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Monday, June 30, 2014

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 Episode 2

  My first thought of the night: what the hell is going on? Last we saw Jason he was banging Violet, and last we saw Eric, he was tanning on a mountain. Then they are in a room together about to get it on!!! Oh True Blood you are wasting no time messing with me again! I will miss you messing with me like that! So here are my thoughts on the rest of episode 2, "I Found You."
  People of Bon Temps: Jason might have gone a little crazy with his dream, but the people of Bon Temps have gone nuts. They are in full angry mob mode, and nothing good will come of that. They are more likely to kill each other than the vampires.
  Miss Fortenberry: She's had her moments over the seasons, but I finally think it's time for her to die!
  Tara's mom: Add her name to the must die list as well. Talking about dark places when she's the one high on V. Anyone else think she might have killed Tara?
  Lafayette: Maybe he should be the one to kill her. It would give him some purpose this season. It doesn't seem like he's served much of a purpose for a while now.
  Betty: She almost served a purpose until she became a pile of mush in Arlene's lap.
  Arlene: What a survivor… 4 husbands, a serial killer, and poor suicidal Terry! She's so dramatic you’ve got to love it! I hope she continues to survive!
  Holly: So how much longer before she does some witch magic?
  Adilyn: Good to see her use her magic blast like Sookie. She definitely has a heart like her father. Too bad it was no match for the village idiots!
  Jessica: She's also grown a heart, as she continues to want to protect Adilyn. I felt bad that she was helpless in the attic. Just wait until sunset!
  Saint Alice: The sun has already set on this dead zone!
  Andy: If Saint Alice only had cops like Andy and Jason to brighten their days. It was good to see them back to providing some light humor. Andy also provided us with my favorite line of the night when he said, "If Jason's pizza forensics are to be trusted, yea." Hopefully they have some more good ones before it's over.
  Jason: After that dream he may never sleep again. Maybe he can use that Starbucks card for some coffee to stay awake!
  Sam: Not going to be re-elected!
  Alcide: So far so good with screen time even though you're not saying much. However, you might have plenty to say when you find out where Sookie has gone.
  Sookie: It was a really weird scene listening to her read that girl's journal. I can't believe the same thing happened to her as it did Sookie, and Sookie just happened to find her journal. Can we find better reasons to have flashbacks? And here we go with Bill again!
  Bill: Don't do it! Whatever Sookie wants just say no! It's not going to end well!
  Pam: Nice job finding Eric, but like just like her that is not what we wanted to find!
  Eric: Ahhhh!!! I can't believe he's not going make it. How could he be so reckless, and stupid? We might not even get one more Bill vs. Eric moment now!
  While I look forward to watching some people get what they deserve, it's depressing thinking about what's to come for others. Hell, there might not even be a town left in the end. Maybe I should have some hope! Just a little! I think I’ll just prepare for the worse until next week!


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