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  “Burning down the house! Hold tight, wait til the parties over. Hold tight, were in for the nasty weather. There has got to be a way. Burning down the house!” Yea, burn witches burn! Oh sorry, just doing a little singing, and celebrating what is hopefully going to be the end of Marnie/Antonia. I guess it is time to get into my thoughts on episode 10, “Burning Down the House.”   The house isn’t the only thing that is burning because the storylines are on fire. There are so many good scenes in this episode it is ridiculous. As you know, I was dying at the end of episode 9 so I was excited for this opening scene. Bill and Eric fighting is always fun. I have to say, Bill always comes prepared. Good thing he had that gun. And how about Nan getting dirty with a little blood splatter to the face… nice! Of course, she couldn’t do it without being annoying with the whole image thing.   But Sookie stole everyone’s thunder when she blasted Eric. What a shoot! Knocked that spell right out of h


  Last week ended with a bang, and left high expectations for this week. I was even more curious about this week’s episode after seeing the promo that basically showed nothing about this episode. While this was another great episode, it had some disappointments for me. Nothing bad, just me being me, and wanting storylines to go one way when they went the other way. And to think last week I thought True Blood was writing to make me happy… huh! So here are my thoughts on episode 9, “Run.”   There was some disappointment right off the bat. Alcide was running with Sookie, and Bill literally snatched her from his arms. Damn you Bill! You couldn’t let Alcide have a moment with Sookie. Oh well, I guess it didn’t matter after all because Eric was the only person on her mind. That pissed off Alcide, and he went running back to his pack. God we were so close to Sookie and Alcide having a moment. Speaking of God, I thought it was interesting how Bill says the only thing they could do is pray,


   Here we go with another remake. I’m not sure if I like reviewing them because some people take the original to heart, and get easily insulted if you like the remake. I try to take each movie for what it has to offer, and not let the fact that it is a remake cloud my judgment. So that brings me to Fright Night 3D. Let me talk a little about this movie before getting into the question that everyone wants to know.   Charley (Anton Yelchin) is a just a teenager trying to survive high school. Once more of a nerd, he has now hooked up with a popular girl, and is hanging out with the cool teens. Life is good except he can’t shake his nerdy past, and more specifically his ex-best friend, Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). Ed is convinced that there is a vampire, who has killed one of their friends, living in the neighborhood. Charley tries to ignore Ed’s warnings, but eventually becomes suspicious about his new neighbor, Jerry (Colin Farrell). Maybe life isn’t good after all.   Let me get r


  So remember a couple of weeks ago when I was, lets say, making a few complaints about the show. Maybe mentioned how episode 6 was a let down. Then they hit us with episode 7, which was a very good episode. So good, I didn’t think they could top that this season until probably the season finale. Well, so much for that because last night’s episode was insane! So here are my thoughts on episode 7, “Spellbound.”   I really want to skip to the ending, but I’ll have some patience, and talk about how we got there first. This episode had it all, an action packed ending proceeded by plenty of drama starting with Jessica opening the door. That scene was really well done last week, and they continued the drama as Jason tackles Jessica to prevent her from leaving. It didn’t take long for Jessica to gain control, and turn against him. Thank God witches can’t chant forever. If Tara isn’t in a screwed up relationship, then Jason has to be. It is like some unwritten rule, and that is what is ab

HorrO's Gory Reviews 2 Year Anniversary

   August marks the 2 Year Anniversary of HorrO’s Gory Reviews. I thought year 1 went by pretty fast, but year 2 might have gone faster. It has been quite a task keeping up the site, but I have enjoyed every step of the way. It has kept me up to date on the world of horror while keeping everyone else updated. I have seen movies I might not have otherwise seen, and talked to people that I might not have otherwise talked to.   Going back to the beginning, the site started off mostly being reviews, and a few pictures. Then I added a schedule of movies coming to theaters, DVD releases, and polls. That was back in the days when things were easy. Then I started my first page, the Horror Item of the Week. It has gone from one page to nine. The page I have had the most fun with is the Horror on TV page. It always gets me ready to view some of my favorite TV shows, and made me write about shows like True Blood and The Walking Dead.   The pages have been a bonus, but the reviews are the center


