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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 7

  "I haven’t been to med school, or fairy school, or nothing." "Jesus tits on Christ!" "Hate groups is about more than hate... love groups." "Like fuck we are!" "Bible banging cunts!" "I don't know how to make lunch so I made breakfast instead." All right, calm down. All of those are great lines, and I enjoyed each one of them. To get you guys to relax I’ll give you all the award for my favorite line(s) of the week. Happy? Now onto my thoughts on episode 7, “In the Beginning.”
  Roman down! Roman down! I can't believe he's dead. Honestly, I'm kind of mad that they cast Christopher, and then killed him off so quickly. I would have like to see him at least last the season. Oh well, like I said last week, they didn't dig up the King to just kill him. And yes I still refer to him as the King cause Bill is no King (more on him later). As far as the opening scene, it was cool but a little hard to take in with the lights out. I knew that Salome couldn’t be trusted.
  Speaking of lights going out, pretty cool watching the light go through Sookie. Very interesting that Sookie can lose her fairy powers. Not sure where her story goes if she does. This is supposed to be her story but if she has no power, what makes her more special than... Andy?
  Poor Andy, having doubts about being sheriff. Well I'm starting to have doubts about where his storyline is going. He either needs to get more involved with Holly, or back with that fairy. And what was with the random visit to the former sheriffs house?
  Something smells bad. It isn’t that smoke monster again? Maybe Sam can tell us what that smell is. How funny was it seeing him crawl all over the floor smelling like a dog? The cop must have thought he’s gone insane. He’s sniffing out all the bad guys. Maybe he should be sheriff. Interesting conversation he had with Sookie. It’s like they are talking about racism, but for supernatural beings. By the way, since when are Luna and Sookie friends?
  And in other events that confused me, when exactly did Terry and Arlene get married? It seemed like it happened when Sookie was missing. I guess what got me confused was when they showed Holly at the wedding reception. Was she really on the show when that happened? And Jesus and Lafayette were together? I don’t know, my timing is usually off. I’m sure everything checks out. The real point was making you feel bad for Arlene, and they did a good job of it. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Holly, but I say she needs to stick with her man. Just stay away from fires though. Loved when the smoke monster laughed at Terry and Patrick. Good to see it has a sense of humor!
  It was no laughing matter for Lafayette. Nothing good was going to come of him going to that house. That old man is nuts, but having Jesus’ head on that hand chair was awesome. I know, I have the horror sickness! I must be really sick cause I also enjoyed seeing Lafayette’s mouth stitched up. Nothing against him, but I just thought it was cool. Boy was I surprised when the wife jumped up, and killed the crazy bastard. I guess she doesn’t want her son to grow up as a nut bag witch doctor. Did I mention I also liked when she opened Lafayette’s stitches?
  Man, that is one strong smell? Can someone please find out where that is coming from? So Alcide is back to one scene this week. No love for the magic man except from that new wolf girl. I knew she was going to be the next roadblock for Sookie and him. I don’t think it is ever going to happen at this point. I think it is funny how he has to prepare for the fight. They should have done it right when Al challenged JD. He is right, beating JD will be hard if he’s on V. Whatever happens he better do it before all the wolves are on V, including little Emma. So wrong!
  Nothing wrong with Tara’s pole dancing. Expert at work! Speed climbing the pole was awesome. Not sure Pam’s hair was awesome. What a crazy look for her! Like with Arlene, they really tried to make you feel sorry for Tara. Arlene’s scene was so much more effective. Tara’s mom coming in just felt like a useless scene. The only thing interesting was seeing Tara hug Pam. Who knew, Pam a mother figure!
  I never figured I would see Jason shoot Jessica. I’m telling you, he is getting dangerously madder at vamps. It won’t be long before he does something stupid. I do see how he would be mad at tasting another guy’s blood. A good thing to remember before kissing someone… you never know where those lips were before they kiss you! So I have another question. Why does Jason always have to run to the rescue, especially when he has his car is right there? I know he likes He-Man, but maybe he should check out the Flash.
  Sam just let me know that smell was the smell of BS! That is right, BS! And who is that coming from? My man the King! No way he is reborn, and believes in Lilith now. He will say whatever it takes to get out of this mess. When JD was talking about his vampire friend, the King, saying a vamp-human war is coming, he had to be referring to the King starting something. By the way, I’m all in for war, but there BETTER be some EPIC battles.
  However, things aren’t really setting up for a big fight. I mean, you have a few morons shooting shifters, but that’s it. Sam seems to have that situation under control anyway. And the vamps haven’t done anything crazy. Well, that was until they killed an entire bar full of people, but who’s counting? That was awesome by the way. The King was so great when he was telling the woman she better worry about herself. See it is moments like those that make me like the King so much. That and the off with your head moment. Fitting for a King. No that is fitting for a Queen. Whatever!
  Backing up a little bit, I was wondering where the Rev disappeared to. I don’t see a purpose for him anymore, but like the King said, maybe he will get his time to shine. Just not sparkle like some other fake vamps. While Eric ended up going along with things, it was good to see him see Godric snap him out of it. Bill, on the other hand, is a huge disappointment. He just jumped right on that ship, and sailed away. The loyalty between Bill and Eric is about to end. Eric leaving this group of crazy vamps is the right move. Bill can go down with the ship if he wants. This whole Lilith thing is just way over my head anyway. Coming out of a pool of blood was cool, but I thought they wanted to coexist with humans. Things sure as hell change quickly when vamps drink other old ass vamp blood.
  So now that we know where the bs is coming from, it’s time to wrap it up. The more I think about it, I’m not sure where this season is going to end. It almost seems too late for a war to break out, but you never know. The vamps are more likely to end up fighting amongst themselves first. I can’t see Eric on the same side as the King for much longer, with or without Bill. And Sookie trying to get rid of her power is just nuts. I’m so much more interested in knowing what else a fairy can do. At least Jason agrees with me. Until next week, try not to honk at drunk vampires!


