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Friday, March 9, 2012


  With civilization in ruins, man called upon his primal instincts to survive. Hunters and scavengers alike made their way in this savage land. But when the Northern Warlords united, skulls cracked and spirits broke, as they conquered everything in their path. Now, deep in that Outlands, a partisan movement, known as Vox Populi, stands their ground against an enemy bred for battle. 

  Below find videos to the beginning of each chapter, and links to the rest of the chapter if you want to continue watching (which I'm sure you will). You will also find the chapter synopsis and some of my brief comments on each chapter being as spoiler free as possible (in case you read my review before watching). At the end, find my final comments on the SWINE trilogy.

  Ch. 1: After discovering a weakness in the Colonial garrison, Vox Populi comes out of hiding to strike at the heart of the Colonial army.

   Ch. 1 Part 2             Ch. 1 Part 3

  Ch. 1: Chapter one opens giving the audience a look at the enemy, and how ruthless they can be. From there, it moves to the Vox camp, and the audience gets a feel for some of the characters. Besides the twist, the best thing about this chapter is the laser/blaster battle. It might remind you of Star Wars, but to a lesser degree.

  Ch. 2: Ready to sell strategic information, three concubines escape their Colonial masters and make their way to Vox Populi rendezvous.

   Ch. 2 Part 2       Ch. 2 Part 3      Ch. 2 Part 4

  Ch. 2: After the surprising twist in chapter 1, I was prepared for another twist. However, chapter 2 basically becomes a series of twists and turns. While some might not be totally surprising, once you see what is going on, I'm sure there's enough to keep you guessing until the end. By now, the audience gets to see what a good job they have done creating this post apocalyptic atmosphere.

  Ch 3: An unexpected betrayal costs Vox Populi dearly and threatens to destroy the resistance from within.

    Ch. 3 Part 2           Ch. 3 Part 3

  Ch. 3: Vox Populi will never be the same after this chapter because they save the biggest twist for last. This sets up a fight the audience would never expect to see. Every time it appears to be over, there is just a little bit more until it finally comes to an explosive ending. With the turn of events in this chapter, it will be interesting to see where the two additional chapters go.

  After watching the SWINE trilogy, I can't wait to see the final full-length feature. Yes, there are two more chapters in the works. As for this trilogy, the acting is pretty good, and what they were able to pull off on a tight budget is impressive. Honestly, it is more enjoyable than some of the full-length movies on SyFy. The chapters aren't that long but accomplish a lot, including some fantastic twists. I give this trilogy 3 pools of blood!


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