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    Here is a review of a movie I didn't expect to be writing about, “Attack the Ghetto.” I mean, “Rave on the Block.” No, that's not it either. How about “Party on the Block?” Oh yes, “Attack the Block.” How could I not know the name of the movie I'm reviewing?   Sam (Jodie Whittaker) is walking through “the block” when she comes down the wrong street. Unfortunately for her, Moses (John Boyega) and his gang of fellow teens are waiting for the right person to cross their path. They have this robbery under control until something crashes into a nearby car. Moses goes to investigate, and is attacked by a strange creature before it takes off. This doesn’t sit well with Moses, as he leads the teens in a chase after the creature. They finally catch up to it, and make it pay for attacking Moses. The teens celebrate not knowing what they killed, and that it is not alone.     So what is with all the stupidity over the name of the movie? Well, for those that have seen the movie,


  Many people asked me why I would waste my money to see Shark Night 3D. Well, the answer is simple: I’m a sucker for shark movies. I have an extreme fear of sharks so for some reason that makes me want to watch shark movies, and of course Shark Week! I didn’t have high expectations for this movie. All I could hope for is some good shark attacks, and minimal mistakes.   Sara (Sara Paxton), Nick (Dustin Milligan), Beth (Katherine McPhee), and a few other college kids decide to take a break from school, and head out to Sara’s family lake house. After a run in with Sara’s ex, Dennis (Chris Carmack), and then the local sheriff, Sabin (Donal Logue), they finally make it to the house. They get their swimsuits on for some fun in the sun. However, some unexpected visitors in the lake, and unfriendly locals cut the fun short.   I went to see this movie because of the sharks so let me start there. One of the unexpected things about them is that there are several different types. There is a B


  One of the primary reasons I really use Twitter and Facebook is to talk horror, and promote my sites. I try not to use them for personal use that much. I particularly stay away from the check-in option on Facebook. And why is that you ask? Well, I think “X Marks the Spot” is the perfect answer to that question.   Abigail (Aley Kreinz) has fallen in love with a tracking application on her phone. She checks in as her friend, Chloe (Melissa Reveis), warns her of the dangers of letting people know where she is all the time. Abigail, like most people, basically says that will never happen to me. All right Abigail, if you say so.   This short film wastes no time in getting out the message. Chloe makes it perfectly clear the dangers of too much social media for a girl like Abigail. It can only end in getting raped and/or killed. It is good to see a horror film that has a message, and is very blunt about. It would be nice to see this kind of message on the big screen.   The early messa


  Tick, tick, tick… hmm what is that sound? Oh yea, that is the bomb that typically drops in a show’s season finale. Going into this episode, I was very curious to see when that bomb would drop, and what would it be. So here are my thoughts on episode 12, “And When I Die”, and sadly my thoughts on the season and what is to come.   Jesus and Lafayette were having breakfast with Jesus really looking forward to the future. He wanted to move on without magic, but he didn’t know a big ball of bad magic was sitting right in front of him. Moment’s later, bam! Fork to the hand… ouch! Poor Jesus was tied up, and Marnie wanted his bad magic.   Just when I spent last week praising Jesus for being a new hero on the show, they go and take him away from us. You can say he went out a hero because if he didn’t do what Marnie wanted, she was going to slice Lafayette up. I guess I can throw out my hopes of a good vs. bad witch battle between him and Lafayette. It was kind of shocking that they kille


  Oh, hey there True Blood fans! I was just sitting here sipping some blood from a heart. I like to celebrate another great episode in that way. I can’t believe this is going to be the second to last “My Thoughts…” of the season. This season definitely needs more episodes. Oh well, let me put this heart down and get to my thoughts on episode 11, “Soul of Fire.”   So after a little confusion about who arrived to stop the witches, I figured out that it was the vamps, and I was ready for an all out attack. Instead, they did a little more talking. Where are all the explosions? You think I really had patience when Jessica was holding a bazooka? I guess Jason kind of saved them by warning them before they walk right into the shield.   They didn’t waste too much time getting to my favorite line of the week. It is also another first for line of the week, as it goes to several people all for the same line. You guessed it, “Fuckin’ Sookie,” “Fuckin’ Sookie,” “Fuckin’ Sookie!” Hell I think I


(Spoiler alert- just in case)   Rarely do two horror movies open on the same weekend. Times are rough, and I have a feeling a decision of where to spend the money will have to be made by many of us. So it is Apollo 18 vs. Shark Night for horror fans? I’m a sucker for shark movies but after talking to many of you, it seems clear more of you are interested in finding out what happened to the astronauts. So I passed on seeing killer sharks (for now) in order to discuss what happened on the moon.   As many of you know, in the 60’s and early 70’s the U.S. and Russia engaged in a race to the moon. For the U.S., the last official mission to the moon was Apollo 17 on December 17, 1972. Something happened after that point to cause the government to order a secret mission to the moon a year later, Apollo 18. Three astronauts are sent into space with two landing on the moon. What the audience sees in this movie is edited footage of what happened on that unofficial mission to the moon.   The m


(Spoiler Alert)   Do have a friend that is completely obsessed with horror movies? They watch and talk horror almost 24/7. Maybe even to the point that you start to worry about them actually hurting someone, or themselves. Hell, you all love horror movies, maybe that person is you!   Well, in “My Pure Joy” that person happens to be Adam (Alexei Ryan). Apparently Adam’s father watched horror movies with his son since a very early age. A combination of watching too many horror movies, dealing with his father’s death, and some other personal issues finally drives Adam over the cliff. Once an innocent boy has now becomes the neighborhood serial killer.   The movie starts off at a dinner table, where a teen is having dinner with his mother, stepfather, and younger brother. After a very unpleasant meal spent arguing with his parents, the teen returns to his room not knowing that a masked assailant is waiting in the next room to kill his younger brother, and he’s next. This opening sequence