. Episode 3 is far better than this one. I’m starting to see a trend between my thoughts on season 3 and now my thoughts on season 4. So here are my thoughts on episode 4, “I’m Alive and On Fire.”
  One of the reasons this episode isn’t that great is that there aren’t too many lines to choose from for my favorite line of the week. Episode 3 had so many great lines they should have leant this episode some of them. Besides laughing at Eric’s new odd behavior, there isn’t much to laugh at. I almost don’t even want to do a favorite line of the night, but that wouldn’t feel right. So almost by default, I give my favorite line of the night to Sookie when she said, “you drank the whole fairy!” That is two weeks in a row for Sookie, and basically from the same scene. It is probably the worst of my favorite lines of the week so far.
  Like episode 3, Sookie and Eric carry most of this episode. The new Eric is a blast to watch. Doing things like speeding around Sookie, slapping her on the ass, and swimming in the lake is a good change. It is funny because as I watched him, I was thinking that he was acting like a child. Then when Sookie gets him back to the house and tries to have a serious conversation, he actually mentions that he isn’t a child. You really can’t tell with that great blank expression he has been continually doing.
  It is good to see Alcide have more than one segment this time. Boy they didn’t waste too much time having him get naked. There was no time for pleasantries, as it was “hi,” “hi,” “ok I’m stripping now!” I guess the show really knows what the ladies want to see. I’m fine seeing him in wolf mode, but it was funny listening to him growl at Eric. They continue to tease us with Sookie and Alcide arguing, and then hugging. Come on already, we know there are sparks there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a flash back at some point of them already being together. It almost seems like they have been together, or is it just my impatience with the situation?
  Speaking of my impatience, Jason is FINALLY out of that bed. I hope this teaches him not to go chasing strange women walking around in the forest at night. What the hell is wrong with these panther people? Each girl got a ride on the Jason train! Thank goodness that young girl has just enough sense not to ride that train. And did that woman really say that she has a “brother-husband?”
  I continue to think this story line gets more ridiculous each week. It almost sounds like these panther people are part of a comic book when Crystal says that Jason is going to be “Panther Man” and “Ghost Daddy,” and she is going to be “Big Mommy Kitty.” Jason’s power will be changing into a panther, and the ability to have sex with a whole village of women. Also, please don’t tell me that Jason is now going to have a thing for Jessica. Stay away Jason, far away!
  Again Bill just doesn’t seem to be doing anything that important. First he has a conversation with Pam that goes nowhere. He follows that up with another almost pointless conversation with Nan. Nan isn’t going to take the witches seriously, but I’m glad Bill does. Someone needs to lead the fight against them. I also think Bill has a plan that will be revealed later in the season. He seems like he is hiding something.
  Then he goes to meet Portia’s grandmother. Really Bill, you have nothing better to do as King? I guess I missed something because I didn’t know that Portia is Andy’s sister. Apparently that whole family line is confusing because Bill just realized he is sleeping around with his great great great… granddaughter. So that means Andy is his great great great… grandson? Anyways, Bill finishes off the episode with a visit to Sookie/Eric’s house. What is Bill so scared of? He should have just searched the house. He can’t hurt Sookie more than he already has. He let her play him, or did he? I think he knows damn well that Eric is there. The real question is why did he leave him there?
  So who feels sorry for Tommy? He tried to escape his parents to live with his big bro, but that didn’t end well. Now he goes back to his loser of a mother, whom I feel like would get along well with the panther people. She tricks him into thinking Joe Lee is gone, but she sure as hell didn’t fool me. I knew he was around there somewhere. It looks like Tommy is in for a new life in hell. I don’t understand why he just doesn’t shift into something that will kill Joe Lee once and for all.
  Looks like big bro Sam got himself in some trouble too. Luna has a child, who happens to have a protective wolf as a father. At first I was feeling like the introduction of Emma was a drag, but now I’m a little excited. This protective wolf father means danger. Danger means fighting. I’m interested to see what Sam can shift into to take on a wolf. Shifting into a bird, or horse is not going to cut it.
  Even though it was only one segment, I can’t go without mentioning Terry and Arlene’s baby. I’m really curious to see where this is going. What exactly does “baby not yours” mean? Is the baby possessed by something? Is the spirit of Arlene’s ex reincarnated in the baby? Did Holly know Arlene’s ex at some point, and is trying to bring him back? Or is Holly trying to bring something else back into this world? So many questions!!!!
  It was interesting to get a little background into the witch that continues to take over Marnie’s body. It wasn’t shocking to see her being burned at the stake. Maybe Bill, or Eric will eventually burn Marnie at the stake too. Marnie is certainly nothing without the spirit of this witch in her. I’m with Pam, she seems like a moron incapable of doing anything more than what a magician could do. Unlike Pam, I won’t say that to her face. We know what can happen to your face if you piss off the evil spirit witch. I didn’t think the time would come when I would feel sorry for Pam, but I guess I do. Just a little though.
  True Blood started off well, but seems to being going down hill ever since. No, I’m not hating, but just saying. There have been some interesting things happening, but Sookie and Eric have carried much of the last two episodes. Things need to get more heated with some of the other storylines. There is hope because if I follow this trend between my thoughts on last season and this one, next week’s episode should be better. It should get us primed for a great sixth episode. Wow, I can’t believe we are on episode 5 already!


