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  Last week ended with a bang, and left high expectations for this week. I was even more curious about this week’s episode after seeing the promo that basically showed nothing about this episode. While this was another great episode, it had some disappointments for me. Nothing bad, just me being me, and wanting storylines to go one way when they went the other way. And to think last week I thought True Blood was writing to make me happy… huh! So here are my thoughts on episode 9, “Run.”
  There was some disappointment right off the bat. Alcide was running with Sookie, and Bill literally snatched her from his arms. Damn you Bill! You couldn’t let Alcide have a moment with Sookie. Oh well, I guess it didn’t matter after all because Eric was the only person on her mind. That pissed off Alcide, and he went running back to his pack. God we were so close to Sookie and Alcide having a moment. Speaking of God, I thought it was interesting how Bill says the only thing they could do is pray, and then Alcide reminds him they are a wolf, and vamp. Bill then questions who will listen to their prayers.
  I have to say, I’m still happy to see my idea in use (yes my idea). Antonia proves to the other witches that she has full control of Eric. It was pretty funny how she told him to go wash up. One thing I didn’t expect was the other witches turning on Antonia. You all know I’m not a fan of Holly, but maybe I misjudged her. Of all of them, I would have thought she would have stuck by Antonia’s side. Now Roy is her right hand man, which is perfect because it will be nice to see a vampire get a hold of him. No one will care if he dies.
  Jessica crying in front of Nan was entertaining. At first, I thought it was Pam. No difference because both have little patience for Jessica crying. I liked how Nan pointed out that this is why she doesn’t make vampires. I don’t know why, but I liked seeing Nan with the silver on her. Someone needs to put her in place, even if it was for her own good. Thinking she knows everything. The ending proved she knows nothing.
  Ok time for another disappointment, sort of. I didn’t notice it from the flashback, but Hoyt apparently lives where Mavis lived. She welcomed herself back home by kicking Hoyt out, leading to Jason, V addict Andy, Arlene, and Terry converging on the outside of the house. Cops around there don’t handle hostage situations too well. Arlene made the smartest move calling in Jesus. He was the only one that could understand what was really going on.
  I liked how we found out more about Mavis, and what happened to her. It is a sad story that ended in peace for her. Now that she moved on my disappointment sets in. I was expecting some crazy, and scary stuff to happen with the baby, but is that it? Was the baby doing all those weird things because of Mavis, or is there more? Did they do all of this to lower our guard for something bigger to come from the baby? I will be disappointed if that is it, but I’m willing to see if there is more to come before passing an ultimate judgment on this storyline.
  The lady in red… naughty Sookie. Now that she has a fresh batch of Bill’s blood flowing through her, she can dream of both of them. I’m sure all of you that have been enjoying her dreams with Eric were ready for another one until Bill popped up. Was it disappointment for you? True Blood sure has been hot and heavy over the last few weeks. How about Bill and Eric biting her at the same time? I guess you have to be a fairy in order to handle two vamps at once.
  I don’t know if what Tommy did was honorable, or just plain dumb. Was he trying to score some points with Sam? To start off, I was kind of surprised to see him at the bar. Of course when trouble, Marcus, presented himself, Tommy just couldn’t help it. He had to go get his ass beat. It was interesting how they showed what Sam was doing at the same time. I’m sure he would have rather been doing that, but I like he pointed out to Marcus, been there done that.
  Like I have said from the beginning, Marcus is a joke of a pack master. How can you be a pack master when you need the six-foot plus Alcide to hide behind? I won’t expect Alcide to be pack master because that means he won’t be with Sookie. He can’t do both. Maybe after he is done with her.
  Who he should be done with is Debbie. That snake, or in this case wolf, in the grass. For a second there, she actually fooled me too. I should have known better. Sookie is cautious, but is always willing to give people a chance. I couldn’t believe it when she told Antonia that Sookie was in the back. It was a bad plan anyway. How could Sookie think that would work? I was kind of hoping she would use her fairy hand blasting power again, but it helps to have a friend on the inside too. A real friend, unlike Deb, who should have stayed at home, and watched more Cheaters.
   People should have real friends, like Jason. What better friend to have than one that sleeps with your ex? I can’t hate on Jason. He can’t help it with all of Jessica’s blood in him. Hell, Hoyt should have never sent him over there with the monster box. I think Hoyt will figure out what is going on eventually. He should know what happens to people when they drink vampire blood.
  Let me squeeze in my favorite line of the week before getting to the ending. I almost thought my favorite line was going to be a written line for the first time ever. I really liked the monster box thing. Then Jason almost had it when he said, “when you guys, ugh, role play, does Lafayette ever turn into a woman called Mavis?” Maybe the line isn’t that funny, but rather Jason thinking that Jesus and Lafayette role-play is funny. While there were several good lines in this episode, Sookie wins again. At this point, she will probably be the champion of my favorite lines for this season. My favorite line is when she says, “For a badass werewolf, you drive like a girl.” I’m a sucker for driving insults.
  One of the reasons the last two episodes were so great were the endings. They left us with all the drama of Jessica about to open the door and her certain death, and Jason fighting to get there in time in episode 7. Episode 8 left us with a battle between witches and vamps leading to Sookie getting shot. Both great endings but I was more interested in the action than the drama, so the endings were fine with me.
  Enter the ending of episode 9. It was getting really good when Eric led the sheriffs upstairs only for Antonia to take control of them as well. Wait, I just had a thought, anyone know how many vampires she can control a one time? Interesting possibilities, but back to the point. Then the sheriffs kill members of Bill’s security team for everyone to see. Things were getting real good. Chaos erupts as the humans run for their lives when the sheriffs jump into the crowd.
  I was getting all excited when I saw bodies flying through the air. Then Eric appeared, and it was go time! It was going to be so good and then… and then… and then… next week! Ah, now I truly know how some of you felt with the previous two endings. How could they leave me hanging like that? I was so ready for the action. Bill and Eric at it again, and humans being killed left and right. A whole week, really? And then you tease me with the promo!
  Oh well, at least the next episode will open with a bang. Even though I was disappointed with how certain things turned out, this was still a good episode. I’m not sure it beats the previous one, but True Blood is on a terrific roll heading into the finale. I can’t believe there are only three episodes left. There is so much ground still to cover. I can’t even guess what the finale will be like at this point!



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