   I was going to put a spoiler alert with this review, but I think you know how the story goes by now. It is probably why some people won't be watching it. Like Saw, some people have gotten tired of seeing this franchise use the same formula over and over, and gave up on it a couple of sequels ago. Unlike others, I have taken the franchise for what it is, and have enjoyed them. There aren’t too many movies out there where the audience gets to see the characters die in two different ways. So did I finally get tired of more of the same, or is it enjoyable one last time?   Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto), Molly (Emma Bell), Peter (Miles Fisher), and several others get on a bus to go on a company retreat. The bus travels onto a large bridge that is currently under construction. Sitting alone in his seat, Sam looks out of the window, and watches the construction take place. Then he has a terrible vision of the bridge collapsing killing his friends, and himself in the process. Because of th


   Last week's episode, which I thought was going to be the best yet, had too much talking. Enter episode 7, and it was time for some action. It didn't disappoint because this was the episode I thought we were going to get last week. I guess I was one week too early. So here are my thoughts on episode 7, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn.”   First let me get this out of the way... woooo!!!! Ok, there is plenty to talk about but I have to start with Arlene's baby. I can't believe Lafayette saw that lady standing behind him. The baby stills sees her, and now so does Lafayette. Did she really say that she is his mommy? I'm totally clueless now. I think I'm throwing out my whole Holly theory, and Arlene should throw out her ex-boyfriend theory. There is something else going on here and I can't wait for it to be revealed.   Now that I got my excitement for that moment out of the way, let me go back to where all the action begins. Actually the episode starts off with a


  So here is a movie that I was really excited to see. I'm a fan of the original series, and think the ending to the first one is amazing. I know some people might hesitate to give this movie a chance because they didn't like the first remake. Even though I thought the remake was all right, it never really had a chance to be as epic because most people already knew how it would end. The question for this reboot is: could it be closer to epic like the original, or just another failed attempt at greatness?   Will (James Franco) is a scientist, who is trying to develop a drug to cure/treat brain degenerating diseases. He has been testing a drug on some apes, and seems to have finally found some success on an ape called Bright Eyes. Before they can do further testing on her, she escapes, is killed, and the project is put on hold. All of Will's work seems to be for nothing except for the discovery of something Bright Eyes left behind... a baby ape!   For those


  When I saw the first preview for this movie I wasn’t too impressed. Yes, I would probably see it, but I wasn’t too excited about it. Then, more previews came out, and something peaked my interest. No, it wasn’t the big name stars, although I like them as actors. Maybe it was curiosity for the aliens, the action scenes, or a combination of the two, but would it be enough for me to like the movie?     Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) wakes up in the middle of the desert not knowing who he is. He makes it back to town only to find out that he is a wanted fugitive, and gets arrested. The sheriff locks him up in a wagon with Percy (Paul Dano), a young man with a rich father, to be turned over to the Feds. Just as the transport is about to leave, Woodrow (Harrison Ford), the rich father, arrives to get his son before he is taken away. When he sees Jake, it turns out that he has a score to settle with him. Before that score can be settled, the town has some unexpected visitors… aliens!   Th


   Last week I said, "I told you so," and I really wanted to say it again. Unfortunately, I can't! Some good things happened and interesting stuff took place, but I wouldn't say anything major happened. I really thought a big event would take place, but it never happened. So here are my thoughts on episode 6, "I Wish I Was the Moon."    Some of you may say Eric and Sookie being together was the big event, but really? I was looking for something much bigger than that. They have been leading up to Eric and Sookie being together for weeks now. There wasn't a surprise when Bill let Eric go either. Everyone knew Bill wasn't going to kill Eric. It was a nice try at some suspense, but they didn’t fool me.    What they did fool me with was Father Luis. I didn't catch that he was one of Bill's sheriffs. I never made the connection between him watching over Marnie, and the dream Marnie was having. Did they show him in one of Marnie’s other dreams?