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  I saw this movie titled “F,” and wondered how this title translates into a horror movie. So I put it on not knowing anything about it. After watching the opening scene, it should have been clear to me why this movie is named “F,” but sometimes I am just a bit slow. It wasn’t until about half way through that the light bulb turned on, and I said, “Oh, F. I get it.” The F stands for a failing grade, so the question is: what grade will HorrO give this movie?   The story opens in a classroom, where Robert, a teacher, is passing back some papers. As he does this, he talks to the class about their performance. He stops at one student, and gives him a paper with a big “F” on it (yes, I somehow missed that). Robert then proceeds to belittle the student in front of the rest of the class. The student obviously upset and embarrassed, walks up to his teacher, and punches him in the face before leaving the classroom. Robert is forced to take a leave of absence before returning to work. Since


  I Spit on Your Grave comes down to two things: rape and revenge. A simple, but quite disturbing set of circumstances. The remake takes a similar yet slightly different approach in displaying these circumstances. While the original really shocks the audience with the rape scenes, the remake hits the audience more with Jennifer’s revenge. So did this slight change in approach make this movie an effective remake?   Jennifer is an author, who decides to rent a home in the woods in order to write her next book. Unfamiliar with the area, she stops for gas and asks for directions. She asks the attendant, Johnny, but he has more interest in hitting on her than giving her directions. This causes an awkward moment in which he ends up getting embarrassed in front of his friends. Jennifer moves on to find the home, but unfortunately for her Johnny and his friends have decided to welcome her to the neighborhood.   The first half of the movie sets up for, and concludes with Jennifer being rape