Monday, July 11, 2011


  “Of the three first episodes, this was the least awe inspiring one. The storylines just progressed, but nothing really stood out, except for that unusual ending (which I will get to).” That is how I started off my thoughts on episode three from last season, and I think I feel the same way after this season’s third episode. The storylines just progressed, some more than others, which all led up to a great finish. Mix in a bunch of great one-liners, and that is episode 3. So here are my thoughts on episode 3, “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”
  The episode opens with a scene of Sookie trying to drive away from Eric, and him just scaring her. That proved my point that the end of last week’s episode would have made for a better opening scene for this episode. The conversation they have after he catches up to her is fine, but it is stupid to have her drive then run away from him. Sookie knows better than that. She is not going to speed away from Eric in that yellow car, or out run him. And did Eric really scare you?
  I have to say; overall I have really enjoyed Eric as a character. He has been ruthless and slick, while still having an emotional side. He has great lines, and I like how he always has an end game. Just when I thought we saw all of what Eric had to offer, they erased his memory and we get a new Eric. He is definitely a funny Eric, as he has basically become Sookie’s pet vampire. I just want to see her pet him on the head with all those blank expressions on his face. And she tickled his feet; how funny is it that a vampire is ticklish?
   Now to Jason, a character that is known for being funny, but has found himself in a situation that is no laughing matter. He is still tied up to the bed with wounds that are covered in dirt. By the end of the episode, I really had hoped they would have at least gotten him out of that bed, but nope. It is getting a little old having him tied up for two episodes now. If he is going to be a panther just do it and get it over with already.
  Oh wait, he is not just going to be a panther, but he is going to be “ghost daddy.” Where the hell did they come up with that garbage? That whole story the old man tells is crazy. He talks about a ghost mom and dad being eaten by a panther, and being thrown back up or something like that. I have been skeptical of this whole panther thing from the beginning, and this just makes me think that maybe it is a mistake. They just don’t make much sense to me. They should just do battle with wolves, and get this over with (yes I’m still looking for some kind of battle.)
  Even vampires can’t keep themselves off of YouTube, and Facebook. At first I thought that video was being staged. I didn’t think that was a real vampire until he sped away. I guess that girl wanted to be caught by him so that they could film the vampire attacking the girl. I can’t believe Bill is having vampires killed if they are caught on video. That is kind of playing into human’s hands, but they seem to be willing to do anything to restore their image. Did you notice the smoke that was coming from the vampire’s handcuffs? I’m not sure if they messed up there, or not because there was more smoke during certain camera angles than others. Wait a minute; there was no Twitter reference? Oh and is a real site.
  Like last week, I’m not going to waste much time on Jessica. I will just say that I disagree with her. She said that she is “not stupid just unfaithful.” I beg to differ with that, as she is both. She proved that she is stupid when she gave that ugly doll to Arlene’s baby. It is really not looking good for that child.
  I was really excited to see Alcide open that door, but not for the same reason that all of you ladies were excited to see him. I was really feeling good about my prediction that they will be together until the scene became another disappointment. It was too short to begin with, but what really ruined it was when Debbie walks into the room. I think I could have thrown something at the TV. That was a total surprise because I thought Alcide was done with her after she went nuts. Now I’m really curious to know what is going to happen to get rid of Debbie so that Sookie and Alcide can be together.
  As far as Sam goes, I thought they should have stayed on course with his desire for this new girl. Instead, we had to watch him have another argument with Tommy. Yes, they are brothers, and don’t get along, we get it. Is this going to lead to something meaningful at some point? And what is with the time filler scene with Tara and him? I guess they felt they had to wrap that storyline up from last year. I would have rather seen them use that time to move the end of last week’s episode to the beginning of this week’s episode. They just keep proving my point that it could have worked.
  Since I’m trying to make them look bad with the whole opening scene business, it looks like they are doing the same to me. Last week I mentioned how even though Bill and “Snookie,” I mean Sookie, are not together, they continued to show he has an important role. Well he basically accomplished nothing compared to what happened in the last episode. All he does is sentence a vampire to death, give Jessica a pep talk, call Eric, and get hit on by this woman. Not impressive when compared with last week.
  Again, it is a very hard choice for my favorite line of the week. For most of the episode, I thought it was going to be the one I used in the previous paragraph. There were plenty of other great ones like the back-to-back lines delivered by the witches when talking about Eric. One witch says, “What does he think this is Nazi Germany?” The response really does it when another witch says, “He did look kind of Aryan.” While not a really funny line, I thought it was interesting how Sookie said she was “fang raped” by Eric. It is just a very interesting concept when you think about what that means.
  Ok back to the funny lines. Pam comes so close again when she told Lafayette, Tara, and Jesus that if they didn’t do what they promised that she would “eat, fuck, and kill” all three of them. Just thinking about her going through that whole process is funny. All of those lines are great, but the winner is Sookie when she said, “You just killed my fairy godmother!” I never thought I would hear “kill” and “fairy godmother” in the same sentence. Follow that up with the priceless look on Eric’s face, and that made for the perfect ending to this episode (unlike last week’s ending, yes I said it again).
  Now that they got the sub par episode out of the way, hopefully they can get back to business next week. I don’t want to see any more time fillers, and storylines going nowhere important. Let’s get back into the meat of these storylines. I want to see Jason out of that bed, and no more information on panther magic. I want to see Bill being the King, and not wasting his time with Jessica and having sex. Let’s get back to the witches circle, and find out how powerful Marnie can become. Let’s start getting rid of Debbie so Sookie and Alcide can be together. On the other hand, I do look forward to seeing more of Sookie and her pet vampire. “You just killed my fairy godmother,” just too funny!


