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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Five disparate youths, lost on a road trip to the location of the infamous ‘mangrove’ slasher,’ end up being pursued by a cadre of cannibal clowns.

Starring: Taryn K. Bechard, Brooke Bolte, Patti Bretzman, Sean Haitz, and Bill Moseley

Written by: Sean Haitz, and Chris Potter

Directed by: Sean Haitz and John Morrisey

  “Big Top Evil” is told from the perspective of one of the survivors! After seeing the madness, it's hard to believe anyone survived, but sometimes people get lucky! The story comes off like the typical slasher movie. Youths are being stupid on a road trip to somewhere they have no business going. They aren’t familiar with the territory, and stop for directions meeting some local weirdos. Unfortunately for them, there are some even bigger and more dangerous weirdos in the form of clowns waiting for a visit. 
  The clowns might be crazy, but they aren’t all stupid. One of the lady clowns dresses up all sexy, and teases one of the nerdy youths. Because his friends want to help him get laid, they go along with her invitation to the circus for dinner. Well, not only are these clowns insane, but they’re also cannibals. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that there’s something wrong with their food, and it’s time to get out of Dodge!
  While the story follows the youths, the clowns obviously make the movie. They’re completely nuts, totally brutal, and apparently have big appetites. Throughout the movie there are glimpses of them torturing and killing people before these youths even get there. Any chance they get to show a clown murder someone, they take it! There’s also a group of three thieves on their own robbing and murdering spree just raising the kill count. It’s all fun and games for them until they run into the clowns! And no clowning around, there’s also a horde of clowns!
  It’s obvious the creators of “Big Top Evil” are well versed on slasher films. Horror fans can easily find influences from the likes of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Devil Rejects.” Bill Moseley even jumps in as a leader of the clowns being his usual wild and crazy self! With exception to how the story is being told, there’s not much new in how this story sets up. However, if you’re looking for blood and guts, you’ve come to the right place. There’s definitely no shortage carnage in this one, as they take every opportunity they can to show clowns killing people. Because the carnage is so fun, I can overlook it's faults and give it 2.5 pools of blood! 


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