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Friday, December 28, 2012


  Ah the holidays. Time to decorate a tree, and put up some lights. Time to do a little shopping, and prepare for a Christmas feast. And don't forget to leave Santa some milk and cookies for when he comes down the chimney. That's if he does come down the chimney. If he knocks on the door, you might have a problem!
  Aubrey (Jaime King) is part of a small police force in a remote Midwestern town. She’s struggling to believe she will ever be a good cop. Things don’t get any easier for her when a guy dressed as Santa decides to kill off everyone on his naughty list. With the help of Sheriff Cooper (Malcolm McDowell), she follows the trail of bodies in search of this Christmas criminal.
  So I'm all in on watching a rogue Santa. This Santa is pretty crazy, and shows no mercy for the naughty. His unusual mask makes him scary enough, but doesn't make it so obvious he's a bad Santa until it's too late. They do a pretty good job of hiding the motive for his killing spree. It had me curious throughout, and ends with a decent twist.
  Going back to the no mercy part, there are plenty of death scenes. If audiences are looking for a movie where a guy simply goes on a killing spree, this is it. Everyone including myself really seems to enjoy seeing Santa with a flamer thrower. It’s definitely one of the more memorable scenes.
  I guess you can’t have a killer Santa without killing a child. I admit I was a little surprised by that. There is one kill that is a good idea, but poorly executed. It’s when the girl is put in a wood chipper. She can’t possibly still be screaming, as half her body should be chopped to pieces.
  While the killing spree is fun, the rest of the movie isn’t. With the exception of the foul-mouthed Santa Jim (Donal Logue), there isn’t another character that is interesting. Aubrey’s struggles didn’t make me feel sorry for her, and remainder of the police force were just clowns waiting to be killed. That might be the result of some poor dialogue, and bad acting. I expected more from Malcolm, who is way too dramatic.
  There aren’t many Christmas themed horror movies so sometimes you just have to take what you can get. This rogue Santa is brutal, and the deaths scenes surely will please horror fans. There’s a high enough body count, and plenty of blood splattering moments. However, bad acting, and dialogue make you want to fast forward to the next kill. I would certainly give this more pools of blood if I found the story as fun as the killing spree. In other words, I give “Silent Night” 2 pools of blood!


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