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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone - - or something - - begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare.

Starring: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, and Violett Beane

Directed by: Jeff Wadlow

Written by: Jillian Jacobs, Michael Reisz, Jeff Wadlow, and Christopher Roach

  I can’t say I’ve ever played Truth or Dare so how about a little test run. Dare: To watch “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare.” Done! Truth: Was the movie any good? The truth… well I’m going to have to dare you to read on for the truth!
  Olivia (Lucy Hale) and Markie (Violett Beane) are best friends, and that friendship gets tested after what is supposed to be a harmless game of Truth or Dare. However, this game comes with a curse, and they have now taken it home with them. Unknown to the two of them and their friends, they now have to answer truthfully, do the dare, or die. This tests the group because they know some damning secrets about each other. 
  When it’s someone’s turn, they will see the demon in the face of another person, or even their own face in the mirror. As you might have seen in the trailers, it kind of looks like something you would do on Snapchat. This is obviously one of the gimmicks the movie is built around, but there isn’t much scary about it. At best, it’s creepy, but it doesn't help create any big scares. 
  While short on scares, the most interesting thing becomes the secrets. There is a love triangle, and some secrets surrounding the death of Markie’s father. The demon continues to test the group by separating them with the hurtful secrets, but forcing them back together to try and save each other. In particular, Olivia knows too much about Markie, and has some really big secrets to reveal. The demon makes the most of pitting them against one another.
  The worse thing about the movie might be the ending. The final scene isn’t bad, and puts the survivors in a tough situation. However, how the game continues, or ends is just a cop out. Yes, it brings everything back to a question earlier in the movie, but please. With the creativity used with all the secrets, it would have been nice to find a better way to wrap things up.
  In the end, the truth hurts them emotionally, and the dares test them physically. The deaths are alright, but nothing new. The reveal of how the secrets play out really keeps the movie afloat, not the creepy faces. Actually the movie is more like “Final Destination” light. So the truth is “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare” gets an average 2.5 pools of blood!


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