Saturday, July 9, 2011


  Really, Lego zombies? You are telling me that Lego sells Lego zombies? There are Legos from movies such as, Toy Story, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. There are also all kinds of Lego figures such as, “Kimono Girl,” “Surfer Girl,” “Sailor,” and “Hazmat Guy,” but zombies? Well, I guess so because I found the apparently kid friendly official Lego “Zombie:"

“Slow in speed and even slower of mind, the lumbering Zombie may look a little scary, but he’s completely harmless in every way. Everything he does is slow, mindless and repetitive, from zoning out while watching TV, to waiting in line at the grocery store, to stacking one brick on top of another to build a perfectly even, completely featureless wall that stretches along for miles and miles. If you interrupt him, he’ll just stare at you blankly before going back to whatever he was doing before. If you put an obstacle in front of him, he’ll keep bumping into it over and over again until someone turns him around. If you pick him up and move him to a new place, he’ll start doing something mindless there instead. The only thing that seems to motivate him is his cherished turkey leg – if you dangle it in front of him, he’ll stretch his arms out toward it and move him to a new place, he’ll start doing something mindless there instead.” 

  Wow, how weak is that zombie? No need to be afraid of him. If you aren’t impressed with the official Lego “Zombie” either, here are some other pictures of Lego zombies that I found: 

  Now that is more like it! Those pictures are cool, but how about a Lego zombie apocalypse movie? Well, thanks to YouTube, I found some extremely awesome short movies of Legos doing battle with Lego zombies. There are videos with plenty of zombies getting blown away, and even one showing different ways to kill a Lego zombie. Also, there is a video featuring Jason, and Justin Bieber (ugh) taking on zombies.
  I credit all these people for their imagination, and hard work. It is one thing to build a Lego design, but it is a whole another thing to turn that into a movie. I mean I don’t know the first thing about doing this sort of thing. It may be easy, but to me it looks hard. To give you an idea of what it takes to make a Lego zombie, I included a video on how to make a Lego zombie as well. So head over to the Lego Zombie Apocalypse  page to check out these awesome Lego zombie videos! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


