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    Sometimes you see a movie and say “ohhh, that was just not right.” Other times you say, “man that was messed up!” You may even say, “Did that really just happen?” How about saying something like, “that was disgusting?” Maybe “how disturbing was that?” Well, I would say you could pick any of those phrases to describe what happened in this movie.   The movie began as Elsa and Clive watched one of their latest creations come to life. They had just successfully created a creature named Fred, to be a partner for their other creature named Ginger. Elsa and Clive were scientists, who were splicing DNA, with hopes of one day eventually curing diseases. However, the biotech company they worked for had other plans. They were more interested in a certain protein that could be found in Fred and Ginger, and they wanted to mass-produce it. Of course, the two scientists couldn’t help themselves, and had to continue experimenting on their own. All that experimenting led to the creation of Dren


(Spoiler Alert)   My first thought after watching this movie was: why didn’t I think of that? It was such a simple idea. Really, it was the movie that finally got me to try my hand at screenplays. They took a simple idea, created a storyline, and sprinkled in some terror. Voila, you get a terrifying movie.   A couple, James Hoyt and Kristen McKay, drove out to his parent’s summer home after a wedding reception. Not long after being there, a girl knocked on the door, and asked if Tamara was home. The couple told her that she had the wrong house, so she left. Unknown to the couple, that would be the first of many knocks at the door that night. A man wearing a bag over his head, along with a woman and young girl wearing masks, soon would be terrorizing them.   You see, not a very complicated idea. There were a few key elements that made up this movie. First, they had the couple. They developed a little plot about why they were there, and who they were. Second, they had