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While most of our friends at home celebrated Halloween this year, we celebrated internationally for once. Part of our honeymoon (yes HorrO finally married Ms. HorrO) was in Mexico, where we got a first hand look at Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos). We didn't have to go far, as it was present in our hotel lobby, and even outside with this skeleton on bike… When we hit the streets Halloween night, it almost felt like home. There were people roaming the streets in costume including Pennywise! Apparently they don’t have to go door-to-door, as many kids just trick-r-treat with people passing by. I even bought a Jigsaw looking mask to join in the fun, but no I didn’t ask for any candy! From the mask, I moved onto face-painting. We couldn’t travel all this way and not get our faces painted. While I felt like the super tourist it was surprising to see how many other tourists and even locals were getting their faces painted. It rained right after she finished