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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Fiancé Review

When a beautiful bride-to-be is bitten by the legendary creature, Bigfoot, she becomes a brutal force of nature hellbent on breaking her engagement - and her fiancé.

Starring: Carrie Keagan, Dallas Valdez, and Douglas Tait

Directed and written by: Mark Michaels

Produced by: Staci Layne Wilson

  With “The Fiancé” as the title, it’s hard to image what that has to do with horror. At most, it would be predictable to think that this might be a story about a relationship gone wrong because of something like cheating. Yes, this relationship has gone wrong, but for a much more unpredictable reason. Let just say that Bigfoot comes in between this couple.
   It opens with some strange happenings in the woods, as two guys have gone from being the hunters to being the hunted. Soon after this attack, the audience is introduced to Michael (Dallas Valdez). He’s preparing to propose to his girlfriend, Sara (Carrie Keagan), and drives up to the cabin where the big night is supposed to happen. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse because she’s become infected and comes to the cabin not to say “yes,” but to kill him instead.
  This is where the movie really gets interesting for two specific reasons. Of course the first reason is the extremely brutal fight the two have. They go back and forth, as he’s fighting for survival, and she’s fighting out of pure rage. She has the advantage with this animal like strength obtained from the infection, and the fact that he truly doesn’t want to hurt her. He has to loss a few extremities along the way before deciding to really let her have it.
  The other reason is how the story is constructed. Instead of going through the couple’s history before getting to the fight, the audience gets pieces of their story in between all of the fighting. The audience sees a little bit about how they met, and then an introduction to Sara’s father. Michael ends up in an usually situation with his possible father-in-law that becomes a surprising side story. There’s also a touch of comedy thrown in to break the tension with two cops called to this domestic dispute, but have something better to do.
  Just when the audience thinks it’s over, it’s not. “The Fiancé” has a few more surprises to the story, including bonus scenes at the beginning and at the very end of the credits. The scenes put the final touches on this well constructed story. Instead of having a beautiful night together, this couple has a beautiful fight together truly putting the horror in this story. Big Foot might have gotten in between this couple, but he won’t get in my way of giving this movie 3 pools of blood.


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