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Monday, August 25, 2014

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 Episode 10

  So did everyone keep their composure? I know some of you cried, and there is nothing wrong with that. It was certainly a night filled with emotion. We had a few surprises, and some things went according to plan. I can't say I'm happy with everything that happened, but I didn't expect to be. So here are my final thoughts on True Blood, and the appropriately named episode 10, "Thank You."
  My thoughts on the characters before “One Year Later”…
  Mr. Gus: Toast! Just as expected! Eric had enough of him. You can't threaten Pam and Sookie and get away with it. I will say it was kind of weak how he seemed so in control then all of the sudden Eric gets the best of him and that's it.
  Mr. Gus's men: No more whorehouses for you! I wish they would have shown Eric kill them.
  Pam: Surprised she didn't win for my favorite line of the night! Not surprised she didn't read Bill's book! They certainly enjoyed dressing her up a few more times. Oh and nice back flip!
  Eric: Pam and him supplied the only real action scene of the night, which was expected! He was hilarious jamming in the car with the dead guys. I really wish we had seen more of him in the episode. I kind of wanted him to show up for Sookie, but I guess that would have defeated the point of her moving on. Shocked he didn't kill Sarah!
  Sarah: A lesbian vampire really? Pam should have killed her right there. Surprised she read Bill's book!
  Holly: Doesn't know much about vampire weddings, but looked ready for a marriage of her own.
  Arlene: Arlene just being Arlene!
  Andy: Wow! He gets the house! Got screwed on the deal though. $1 rent isn't going pay the taxes! I like the way he conducted the wedding, especially on short notice.
  Hoyt: So that was definitely one of the surprises of the night. Thought Jessica and him were headed to being together, but not getting married. And making up with Jason, good move I guess.
  Jessica: Released from Bill, but still attached to him. He wanted to know she was taken care of, and she made it happen.
  Bridget: I didn't expect her to meet Sookie. I guess that foreshadowed what was to come. Hopefully she learns to make coffee in the morning!
  Jason: Let's start with the final, and surprise winner for my favorite line of the night when he said, "it puts everything in prescription for us." Glad they got in one more funny Jason line! He definitely had it rolling last night. Not able to give Sookie advice, helping Hoyt, and the look he gave Bridget in the car! Glad at least one character put everything they had on display last night!
  Rev. Daniels: One more time with some wise words. Kind of surprised we saw so much of him this season. Again, he's not a bad character, but I would have rather seen the time spent on someone more important.
  Sookie: The ups and downs for a main character. I've already talked about what she's gone through, and we all know it so I'm not going over it again. Still they saved the toughest moment for last. I don't really understand what the difference was between not blasting Bill, and staking him instead. I guess Bill sort of helped with the staking. She might have been better off blasting him, and not getting Bill guts all over her. Nasty! At least she finally decided to live with who and what she is.
  Bill: Well, he actually did it! No last minute change of hearts. They tried to make the scene as dramatic as possible. I found it funny how Sookie had no time for him to look at the pic. She was like now or never. Poor Bill! I would never have thought it would end with his death.
  Now for everything after “One Year Later”…
  Eric: Mr. CEO! That commercial was so ridiculous, but not as ridiculous has having Pam and him ring the bell at Wall Street. I know they are about business, but come on. And then back to Fangtasia, which makes little sense.
  Pam: Not surprised to see her in the basement, and stylish as always! So going to miss her!
  Sarah: Shocked she got to live! She got more of a life sentence instead. I guess being tied up, drank from, and having to listen to the Rev is worse than death.
  Rev: I can't believe they brought him back one more time! Killing him just didn't rid me of him! Couldn't bring back the King huh?
  Sam: One of several that got a crappy ending. At least he got a few children. 
  Nicole: Can't say I'm happy she's still with Sam.
  Lafayette: Another with a crappy ending. Still with James years later is a good sign though!
  James: Apparently doing something right!
  Andy: Couldn't tell if he married Holly yet, but seemed to be happy.
  Holly: Hopefully is making Andy happy.
  Adilyn: Still with Wade! So wrong!
  Wade: Being with your sister is weak!
  Arlene: Really exploring the vampire thing. Nice!
  Keith: Better make Arlene happy!
  Jessica: One character who really grew up over the course of the show. Glad she ended up happy!
  Hoyt: Still not pleased he got so much air time in the end, but I guess it had to be that way for Jessica’s happiness.
  Jason: Happy as hell to see him married with children. He certainly got a well-deserved ending!
  Bridget: Went from not sleeping with Jason to sleeping with him many times. She didn't know Jason always gets the girl!
  Mystery Sookie husband: That was so weird. They just made the point that she had a husband, but never showed him. I'm guessing he was a mix between Bill and Alcide.
  Sookie: Looks like she finally settled down, and moved on. Bill's death wasn't made in vain. And little Sookie is on the way! Wait she's half fairy so it could be many little fairies!
  Bill: RIP
  So some predictions came true, while others didn't happen. I was surprised Bill really died, and shocked Sarah survived. Squeezing in a wedding might have been the most unexpected moment though. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention I was also surprised Sookie mentioned “Werepanthers.” I was certain the show wanted to pretend that never happened! I thought maybe they would show the characters with a description of their future, but should have known they would do the years later thing. They like to do that.
  As you might have been able to tell, I'm not happy some characters had weak endings, and deserved better. The focus was understandably on Bill and Sookie, but that just didn't do fans of some of the other characters justice. That's kind of why I prefer they show the characters individually with their futures. While it is a nice ending for many of them it isn't a totally believable one. I mean, after years of chaos everything just goes back to normal. I don't know about that.
  Anyway, as a fan and someone who has incorporated the show into their blog, I will certainly miss it! I feel like we have been through a lot together. I have had a lot of fun doing it, and appreciate everyone who has read about True Blood here. Time to drink a True Blood, or New Blood one more time!
Thank you True Blood!!!


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