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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 9

  War!!!! Oh wait, not quite yet! So close it could happen at any moment. However, without the war, this was a good episode. Plenty of great lines, action, and drama. So here are my thoughts on episode 9, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."
  Cue the special effects! I said cue the special effects. I guess that’s not in the budget so lets just pretend to hear the explosions from the True Blood factory. Way to start off the episode with a little bang, and pre-episode meal. I wonder if that scene was ackward to film for anybody!
  Oh Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi ... still charging for your services! Lafayette might not be an expert yet, but at least the spirits like talking to him. That was funny how he tried to get others to be quite so he could hear Sookie's grandma. It might have been easier to listen to her mother. I'm with him though, why can't they just spit it out? Always with the damn clues.
  One thing this episode had was two women who displayed strength. Patrick took a panicked Arlene, but when her man needed her she wasn't panicked anymore. She turned Boardwalk Empire gangster on Patrick. I was hoping she wouldn't kill him just in case that didn’t break the curse cause Terry had to do it. I really didn't think Terry had it in him, but he was gangster too! I guess I’ll have to catch the Ifrit on the iPhone now!
  Then there was Luna who has been a little looney lately. She refused to be left at home, and was all in on stopping the people that tried to kill her. She might be half the Dragon ladies size, but she put a whopping on her. Just think about how mad she is now, and how much madder she is going to be when she finds out her daughter is now a pet. Note to self: wolves are bad baby sitters. Got to love the King though!
  The following segment of My Thoughts is brought to you by the new theme song for the Bon Temps Sheriff's Department:

Chances of them finding the Obamas was really slim for a moment. It was funny watching them there just sort through evidence, and not look like they had a clue at what they were doing. Talk about not having a clue, how about the reporters that thought Obama was running around town killing people? Maybe the reporters need a theme song too. The whole Obama thing is an interesting concept cause you have a bunch of crazy country folk, who are trying to kill supes in KKK fashion, while wearing the mask of a black man. Got all of that!
  Sooee!!! I totally didn’t see Sam popping up as a pig. I assume he just picked up the scent, and followed them to the pig farm. Even though Andy kind of redeemed himself by figuring out who the Dragon was, sort of, I still say Sam would make a great sheriff. And no, killing the original sheriff does not fill the quota of killing off an important character. Oh, and let Andy know I would like to see what a werechicken looks like!
  I thought they just went in a little different direction with Alcide last week, but this week. He’s going in such a different direction that he needed to get in his truck, and drive there. For a character that often gets one scene, I was surprised we got to see a flashback. And they just had to show Deb. Didn’t I say I was over her? So we got to meet his father. Not sure where they are going with this. I thought maybe he was going to bring the Jackson pack, whatever is left of it, back with him but I guess not. And please never, never. ever play that music again while he’s driving!
  This was definitely another episode filled with great lines so it was hard to pick my favorite line of the night. La had some good ones in Sookie’s bathroom. I also enjoyed some of the playing around with Obama’s name. However, the winner, in what could have been an even stranger conversation, is Jason when he was talking to Jessica about vamps and dumping. He said, “Being a vampire got its perk, no dumping and all.” You know that is kind of interesting. Never really thought about vamps dumping and all. Must be nice for long road trips.
  Speaking of taking a dump, maybe someone should dump on that new vampire sheriff. How dare he knock the Barbie Vampire across the room. I was really hoping Pam would get up and do something, but I guess she respects his position. Either that or they ran out of time for that scene. Too bad Eric wasn’t there. He would’ve made short work of that sheriff.
  And where is Eric these days? Oh busy trying to trust Bill. Come on Eric, the loyalty has been over for weeks now. I really thought for just a split second Bill had something in mind, but nope. And no, I’m not going to scold traitor Bill again this week. I do want to know what was up with that ending. Eric just gave up, and they hit the music. Also, why did Eric need Salome’s blood to open the elevator if Nora’s blood already did? Maybe that was just for Bill to escape, but why wait for him? Oh loyalty, right!
  I was surprised that Nora and Salome apparently have been drinking blood from the bottle for a while now. No wonder why they are nuts. So what happens when all of the blood in the bottle disappears? Eric should steal Bill’s idea of blowing up True Blood factories except this will be a lot easier. Break the bottle of Lilith’s blood. The challenging part will be escaping first.
  Well, it looks like the war will be in full effect next week…hopefully. Still not sure who is going to stop the vampires. Bill is now a nut along with Nora, and Salome. The King is happy as can be with a replacement for Talbot. Eric is a little chained up. Maybe the fairies have something up their sleeves, dresses, or whatever bright clothing they are wearing. I think my plan is the best. Break the bottle! Until next week! 



  1. I keep seeing a bunch of people posting about how this season is crap. I'm gonna be totally honest, I feel like it's kind of a breath of fresh air. Aside from Ifrit, they're using the Supes that they already had, and didn't add a bunch of crazy witches, wiccans, demons or what have you. I'm actually really enjoying this season a lot more than the last 2. I'm so thrilled that they brought back Russell, because for obvious reasons, he is one of my favorite characters. I was a little disappointed about Pam getting thrown across the room and not getting back up, because I was really liking what a badass she's become. Hopefully they saved it for next episode though.

    1. I've seen the same thing. I will say I wondered if they could pull of a season without adding a major new sup but I think they have done a decent job. I liked the previous seasons, I just thought they could have done a little more with the witches and wolves than they did. As you have read, Russell is definitely one of my favorites. They really haven't let him shine yet this season. And Pam, love Pam! Hopefully she gets revenge next week! Thanks for commenting!!!


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