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   When you were in college, you were faced with many important questions such as, what my major should be, and what classes should I take? But at some point an even more important question popped up: where should I go for spring break. You think, "I want to go on the wildest spring break trip ever!" For one reason or another, that never happened. Flash forward 10, 15, or 20 years and you are about to see Piranha 3-D. Welcome to the spring break that you never got. Oh, except for one thing... the piranhas!    It is Spring Break on Lake Victoria, where Sheriff Forester and her family reside. She tasks her oldest son, Jake, with babysitting her two youngest children. What she doesn’t know is that he has other plans. Jake accompanies Derrick Jones, who is there to film his own “girls gone wild” type of show, to take him to the best spots on the lake. Unknown to them and the other spring breakers, an underwater tremor has released some hungry prehistoric piranhas.   I could si


     With Devil being a movie about fears, my biggest fear was that there was going to be some stupid twist at the end that would ruin it. The biggest fear for others is that with M. Night Shyamalan’s name attached to the movie it would suck. Even the person holding the screening had to warn the audience that while his name is on the movie, he did not direct it. I could tell everyone was still skeptical. My fear grew as the movie got closer and closer to starting. In the end, were these fears put to rest?   The movie starts out with Ramirez, who turns out to be one of the security guards in the office building and the narrator, telling us a story about the Devil. As the story goes, the Devil disguises himself amongst us in a plan to punish a group of people before taking their souls. The Devil’s plan starts with a suicide, which happens at this building. That is when detective Bowden is called to the scene to investigate. His investigation soon turns into a call about an assault in


Episode 3.12- “Evil is going on”   In the third-season finale, Eric’s overwhelming thirst for revenge against Russell presents a moral dilemma. Meanwhile, a frustrated Sookie gives serious consideration to a life without vampires. My thoughts on episode 12:   Sadly the True Blood season finale has come and gone. There were twists and turns. Some secrets were revealed, while others were kept. There was plenty of drama, but not enough action. I was close with some of my predictions, way off with others, and some may have to wait until next season. Lets see how the season finished, and what we have to look forward to.   When we left off last time, Eric and the King were roasting in the parking lot. You knew Eric wasn't going to die (easy prediction), but how would they escape. Sookie to the rescue! After expressing her displeasure with Bill, she went outside to the vampire barbeque. The King urged her to use her fairy powers to set them free. She blasted the handcuffs setting th


     So we are almost at the True Blood season 3 finale. It sucks that the season is over so fast. It has been a good season, which has made it very easy to write about. I decided to give it a try and make a few predictions for the finale. Some of these predictions may be a little more serious than others. And I didn’t cheat by reading any spoilers. Summer: gets a hold of herself, and continues on with Mrs. Fortenberry’s plan. Maybe she will give Hoyt some new biscuits with a new ingredient that is better than V. Mrs. Fortenberry: will continue to be up to no good. She will go nuts, and try to kill Jessica if she finds out that Jessica gave Hoyt V. Hoyt: will find himself getting addicted to V. He will also save money by feeding Jessica his blood. Jessica: has screwed up less lately, but she may have screwed up giving Hoyt V. She will hide this secret from Bill especially if Hoyt starts acting weird. Holly: will try another one of her magic tricks on Arlene that still won’t work.


     As a franchise grows, some people get tired of it. They feel like it is the same old story, so it is up to the franchise to keep people interested. For Resident Evil, they tried to keep people interested by making it in 3D (I saw it in IMAX 3D). So did 3D save the Resident Evil franchise?   The story picks off not long after where part 3 ended. Alice leads an attack on Umbrella headquarters in Tokyo, and confronts Wesker. Not long after this encounter, she goes on journey to find her friends that flew to Arcadia. Her journey leads her down the west coast of the U.S., where she finds some survivors, and the infected. With a little help, she squares off with zombies, and mutants before landing in the middle of the Umbrella Corporation’s latest experiment.   This movie is greatly dictated by 3D. I don’t know if it is because of IMAX, or that they did such a good job, but that is probably the best 3D movie I have seen to date. Admittedly, it did take a few minutes for my eyes to adjus


Episode 3.09- “Everything is Broken”  Nan Flanagan goes to Fangtasia for anwers about the Magister’s whereabouts; Bill gets to the bottom of Sookie’s real identity; Jason finds an unlikely ally in his feud with Felton and Calvin; Arlene has a pessimistic view of her future. My thoughts on episode 9:   Man oh man! What to talk about this time? This episode started off at a low point and slowly gained steam. It then reached a boiling point, and exploded like say... Franklin! I can't say it topped last week, but there were plenty of weird things going on.    Eric made it back to Fangtasia to get Pam, and wanted to get the hell out of there, but he wasn't fast enough. The V-Fed was there to question him about the missing Magister. Nan, the lady in charge of questioning Eric, put him down in front of webcams so that he could plead his case to the Authority. Is it weird that she has the same name as the nickname I have for my grandmother? Eric basically gave up the King, and to


Episode 3.07- “Hitting the Ground”  Sam intervenes when Melinda, and Joe Lee rope Tommy into a dogfighting ring; Eric hatches a plan to get information from Sophie-Anne; Sookie makes a last-ditch attempt to rescue Bill; Jason searches for clues about Crystal. My thoughts on episode 7:   One great episode followed by another. With Bill and later Sookie having near death experiences, I thought maybe this episode would be a little more dramatic. I was wrong several times last week, and I was wrong again this week. There were some dramatics, but there was still plenty of blood spilled, and some very interesting developments.    The show started off right where it left off, as we saw Lorena enjoy a taste of Sookie's blood. Too bad for her, the best tasting blood she ever had turned out to be the last blood she will ever have. Last week we lost Franklin, I'm still holding out hope for his return, and this week we lost Lorena. Bill had just enough strength in him to hold Lorena


Episode 3.05 -  “Trouble”  Alcide and Sookie turn to an alpha-wolf “packmaster” for advice on how to deal with Russell’s minions. Tara considers a proposal from Franklin, who’s completed his mission for Russell; Joe Lee breaks his promise to Sam and Tommy; Lafayette learns the meaning of patience from Jesus, his mother’s orderly; Jason meets his match in a mysterious girl named Crystal. An heirloom reminds Eric of his past and his ongoing thirst for vengeance. My thoughts on episode 5:   As I watched this episode and made my notes, I noticed a common theme was occurring. I was writing how certain things that happened were “interesting.” So the theme of my thoughts on episode 5 is going to be about the “interesting” things that happened. Hmm, where to start?   I guess I will start with poor old Tara. The episode started with her still tied up, and unsure of what Franklin’s plans were for her. She had a moment of hope when Bill walked in along side the King, and Lorena. It was a nice