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Friday, December 30, 2016


A new virtual reality headset promises to offer Tom an escape from his painfully dull life, but how will he cope when a Japanese urban legend comes to haunt him?

Starring: Betty Waterhouse, Connor Knight, and Matt Beaumont

Directed and written by: Rob Ulitski

  “VR” introduces audiences to what happens when virtual reality meets horror. Tom just got a new virtual reality headset, and wastes little time trying it out. It seems to be working well, as he ventures to different realities. Then things start to get a little weird, and an alarm goes off saying there’s a virus in the network. He’s forced to take off the headset and take a break.
  During this break, the audience finds out that he’s apparently having issues with an ex-lover. Upset about this problem, he goes back to the headset. This time it doesn’t take long before he’s confronted by a strange asian woman again. Virtual reality and reality start to converge with his life very much in the balance. 
  Virtual reality is incorporated well in this short film, as it gives the audience good feel for what Tom is experiencing. It almost feels like found footage, but clearly it’s not. It’s nice that they add a reason why he’s trying to escape reality as opposed to just having some guy in his apartment messing with the headset. The woman haunting him has a great horrific face. Even with not knowing about this Japanese urban legend, it still fulfilled my horror needs at the end, so I give “VR” 2 pools of blood. 


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  1. This sounds interesting! Original premise. I may have to check it out.

    1. Thanks Susan! It's on my website if you'd like a watch!


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