Oh and enjoy this bonus video of a special kind of recap of season 4!


  1. sookie....considering that is in the middle of a war.. kindish.. this show doesn't do too much proper battle.. but still. and that she just dicovered that her parents death wasn't what she tought, along with the out of juice semi fairy batteries but still with so many tricks to be learned she just does the most selfish decision ever.. she juices off her fairy part!
    I don't know about others but this is not what a compasionate all rounded human woudld do.. she tought just of all the dudes asking her what is she.. I get it is annoying and hard.. I don't get why don't you think what kind of impact such of decision would have on the ones around you?!!! is not like you are the only on the world.. and being normal is relative..
    and I don't think that once she juices off, the fairy shit smell and mind reading will go away as nothing happened.. it would be fun to remain just a mind reader. that woudl piss her off..
    and I don't think the vampire comunity will take it: ''aaaa out of fairy.. we shal live you alone!' thaa.. she inserted her and those around her deep in the vampire affirs and interests.. she can't just pretend it never happened.. russel definitely will have something to say about her flushing away Talbot's remains.. the vampire conection with Bill and Eric won't go since it's vampire induced.. Pam despite looking interesting in Tara's hug and actually showing interest about Tara, will ldefinitely have somethign to say about having Tara transforemed at Sookie's wishes with all the 'I shall take care of her, you will need just to transform her' crap...
    I mean in a world that you can't get out from the shit you went in I would rather have the thing that indeed makes your life harder but helps you, your family, and those around you..
    even Arlene get's little bit straightned up by Holly and get's it that if she loves Terry she must fight for him and not dismiss supernatura lin a world with vampires and Sookie stuff..
    I am dissapointed by Sookie's evolution, she is after all the main character..
    Eric surprised me with the Godric stuff and he promises to remain interesting and complex.. and the one that kinda having his own shit laid down and minds pretty sain..
    and Bill as always, after the one giving him the most..

    1. Nova: Love the response. Now that is a comment. I agree with a lot of what you said. I think the biggest problem, is like you said, she is the main character. They can't just strip her of what makes her special. If she somehow losses those powers, I'm sure she will get them back, or new ones at some point. Otherwise, like I said, she is no more important than someone like Andy. And yes, she is dumb to think she can escape the supernatural world. Most people around her are sups so even if she doesn't have powers, her friends do. Now if she moves away, that is a different story, and the show will probably end!
      I think Eric is slowly getting back to the old Eric, which is good. I'm tired of him being Bill's sidekick. Hopefully Bill isn't really joining the Authority. It might just be survival for him. Thanks for the awesome comment!


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