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Monday, April 1, 2013


  First order of business, I have to put away my riot gear. Daryl is still alive! All right, time to revisit how mostly wrong I was about the season finale of The Walking Dead. I didn't write it in my previous post, but I had a late thought that they would blow up the prison with the Gov.'s people inside. Well, like I said...wrong!
  So I didn't get the great battle I wanted, but I wasn't expecting it. I was surprised the group stuck around. I thought they made a run for it. I figured something was up when the Gov. attacked so early in the episode. Too bad for the Gov. that he showed up to fight with a bunch of cowards. It kind of backfired on him when he told his people how the group was out of control and needed to be dealt with. When the firecracker went off and zombies appeared, the cowards ran for the hills. It was the complete opposite of their badass entrance.
  In one of a few surprises of the night, the Gov. killed all of his people. The man is insane! He spent all that time building Woodbury, and in one moment killed most of his people. I truly didn't think the group would be able to kill so many people so I give the writers credit for coming up with an unexpected way for all those people to die. Any guesses to where they retreated? I know some people thought the Gov. would die in this episode, but I just didn’t see that happening. Hey, I got that one correct! I hope they don’t show him in the first couple of episodes next season. That way they can shock us all with his return.
  Carl, Carl, Carl, or should I call him Medium Sized Asskicker? That boy has changed. Maybe he should go run Woodbury now! They did play that scene out well because while it looked like the boy was putting down the gun, it wasn’t totally clear. Then Carl put his father in place. He told Rick exactly what I have been saying, his poor decisions cost people their lives. I can’t wait to see what he does next season with all those people there. It might also be interesting if the boy he killed had a relationship with anyone Rick brought back to the prison. Can you say conflict?
  I was disappointed that they kind of fast forward through things from the end of the previous episode. I really wanted to see more of Daryl’s reaction when he came back to the group, and told them his brother was dead. All we got was a quick moment between Carol, and him. Instead we got a moment between Rick and Michonne that was interesting, but I would have preferred hearing more from Daryl. It was good to see Michonne take it so well that Rick almost turned her over.
  Now to a scene that proved I was right and wrong. First, I didn't really care what happened to Milton. Like Andrea, he picked the wrong team, and realized it too late. At least he went out a hero…sort of. That whole scene with Andrea tied down, and him dying was pure suspense. It was just crazy when they closed the door right when everything went down. So I got my wish with Andrea dying, but I was wrong in that I didn’t see it happening yet. However, I was right that if she died, Michonne would have to be there. I really didn’t think that any of the group would end up in Woodbury, which is why I didn’t think she would die yet. So how does Daryl feel about her dying? Who knows? He just kind of stood there just staring at her. Maybe he was thinking about his brother.
  I mentioned how they might need a new home for season 4, but I guess not. The prison will be home for at least the season opener, and probably the first few episodes. I think I’m all right with that. I also thought they would need more people in the group, and boy did they get a bunch of people. I wonder how many of those people become important characters, and how many are just zombie bait? Hell, maybe Carl decides to get rid of a few of them!
  The way they left off kind of leaves it open for what is to come next season. Last year they left off showing us the prison and Michonne so we had something to look forward to. I really have no clue what will happen next. The Gov. is still out there, but isn’t the same threat, although you know he will appear at some point. There are still plenty of storylines between the characters, but as a group this can go in a lot of different directions. Anyways, it was another great season, Daryl lives on, and we only have to wait until October for season 4. Ugh!


  1. As amazing as this episode was, I was a bit let down. I really wanted to see an epic battle between the Prison and Woodbury and as cool as it is that the Governor is still alive and will still be a thorn, what power does he really have anymore? What's his crew consist of now? Like 3 guys?
    It was still a really great episode and I can't wait to see how things unfold when Season 4 opens. Should be great.

    1. Everyone seems to have wanted a battle, and we didn't get one. I understand why, the odds were too much in the Gov.'s favor in a battle. Great point, the Gov. has lost a lot of power. Just don't forget the man is insane. Can't wait for season 4! It's totally wide open now. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I was INCREDIBLY let down with this finale! Pretty much nothing happened. I had a feeling that Milton and Andrea were going to die (point one for me) but I was also expecting some huge battle at the prison between Rick's group and Woodbury. Nope - Woodbury shows up for a few minutes and then runs away like a little baby when Glenn and Maggie start shooting at them. Two against twenty? Woodbury could have put up a better fight than that. Getting down to the last third of the episode, I kept watching the clock, like "Okay, you have 15 minutes to have a big battle and kill the Governor!... 10 minutes... There's no way they can kill the Governor in five minutes... WTF the Governor is still alive??" Guess that's all going to get dragged into season 4.

    Like you, though, I was really hoping for a scene with Daryl and the group showing his reaction to killing Merle but it was never even mentioned! I couldn't even get a read on him about how he was feeling, it was like he just forgot about it.

    Season 4 is a huge question mark now. No idea where all this is going!

    Also, with all these new characters coming to the prison, does that mean that Daryl will get even LESS screen time?! Cuz that would suck.

    1. I can't say it was an incredible let down, but certainly not as good as last year's finale. We are on the same page as far as wanting a battle. I wanted more, but knew we wouldn't get it. I never thought the Gov. would get killed in the finale. Not sure what he can do moving on with only two other guys by his side now. You obviously love Daryl, and so do many people. I think the show realizes he has a strong fan following so I can't believe he will lose that much screen time, but probably some. Season 4 is definitely up for grabs. Who knows what happens next! Thanks for commenting!!!


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