  After a terrific season premiere, I wondered if they could continue to build on the strong momentum going into episode 2. Everyone is always excited about a season premiere so it is easy to like the first episode, but it is up to the show to keep the viewer’s attention. It definitely kept my attention as most of the storylines took the next step forward, as they were very intriguing, and mysterious. So here are my thoughts on True Blood episode 2, “You Smell Like Dinner.”
  The episode starts off in a serious situation for Jason, but in typical Jason fashion there is something to laugh about. As the camera pulls away from him, Timbo is licking the wound on his head. Jason wants him to knock it off, as he mentions he is more of a “band-aid kind of guy.” I like how Jason points out that Timbo cares about him otherwise he wouldn’t be licking him.
  Jason’s situation continues to change as the episode goes on. From serious to funny, back to serious when Felton walks in the room. I quickly remembered why I don’t like that guy. Then the situation becomes really weird when Crystal makes her first appearance of the season. High on V, she is talking crazy with a funny look on her face. Speaking of being high on V, now more useless than ever Andy shows up, but all he wants is V. Andy has always been a step slow, yet some how manages to be a decent cop. That went all out the window when he didn’t investigate the noise he heard. Just when I thought the situation couldn’t get any stranger, Crystal and Felton start talking about using Jason to make a panther baby. From day one, this whole panther thing has been out of control. I guess we can now add Jason to the list of people that have a supernatural element.
  Picking up where episode 1 left off, Sookie and Eric have a very interesting conversation about what he wants from her. Not to anyone’s surprise, he wants to replace Bill as the vampire by her side. He offers her protection against other vampires, but I am sure there is more to it. Does it have to do with the fairy thing, maybe or maybe not? Is it that he really has feelings for her, again maybe or maybe not? I hope they surprise us with something different, but that might have all changed with what happened later in the episode, but more on that in a minute.
  Just because Bill is no longer by Sookie’s side, it doesn’t mean his role on the show is any less important. First, I totally missed that girl being undercover in the witches’ circle. I need to go back to episode 1 at some point and find her. I think I remember seeing her, but I just want to see what she was doing. Bill had her spying on the witches, so it is good to see Bill is on top of things (including his spy) in his role as King. When Sookie comes in asking for his help with Eric, I found it very interesting that Bill said Eric knows people in high places. Well Bill has friends in high places too, so why is it that he is almost scared to push Eric too far? Plus I’m guessing that Eric has always known these people in high places, but that never stopped Bill from taking on Eric before. Anyway, it is hilarious to see Eric bow to Bill.
  Bill has two important flashbacks that really shed light on how he ends up being King. While the first one is important, you know that I’m dying to talk about the second one. Yes, the moment of truth right here. I waited since last summer plus an episode to see the big showdown between the Queen and Bill and… like the not so epic battle between wolves and vampires I’m left somewhat disappointed. Not much happened fight wise after what we saw in last year’s finale. The Queen just knocks Bill down before soldiers enter the room. I wanted to see more of them fighting while floating in the air. That was an extremely cool moment that became a wasted opportunity. It was a bad decision to have soldiers take her out without a good fight first. On the other hand, one of the things I enjoy about the show is when vampires explode and blood splatters all over, so I enjoyed the Queen getting blown away.
  My interest in Sam and the girl he hopes to be his next girlfriend was very little at first. However, that changed when she started telling a story about the skin walkers. Not only did it give rise to another possible creature added to the mix, but also it gave more detail into what the shifters can and can’t do. It can also lead to a future battle between skin walkers and shifters, which sounds good to me. Oh, and I have to ask: Why do Sam and Tommy have to have these awkward conversations without clothes on?
  Told you that it wouldn’t take long before Jessica screws up again. So far, I don’t think I’m that interested in what happens between Hoyt and her so I will move on to Arlene and Terry. I continue to feel sorry for Terry. He wants nothing but to love his new son, and Arlene. Unfortunately Arlene is nuts. She is going way overboard with the paranoia. She might have a point, but not for the reason she thinks. I don’t think that her ex-boyfriend has anything to do with any evil the baby has. It is that damn witch Holly. Until I find out other wise, I think she did something to the baby.
  Speaking of Holly, I dislike her even more after seeing she is the one that got the witches to start chanting in order to save Marnie. I can’t wait to a vampire puts an end to Holly. Too bad that might not be Eric after they scrambled his brain. I thought that was a pretty intense scene from the moment he walked into the room. I liked seeing the reactions of Tara and Lafayette when they saw Eric. I thought that it was such a good scene that it should have been the final scene of the episode. They should have stopped the episode right after Eric left the room. It would have left everyone wondering what happened, and where did he go. Instead, we know what happened, and where he went. Sookie pulling up to Eric on the side of the road would have made for a great opening scene for episode 3.
  Episode 1 had some good lines, but for me the line I picked for favorite line of the week stood out. For this episode, it was much harder to pick one line because there are plenty of great lines in this episode. Right off the bat I loved Jason talking about being licked, and being a “band-aid guy.” The conversation between Sookie and Eric in his house at the beginning had its share of one-liners. And Pam, it is just a matter of time before she wins the award. Really you could choose any of those lines, but my favorite line of the week goes to an unknown character. The winner is the protester that said, “I am a Christian God damn it!” Maybe it isn’t that creative a line, but in that situation it was pretty funny to me. And by the way, I’m glad Hoyt got one good hit in on the protesters before he got his butt kicked.
  Like last season, True Blood has gotten off to good start. It has given us two very good episodes so far, and I hope this trend continues. This episode really brought me back to some of the things I like about True Blood: all the funny lines, an exploding vampire, the introduction to possible new creatures, and important flashbacks. It also continued with some disappoint for me, but that is an issue for me and I’m sure it doesn’t bother many of you. They have set the bar high, and hopefully can follow through strongly next week.


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