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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 8

  That was the best episode of True Blood yet! No way that sucked! Are you kidding me? NO, it sucked! And I guess you think Eric is going to save the day too? Of course he is. No way! Bill is going to save the vampires! Please! And Sookie is going to make a hot vampire! She’s not going to be a vampire. I bet she will be. Will not! Enough with the arguing! I have to get on with my thoughts on episode 7, “Dead Meat.”
  Yes, arguing seemed like the theme of the night. To start off, Bill walked in on Nora’s death, and Eric wasn’t too pleased about it. Like I said last week, it took a lot for him to seek help from Bill, so it’s not surprising how pissed he was when Nora died. I loved Eric’s reaction when Bill had him flying in the air. Classic Eric right there. Bill should have known that wasn’t going to be the end of Eric.
  We then move from two vamps arguing to two wolves arguing. I knew Rikki wanted to be the first female packmaster. She might be nuts, but she’s not dumb. She knew she couldn’t beat Alcide, but also knew he wouldn’t kill her. I was surprised that Alcide just gave up the pack like that. He did enter the show a lone wolf (besides what’s her name ugh), and that seems to work for him.
  We finally got more of a conversation than an argument when Sookie tells Warlow she got a visit from Bill. It’s funny how each of them has to give up something to get what they want. They simply can’t help each other out for the greater good. Sookie is faced with becoming Warlow’s vamp for life. Warlow is faced with being Bill’s lab vamp. And Bill is faced with needing help from Sookie and Warlow even with all his powers. Also, he maybe faced with watching Sookie be with the vamp that could kill him.
  Now to Jessica, who smoothly avoided an argument with James when he asked how she got the guard to let them be together. Not that James seems like the kind of vamp that likes to argue. I don’t like him with Jessica. I like how Jessica knew exactly what Pam had done, and I also liked what Pam had to say about it. So much, I’m giving her the win for my favorite line of the night when she said, “oozy, but productive.” Still glad we didn’t have to see that.
  Continuing with the few moments that there was no arguing, I was surprised that Alcide returned Nicole and her mom to Sam. I guess that was the only way that they weren’t going to die. Plus there was no time for Sam to go through another rescue attempt. Ok, I was totally clueless to why Sam smelled Nicole. Then when Alcide, who I have to mention had three scenes last night, also said he smelled Sam on her really I was really lost. Pregnant! Shame on you Sam Merlot! I don’t know if I was more shocked by that, or Sookie saying that she always thought they would end up together. So much for that!
  Then the biggest tease of the night. The Rev. was so close to dying. I told you I don’t like James. How could he tell the Rev. not to drink Tru Blood? Come on now! I was about to have a cold one to celebrate when he picked up that bottle. Damn you James! I hope Bill disapproves of you being with Jessica, and ends you for that! Yes, I want the Rev. dead already! It was funny seeing him on that vampire wheel though!
  Wow, poor Jason. What a crazy vampire Violet is. I’m not going to rape you, I’m just going make you beg for sex with me. Ugh! This is what Jason gets for trying to help Jessica. I like how Jason was like just continue feeding on me please. I really hoped Pam would step in and fight for him, but she seems to have little interest in doing that. That was an A for effort Pam. And Tara almost giving away the secret. She has always had a big mouth. Maybe Pam will step in if Tara is attack by Violet. Then it’s on!
  A little comic relief, and back to the arguing. Andy didn’t score a victory for my favorite line of the night, but he was funny as usual. First saying how ABCD couldn’t have coffee because she was only two weeks old. Too bad she’s old enough to still be yelled at by Arlene. Don’t mess with someone who just lost a loved one. And at the funeral parlor, boy was Arlene on fire. She had every right to be. Like she said, she knew the real Terry. Man, I still can’t believe he’s dead. And then Andy again bringing in the comedy saying he didn’t know if he would be more uncomfortable inside or outside. Such a character that Andy.
  Then probably the biggest argument of the night when Sookie went to negotiate with Bill. That really didn’t go over so well. Bill was like I’m getting my way, and I don’t give a shit what you think. Do you think he really cares that little for Sookie? When she was in danger a few weeks ago he let Warlow save her. Can it be so simple as Bill just wanting Warlow’s blood? There has to be a bigger plan once he saves the vamps. I like how Sookie had to get in the last word, and call him a motherfucking monster.
  Sookie wasn’t done yet! Who says you can’t argue with dead people? What an awkward scene that was with Sookie telling off her dead parents. Talk about building up some hate in a hurry. She would rather walk the Earth forever than be buried next to them. How about just being buried somewhere else? I wonder what Jason would have thought if he heard that conversation.
   It took a while, but finally another argument that actually led to a fight… a catfight. Too bad that Tru Blood spokeswoman didn’t kick Sarah’s ass. That is what you get trying to run in high heels. You will never escape vamps, wolves, zombies, or crazy bitches running in high heels. And yes, they do make better weapons than running shoes. I did like how that one vamp jumped to the top of the cage to get a better taste of her. Too bad that wasn’t Sarah faced down.
  I love when Eric is in revenge mode. I really wondered where they were going with ABCD hooking up with Holly’s sons. So funny how Eric was sorry he had to take away the fact that he saw ABCD topless. That’s cruel Eric! Cruel for the young man. Now that Eric beat Bill to the bite, who do you think will save the vamps? I think Eric is just out for revenge, and might get stopped along the way. It’s up to Bill to save the day with or without Warlow. And one last thing, please stop trying to be dramatic with the vamps in the white room. If they all die, then the show is over.
  So are we done with all the arguing? No! Eric will save the day! Don’t start! I’m trying to wrap this up. I think we are in for some exciting stuff the last two weeks. Also some more depressing stuff as we might be in for Terry’s funeral as well. Not sure how the season is going to end yet, but we still have some time before making predictions. Eric! That’s it; I’m out of here. Argue with yourself.



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