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  Now that is a great season premiere of True Blood, and the previews for the upcoming episodes look awesome, but let me not get ahead of myself. Speaking of getting ahead, the tone for this episode and the season is set when we find out that this episode takes places just over a year from where season 3 leaves off. This episode gives us a few hints at what has happened over the last year, but also leaves plenty of unanswered questions. So here are my thoughts on what happened on True Blood season 4 episode 1.   Season 3 ends with Sookie being taken away by Claudine, and season 4 begins with Sookie and Claudine arriving in fairyland. I know the fairy thing turns off some people so I can’t imagine they would be excited seeing the season open with fairies. Then there is mention of Claudine being Sookie’s “godmother,” and I was thinking that is weak. Just when I was getting worried about this opening, fairy world turned upside down. Along with those that hate the fairy thing, I was ha


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  One of the reasons I wanted to see J. J. Abrams’ Cloverfield so much was obviously the mystery that the previews created. The city is apparently under attack, but by what? Add the found footage angle, and they had me hooked. Now Abrams brings us Super 8, with some of that same mystery. Knowing little about the movie, it seemed like there was going to be another creature, but with the possibility of some weird stuff happening, such as the previews showing floating objects. Again, they had me hooked, but is the pay off worth it the second time around?   A few months after losing his mother, a young boy, Joe Lamb, tries to take his mind off his loss by helping his best friend Charles make a zombie movie. One night, Joe, Charles, and some friends sneak out to film part of the movie by some train tracks. While their camera is rolling, Joe sees the train about to crash, and warns his friends just in time to make a run for it. It turns out that the crash isn’t an accident, an