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Monday, February 6, 2012


    Janice (Aimee Bello) is in an abusive relationship with her husband Dave (Brad Egger). As some people do in an unhappy relationship, Janice finds herself a lover, Steve (Michael Shepherd Jordan). She has had just enough of Dave, and is strongly considering leaving him for Steve. Actually, the audience gets the feeling that she is willing to do a little more than just leave him, but that may not be the best decision in the end.
  The opening sequence to this short supernatural horror film sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Janice and Steve are lying in bed discussing the circumstance they are in, which gives the audience a clear picture of the situation at hand. The reality of the situation then comes to life when Janice returns home. The audience gets to witness Dave’s behavior, which leads to Janice electrocuting him in the bathtub. There is an excellent shot of Dave’s fried body before the story moves on.
  Four months later, Janice and Steve are now living together. Everything seems fine to Steve, but Janice keeps having a strange feeling that Dave’s mother (Janet Gawrys) is watching her. Well, she is right. The real creepiness of this film sets in when the audience gets to see his mother conjuring up a spell on the night of the couple’s one-year anniversary. The scene displays a great contrast of the mother’s evil intentions, and shots of the couple making love.
  From this point on the real fun begins, and I don’t want to ruin it for you. Let me just say it has enough to make horror fans happy. A creepy atmosphere set by the background music, and whispers from the mother. There is tension that leads to some scares, and an ample amount of blood spilled. The story comes to a satisfying ending, including a very interesting call from the next-door neighbor.
  Overall, I’m happy that filmmaker Erik L. Wilson gave me the opportunity to view “House Call.” It accomplishes a lot in its brief screen time. The story is set up well, and has a strong finish. There is tension, some scares, and blood. The film is shot using a Red One camera, and they capture some really nice shots with it. If this short film comes to a film festival near you, I suggest you take the time to see it because I give it 3 pools of blood.


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