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Over the past few weeks I've asked people through and HorrO's  Gory Reviews if certain movies made their Halloween watch list. Nothing scientific, just a random selection of movies. Of course there are plenty of great movies missing. So here's  what we came up with... And a few others: Wrong Turn Jeepers Creepers The Last House on the Left (both versions) Urban Legends Paranormal Activity Drag Me to Hell Dead Silence A couple of maybes... The Blair Witch Project The Amityville Horror And there was actually a no even though I like this movie! The Hills Have Eyes (remake)


"Psss" "What?" "You know it's going to be October before we know." "So?" "So we need to make another Paranormal movie. Do you think we still have time to do it?" "Of course. It can't possibly take that long to come up with a story."   That story now moves to Nevada with a new family that seemingly has nothing to do with the other movies. Most of the movie centers on this family's teenage daughter, Alex (Kathryn Newton), and young son Wyatt.   Things get weird for the family when the mother decides to take in the young boy, Robbie (Brady Allen), from next door after his mom is taken to the hospital. Alex eventually notices the paranormal activity, but too bad her parents prefer not to pay attention to her until things hit the ceiling.   Sometimes when there are sequels people complain that they just made the movie for money because it has little cinematic value. This movie just might be the d


  The American Horror Story Asylum premiere sure made an awesome birthday present. The only way it could’ve been better is if The Walking Dead also premiered, but I’ll take that premiere as an early present. So I thought I would put together a few thoughts about last night’s premiere, and give a chance for any of you to share your thoughts.   I guess I could just say “Bloody Face,” and end this right here. Last season’s mystery character was the man in the rubber suit, and now it looks like Bloody Face will be his replacement… not bad. He certainly is creepy looking. Since we saw him in the present, I guess the mystery is who from the past is he, and why is he still there in the present?   I liked that they opened in the present. It gave a little perspective, including the info the newlyweds just happened to share with us like the death chutes (definitely what to know more about them). I do wonder if that is all of the present we will get to see since it appears the

Short Film Series- "Seven Minutes"

It has been a while since I’ve added a review to my short film series. After writer/director Neill Morris shared his film “Seven Minutes” with me, I thought this would be the perfect short film to add to the series. So posted below is “Seven Minutes," which is followed by a short review. What I would like you to do is watch the film first, as the review will include spoilers, and then post your review/comments in the comment section. Enjoy! Plagued by nightmares of a demonic man ever since her childhood. Anabel quickly learns that her nightmares are a lot more real that she could ever have imagined. A normal day quickly turns into one of terror, as she is hunted down and lead to a shocking truth by the person she fears the most. Written / Directed / Shot and Edited by
Neill Morris Producer Neill Morris Seven Minutes (A Short Horror Film by Neill Morris) from Neill Morris on Vimeo .   The film might be about seven minutes


  Sometimes I get to attend some awesome events, and this was definitely one of them. Thanks to Keep It Classic , we not only got to see “Sinister” early, but there was a Q & A with the director/writer Scott Derrickson, and writer C. Robert Cargill afterwards. Because there was a Q & A, I had high hopes that it would be a pretty good movie. So was I right, or were they in for a long night of questioning?   Ellison (Ethan Hawke), a crime novelist, moves his family into a new home in order to do research for his next novel. While his family is used to living near the crime scenes he is researching, this time it’s different. They are actually living in the house where a family was horrifically murdered. Upon moving into the house, Ellison stumbles upon a box of old films. He decides to watch them as part of his research, but they soon become more than just research.   While the movie has its fair share of suspense, there is no suspense in this review. I’m going to