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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


The Untold is a horror comic that combines psychological unrest with striking visual gore to create a truly terrifying experience.

Created and written by: Daniel Farrand 

Artist: Johannes Vick

  ‘Untold #1’ is an exciting new primarily black and white comic. Being the first issue of the series, it mostly sets up the characters and story for what’s to come. However, it still has some very entertaining moments, including the opening. It opens with the villain, “the Dark Figure,” about to punish a young girl, Daisy. Daisy begs for him not to hurt her, but her pleading quickly falls on deaf ears.
  Then readers are introduced to Alice, who is persistently pushing her parents to tell her where her grandfather has gone. As with many kids with busy parents, she grew very attached to one of her grandparents, in this case her grandfather, Mr. Dyson. Readers get to see some of the time the two spent together, and why they were so close. What’s great about Alice is that she asks her parents about him every chance she gets, and sometimes asks in a not so nice manner.
  Finally she’s told where he’s at, and goes to see him at a mental facility. Making her way through some strange characters, she's soon reunited with her grandfather. Of course she’s happy to see him, while her grandfather is shocked at the visit. As expected her grandfather is acting a little strange. And just when things can’t get any stranger, ‘Untold #1’ ends with quite the surprise. 
  ‘Untold #1’ turns out to be a great start to this comic book series. It starts of with a bang, and ends with an even louder one. Readers get a good introduction to Alice, and why her grandfather is so important to her. The comic is easy to read, and the pages are well done. It’s mostly black and white with touches of color in important spots here and there. I definitely recommend checking it out, and think the ending will definitely have you eager for the next issue.


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