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Monday, October 8, 2012

Short Film Series- "Seven Minutes"

It has been a while since I’ve added a review to my short film series. After writer/director Neill Morris shared his film “Seven Minutes” with me, I thought this would be the perfect short film to add to the series. So posted below is “Seven Minutes," which is followed by a short review. What I would like you to do is watch the film first, as the review will include spoilers, and then post your review/comments in the comment section. Enjoy!

Plagued by nightmares of a demonic man ever since her childhood. Anabel quickly learns that her nightmares are a lot more real that she could ever have imagined. A normal day quickly turns into one of terror, as she is hunted down and lead to a shocking truth by the person she fears the most.

Written / Directed / Shot and Edited by
Neill Morris
Producer Neill Morris

  The film might be about seven minutes long, but it certainly doesn’t waste any time grabbing the audience’s attention. It’s a decent scare having that guy pop out of the shadows. As the film then focuses on Anabel, the audience is left to wonder who he is. Obviously he’s coming back because that isn’t the first time Anabel sees him.
  Besides stressing over the man in her dreams, it appears that there is something strange happening as the film moves so quickly from forest scene back to her house. That is when the mystery and suspense starts to creep its way into the film. It’s a simple touch having her blinking her eyes in front of the computer screen, and don’t forget the wine glass. The audience isn’t sure if she has fallen asleep when she sees the man again. The woman who plays Anabel does all right through out the film, but the thing I liked most is how she constantly gives that look as if she is half asleep. It helps hold the mystery of what is going on.
  It's another nice scare having the guy in the hallway. I bet you thought, “Why do they always open the door?” As that door opens, the twist in the story begins to take shape. I definitely didn’t expect the guy’s eyes to light up, which is a pretty cool effect. With the man flashing as she awakens, I was still wondering if she was dreaming the whole time, or what.
  I really can’t believe I missed that one. That's a very good job with the twist, as I didn’t expect her to be dead already. I guess I was just focusing too much on whether she was sleeping or not. It’s good to see it all makes sense in the end. It’s actually a much more depressing ending than I could have imagined once it started. Overall, I enjoyed “Seven Minutes,” and I hope you did as well. It should be making its way to film festivals soon, so please help support it if you run across it.


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