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Saturday, December 24, 2016


A popular online blogger thinks he's going on a routine blind date thanks to the new dating app he's been using. But his next date could be his last...

Starring: Jonnie Stapleton and Desire Jansen

Directed by: Carlos Omar De León

Written by: Vorasine Vince Phrommany and Carlos Omar De León

  “Killer Date” opens with Mike (Jonnie Stapleton) in a coffee shop waiting for his blind date. While waiting he’s posting his latest blog about how using a dating app has made it easy to meet women. On cue, his date, Abby (Desire Jansen), arrives and sits down with him. The two have that awkward exchange that sometimes happens when meeting someone for the first time. Too bad for Mike, it will get even more uncomfortable soon!
  The two end up at Abby’s house, and Mike starts making his move on her. However, she quickly puts him in his place before offering him a drink. The drink knocks him out, and he ends up strapped to table. With Mike struggling and trying to yell, Abby comes in to remind him that dating isn’t that easy after all.
  Overall, this isn’t a bad short film. However, it really could have been a scene in a larger film. The beginning is set up well in the coffee shop, and even getting back to the house. Too bad when the true horror is about to begin the film ends. It would’ve been nice to see at least a few more minutes. Also the room at the end is too similar to Dexter’s set up. Something a little more unique might have looked better. In the end, I give “Killer Date” 2 pools of blood.


*You can see “Killer Date” on Vimeo

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