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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


  I did this last year, and I think several of you had some fun with it, so I'm bringing it back. It's very simple, just imagine you are a little kid again, and are about to write a letter to Santa telling him what you want for Christmas. Except think of it as if you are writing to the Santa from "Silent Night," and are only going to be asking for things that are horror related. Basically I want all of you to come up with a Holiday Horror Wish List. It could be something that you could really get like a DVD of your favorite horror movie of 2012, or an autograph from your favorite horror icon. Your list could also be something you would like to see happen in the world of horror for 2013 such as, a sequel to a horror movie, or no more remakes (not happening by the way)! To give you a few more examples, here's my Holiday Horror Wish List followed by a look out how some of my wishes from last year turned out.

-Showtime to decide that season 8 will not be Dexter's last!
-For everybody who hasn't seen Sinister to see it!
-The motherf***ing release of Jeepers Creepers 3 already!

-Will settle for 2 out of 3 to be good (Texas Chainsaw 3D, Carrie, or Evil Dead), and 1 out of 2 to be good (Insidious 2, or The Last Exorcism 2)
-More screenings of independent horror films, and horror conventions to come to Florida!
-For Paranormal Activity 5 to be the last one unless they finally take my advice and Start A New Story Line!

-Was going to wish for a certain character from The Walking Dead to die, but it looks like I got that wish early. Got a 4th season coming. How about a poster signed by the whole cast (living and dead)?
-For the real life horror in the world to end!
-Continued support for HorrO's Gory Reviews, The Dog Days in Zombieville,, and all things horror!

Now it's your turn! Please post your Holiday Horror Wish List in the comment section below, and we will see if Horror Claus will make it come true. 

Holiday Horror Wish List 2012:

-More episodes for season 2 of American Horror Story: got a 2nd season and a 3rd on the way
-For another network to do a zombie show! Hell more zombie movies and less vampire movies: Well looks like 2013 might be the year
-The release of Jeepers Creepers 3 already: As you could tell, I'm still upset about not getting this one
-For horror movies not named Paranormal Activity 4 to make over $10 million on opening weekend: Some movies did pretty well
-Supernatural to be renewed: Done, now we need another
-The strength to see 1 more Twilight movie: I survived, and glad it's over
-The Insidious DVD please: Never got it, but maybe I'll get a 2-pack after the sequel
-Continued support for HorrO's Gory ReviewsThe Dog Days in Zombieville, and You guys gave me this one... thanks!!


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