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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


A True American Horror Story hits you from the beginning with originality. From the skull crushing death, to the killer, Adam Lynch, who in his psyche believes he is living in a movie and video game world. With each kill, he adds to his collection, which happens to be the faces of his victims. As a new group of people show up to the secluded rental camp ground, Adam meticulously watches them all to see if any is worth sparing their life.

Starring: Dustin Bowman, Stephanie Tupper, Rachel Cornell and Hanson

Directed by: John B Sovie II and Kristian Hanson

Written by: Kristian Hanson

  Many horror movies that come out these days repeat the same formula over and over again. There are others that try to give horror fans something completely different, but fans seem to have a hard time finding them. Sometimes fans are lucky enough to at least get something in between these two mediums. "Sledge" falls in this last category, as it gives fans some of the usual formula along with something a little different.
  First there is plenty of the same old formula starting with another film where a group of young people decides to go camping in the woods. Every horror fan knows what that means. There is a killer somewhere in the woods waiting to pick them off one by one. No spoiler alert needed, as fans know what eventually happens here.
  After getting past the same formula thing, what makes this movie intriguing is the something different. That something different is having the killer in a mask talk to the soon to be victims. While not a new idea, it isn't something that fans see a lot of. Jason, who is probably one of the most famous killers of people in a campground, has nothing to say to his victims.
  It isn't just the fact that he talks to his victims, but more about what he says. He’s totally cocky knowing that they won't stop what he's about to do to them. He mocks them, psyches them out, and is very funny. There is an absolutely hilarious scene where a couple is roaming the woods talking about Beetlejuice, yes Beetlejuice, and the killer interrupts their conversation in a timely manner. The opening scene is also extremely amusing, as the killer plays a cruel joke on a mentally handicap guy.
  What this all amounts to is a horror comedy that actually has some scenes worth seeing. Yes, more for the comedy than the horror, but that's how it goes sometimes. For those really looking for horror, there are several kills resulting in detached body parts and guts, but nothing to write home about. If anything, audiences might be happy when certain characters are killed off because they can’t seem to stop talking. Overall, I enjoyed the comedic elements enough to give this movie 2.5 pools of blood.


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